Friday, August 29, 2014

Novoseven (rFVIIa) -- keywords and MeSH

Alternate drug names were gathered from Martindale's (via LexiComp) and from the EMTREE browser

 ((("Eptacog Alfa" OR "Eptacog Alpha" OR "factor vii" OR "factor 7") AND (Activat* OR activad* OR active OR activatum)) OR rFVIIa OR "factor viia" OR  λHVII2463  OR niastase OR  nn1731 OR "novo seven" OR "novo-seven" OR NovoSeven OR  Acset OR Immuseven OR "recombinant FVIIa"[Supplementary Concept])[all]

 The following hyphenated and space-containing terms were "not found" by PubMed and were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
"Eptacogum alfa"
"factor 7a"
"Provertin-UM TIM 3"
CAS registry numbers from EMBASE and Martindale's
"oreptacog alfa"
"oreptacog alpha"
"nn 1731"

'eptacog alfa' OR 'eptacog alpha' OR 'eptacogum alfa' OR 'oreptacog alfa' OR 'oreptacog alpha' OR 'vatreptacog alfa' OR 'vatreptacog alpha' OR 'factor vii' OR 'factor 7' AND (activat* OR activad* OR active OR activatum)) OR rfviia OR 'factor viia' OR 'factor 7a'   OR λhvii2463 OR '102786 52 7' OR '102786 61 8' OR '1360054 92 7' OR '897936 89 9' OR '944130 77 2' OR novoseven OR acset OR immuseven OR 'provertin-um tim 3' OR 'coagil-vii' OR niastase OR 'nn 1731' OR nn1731 OR 'novo seven' OR 'recombinant blood clotting factor 7a'/exp

Tuesday, May 27, 2014


Rough draft for a focused search for the "athletics" component of an "athletics-related disease" search:

"Athletes"[mesh] OR "athletic injuries"[mesh] OR ("Sports"[mesh] NOT ("Physical Endurance"[Mesh] OR "Physical Fitness"[Mesh])) OR "Dancing"[mesh] OR "Physical Education AND Training"[mesh] OR "swimming pools"[mesh] OR "sports medicine"[mesh] OR gladiator* OR scrum OR scrums OR  rugb* OR "Dancing"[majr] OR "Physical Education AND Training"[majr] OR aerobics[ti] OR calisthenic*[ti] OR "physical education"[ti] OR "physical training"[ti] OR sport[ti] OR sports[ti] OR basketball*[ti] OR baseball*[ti] OR softball*[ti] OR football*[ti] OR volleyball*[ti] OR lacrosse[ti] OR squash[ti] OR hockey[ti] OR soccer[ti] OR rugby[ti] OR ((play[ti] OR plays[ti] OR played[ti] OR playing[ti] OR player*) AND (ball[ti] OR balls[ti] OR tag[ti] OR "hide AND seek"[ti])) OR racquetball*[ti] OR "roller blading"[ti] OR rollerblad*[ti] OR "track AND field"[ti] OR vault*[ti] OR hurdle*[ti] OR marathon*[ti] OR triathlon*[ti] OR biathlon*[ti] OR pentathlon*[ti] OR ((race[ti] OR races[ti]) AND (track OR tracks OR lap OR laps)) OR raced[ti] OR racing[ti] OR races[ti] OR racer*[ti] OR dash[ti] OR dashes[ti] OR dasher*[ti] OR sprint*[ti] OR run[ti] OR runs[ti] OR running[ti] OR ran[ti] OR runner*[ti] OR jog[ti] OR jogs[ti] OR jogging[ti] OR jogged[ti] OR jogger*[ti] OR jump[ti] OR jumps[ti] OR jumped[ti] OR jumping[ti] OR jumper*[ti] OR swimming[ti] OR swim[ti] OR swims[ti] OR swam[ti] OR swimmer*[ti] OR polo[ti] OR canoe*[ti] OR kayak*[ti] OR rowing[ti] OR row[ti] OR rows[ti] OR rowed[ti] OR rower*[ti] OR cycling[ti] OR cyclist*[ti] OR bicycle[ti] OR bicycles[ti] OR bicycling[ti] OR skating[ti] OR skate[ti] OR skates[ti] OR skated[ti] OR skater*[ti] OR ski[ti] OR skis[ti] OR skiing[ti] OR skied[ti] OR skier*[ti] OR snowboard*[ti] OR tennis[ti] OR judo[ti] OR "martial arts"[ti] OR "martial art"[ti] OR (martial[ti] AND (art[ti] OR arts[ti] OR artist*[ti])) OR "martial artists"[ti] OR spar[ti] OR sparred[ti] OR sparring[ti] OR spars[ti] OR jiu-jitsu[ti] OR jiujitsu[ti] OR jujitsu[ti] OR sojutsu[ti] OR defendo[ti] OR karate[ti] OR kenpo[ti] OR kickbox*[ti] OR shinkendo[ti] OR aikido[ti] OR jodo[ti] OR judo[ti] OR kendo[ti] OR kyudo[ti] OR ninjutsu[ti] OR boxing[ti] OR shootfight*[ti] OR taekwondo[ti] OR sumo[ti] OR fencing[ti] OR fence[ti] OR fences[ti] OR fenced[ti] OR fencer*[ti] OR wrestle[ti] OR wrestles[ti] OR wrestling[ti] OR wrestled[ti] OR wrestler*[ti] OR gymnastic*[ti] OR gymnast[ti] OR gymnasts[ti] OR zumba*[ti] OR dance[ti] OR danced[ti] OR dances[ti] OR dancing[ti] OR dancer*[ti] OR ballet[ti] OR ballerina*[ti] OR folkdance*[ti] OR orienteer*[ti] OR hike[ti] OR hikes[ti] OR hiked[ti] OR hiking[ti] OR hiker*[ti] OR climb[ti] OR climbs[ti] OR climbing[ti] OR climber*[ti] OR climbed[ti] OR athlet*[ti] OR gladiator*[ti] OR olympic*[ti] OR para-olympic*[ti] OR play-off* OR playoff*

gladiator* OR scrum* OR  rugb* are parts of athletics-specific disease names
For other searches, terms for venues other than "swimming pools" might be needed.

infections MeSH and general infection keywords

Rough draft, largely based on MeSH trees, part of a 5 part "all infections" search:
"Bacterial Infections AND Mycoses"[mesh] OR "Virus Diseases"[mesh] OR "Parasitic Diseases"[mesh] OR "Prions"[mesh] OR "Prion Diseases"[mesh] OR "Viruses"[mesh] OR "Parasites"[mesh] OR "Fungi"[mesh] OR "Yeasts"[mesh] OR "Bacteria"[Mesh] OR "Equipment Contamination"[mesh] OR "Fomites"[mesh] OR "Anti-Infective Agents"[Mesh] OR "Antifungal Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Anti-Bacterial Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Antiparasitic Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Antiviral Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Immunity"[Mesh] OR "disease outbreaks"[mesh] OR "blood-borne pathogens"[mesh] OR "Immunity"[Mesh] OR "drug resistance, bacterial"[mesh] OR "Anatomy Category/microbiology"[Mesh] OR ""Diseases Category/microbiology"[Mesh] OR "Bacterial Toxins"[Mesh] OR "Enterotoxins"[Mesh] OR "Exotoxins"[Mesh] OR "Mycotoxins"[Mesh] OR ("Communicable Disease Control"[mesh] NOT ("Sanitary engineering"[majr] OR "mandatory testing"[majr])) OR contag* OR infectious OR infection* OR infected OR infecting OR infects OR epidemic* OR outbreak* OR bacteria OR bacterium OR bacterial OR antibacterial OR anti-bacterial OR gram OR rod OR cocci OR coccus OR virus OR viral OR viruses OR retrovirus* OR retroviral OR antiviral OR anti-viral OR fungi OR fungus OR fungal OR mycosis OR mycoses OR mycotic OR yeast* OR antifungal OR anti-fungal OR parasit* OR amoeba* OR ameb* OR febrile OR fever* OR celluliti* OR sepsis OR sepses OR septic OR fomit* OR abscess* OR empyem* OR meningiti* OR myeliti* OR OR encephalomyeliti* OR encephalomeningiti* OR encephaliti* OR trachom* OR hordeol* OR keratoconjunctivi* OR conjunctivi* OR keratiti* OR uveiti* OR retiniti* OR panophthalmiti* OR otiti* OR stomatiti* OR Rhinotracheiti* OR URI OR URIs OR "common cold" OR "common colds" OR rhiniti* OR sinusiti* OR catarrh* OR tracheiti* OR tracheobronchiti* OR bronchiti* OR bronchioliti* OR croup OR pneumon* OR pleurisy OR pleuriti* OR pleuropneumoni* OR endocarditi* OR myocarditi* OR UTI OR UTIs OR gastroenteriti* OR enteriti* OR enterocoliti* OR dysenter* OR suppurat* OR immunity OR immunosuppress* OR immunodepres* OR "blood culture" OR "blood cultures" OR "urine culture" OR "urine cultures" OR osteomyeliti* OR furunc* OR carbunc*