Monday, April 18, 2016

Cardiovascular Surgery -- keywords and MeSH

This strategy was composed for a reasonably comprehensive but focused search.  I think that the [ti] tags would need to be changed or removed before  the strategy could be used as a starting point in working toward an exhaustive strategy.

"Cardiovascular Surgical Procedures"[Mesh] OR "Cardiovascular Diseases/surgery"[Mesh] OR "Cardiovascular System/surgery"[Mesh] OR  ((Cardiovascular[ti] OR  cardiac[ti] OR Heart[ti] OR ventricle*[ti] OR ventricular[ti] OR endocard*[ti] OR myocard*[ti] OR atrial[ti] OR atrium[ti] OR atria[ti] OR “foramen ovale”[ti] OR valve*[ti] OR valvular[ti] OR tricuspid[ti] OR mitral[ti] OR aorta[ti] OR aortic[ti] OR pulmonic[ti] OR vena[ti] OR cava[ti] OR venae[ti] OR cavae[ti] OR vascular[ti] OR vessels[ti] OR artery[ti] OR arteries[ti] OR arterial[ti] OR arteriosus[ti] OR capillar*[ti] OR vein*[ti] OR venous[ti] OR carotid[ti] OR subclavian[ti] OR jugular[ti] OR pericard*[ti] OR Sinoatrial[ti] OR Atrioventricular[ti] OR chordae[ti] OR 22q11[ti] OR DiGeorge[ti] OR Alagille[ti] OR coarctation*[ti] OR Barth[ti] OR “Bland White Garland”[ti] OR “bland-white-garland”[ti] OR Dextrocardi*[ti] OR “cor triatriatium”[ti] OR Kartagener[ti] OR “Ductus Arteriosus”[ti] OR ebstein[ti] OR eisenmenger[ti] OR heterotaxy[ti] OR “LEOPARD Syndrome”[ti] OR Levocardi*[ti] OR Marfan[ti] OR Noonan[ti] OR Tetralogy[ti] OR  Fallot[ti] OR Trilogy[ti] OR supraventricular[ti] OR cor[ti] OR coronar*[ti] OR Transmyocardial[ti] OR cordis[ti] OR endomyocard*[ti] OR supravalvular[ti] OR subvalvular[ti] OR aortiti*[ti] OR cavopulmonary[ti] OR aortopulmonary[ti] OR portasystemic[ti] OR transjugular[ti] OR splenorenal[ti] OR portacaval[ti] OR arteriti*[ti] OR arteriovenous[ti] OR arterio-arterial[ti] OR Axillofemoral[ti] OR Polyarteriti*[ti] OR Vasculiti*[ti] OR Angiiti*[ti] OR Angiitides[ti] OR Endarteriti*[ti] OR Phlebiti*[ti] OR Postphlebitic[ti] OR Thrombophlebiti*[ti] OR Thromboangiiti*[ti] OR varicose*[ti] OR fibrillat*[ti] OR Pneumopericardium[ti] OR Postpericardiotom*[ti] OR Tamponade[ti] OR Embolism[ti] OR embolus[ti] OR emboli[ti] OR thromboembol*[ti] OR Hemorrhoid*[ti] OR Veno-Occlusive[ti] OR Ischemi*[ti] OR Ischaemi*[ti] OR Telangiecta*[ti] OR Angiomato*[ti] OR Angiom*[ti] OR Hemangiom*[ti] OR Sturge-Weber[ti] OR Aneurysm*[ti] OR hemorrhage*[ti] OR haemorrhag*[ti] OR Varicocele[ti] OR Varicos*[ti] OR Varicose[ti] OR Varix[ti] OR Varices[ti] OR Angioma*[ti] OR Hemangioma*[ti] OR Arrhythm*[ti] OR “Sick Sinus”[ti] OR “Sinus Arrest”[ti] OR flutter[ti] OR bradycard*[ti] OR brugada*[ti] OR pvc[ti] OR Adams-Stokes[ti] OR Bundle-Branch[ti] OR “Sick Sinus”[ti] OR “Long QT”[ti] OR “Andersen Syndrome”[ti] OR “Jervell-Lange Nielsen”[ti] OR Romano-Ward[ti] OR Parasystol*[ti] OR  Pre-Excitation[ti] OR Lown-Ganong-Levine[ti] OR Wolff-Parkinson-White[ti] OR WPW[ti] OR Tachycardi*[ti] OR Cardiomegal*[ti] OR Cardiomyopath*[ti] OR Chagas[ti] OR Fibroelasto*[ti] OR kearns-sayre[ti] OR reperfusion[ti] OR CHF[ti] OR Cardio-Renal[ti] OR “paroxysmal dyspnea”[ti] OR “carney complex”[ti] OR Takotsubo[ti] OR Cardiomyopath*[ti] OR Loeys-Dietz[ti] OR Endoleak[ti] OR Angiodysplas*[ti] OR Sarcoglycanopathiesa*[ti]  OR “Vascular Ectasia”[ti] OR Angiomato*[ti] OR Klippel-Trenaunay-Weber[ti] OR “von Hippel-Lindau”[ti] OR Takayasu[ti] OR Leriche[ti] OR “Sinus Pericranii”[ti] OR Lutembacher[ti] OR reperfus*[ti] OR Scimitar[ti] OR infarct*[ti] OR Hematomyeli*[ti] OR “CREST Syndrome”[ti] OR Behcet*[ti] OR Cogan[ti] OR “Malignant Atrophic Papulosis”[ti] OR “Mucocutaneous Lymph Node Syndrome”[ti] OR May-Thurner[ti] OR “Pulmonary Atresia”[ti] OR Scimitar[ti] OR Endovascular[ti] OR Percutaneous[ti]) AND (bypass[ti] OR prosthetic[ti] OR prosthes*[ti] OR implant*[ti] OR revascular*[ti] OR procedur*[ti] OR shunt*[ti] OR stent*[ti] OR graft*[ti] OR anastomo*[ti] OR repair*[ti] OR resect*[ti] OR close[ti] OR closing[ti] OR closure[ti] OR operative[ti] OR operation[ti] OR operations[ti] OR surgery[ti] OR surgeries[ti] OR surgical[ti] OR excis*[ti] OR remov*[ti] OR incis*[ti] OR repair*[ti] OR transcatheter*[ti] OR interven*[ti])) OR (Annuloplast*[ti] OR Cardiomyoplast*[ti] OR “heart massage”[ti] OR “cardiac massage”[ti] OR “cardiac transplant”[ti] OR “heart transplant”[ti] OR “cardiac transplants”[ti] OR “heart transplants”[ti] OR “cardiac transplantation”[ti] OR “heart transplantation”[ti] OR “heart-lung transplant”[ti] OR “heart-lung transplantation”[ti] OR “heart-lung transplants”[ti] OR Norwood[ti] OR “Pericardial Window”[ti] OR Pericardiectom*[ti] OR Pericardiocentes*[ti] OR revasculariz*[ti] OR revascularis*[ti] OR Embolectom*[ti] OR Endarterectom*[ti] OR CABG[ti] OR Thrombectom*[ti] OR fontan[ti] OR blalock-taussig[ti] OR Angioplast*[ti] OR Atherectom*[ti] OR off-pump[ti] OR Revasc*[ti] OR “valve replacement”[ti] OR “Mechanical Thrombolysis”[ti] OR “Induced arrest”[ti] OR Vasoplegi*[ti])

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Gastrointestinal Surgery -- focused keyword/MeSH search for routine searches

The following is not intended for systematic review purposes:
("Gastrointestinal Diseases/surgery"[Mesh] OR "Gastrointestinal Tract/surgery"[Mesh] OR “Digestive System Surgical Procedures”[mesh:noexp] OR “Anastomosis, Roux-en-Y”[mesh] OR “Appendectomy”[mesh] OR “Colectomy”[mesh] OR “Proctocolectomy, Restorative”[mesh] OR “Enterostomy”[mesh] OR “Cecostomy”[mesh] OR “Colostomy”[mesh] OR “Duodenostomy”[mesh] OR “Ileostomy”[mesh] OR “Jejunostomy”[mesh] OR “Fundoplication”[mesh] OR “Gastrectomy”[mesh] OR “Gastroenterostomy”[mesh] OR “Gastric Bypass”[mesh] OR “Gastropexy ”[mesh] OR “Gastroplasty”[mesh] OR “Gastrostomy”[mesh] OR “Hemorrhoidectomy”[mesh] OR “Jejunoileal Bypass”[mesh] OR “Pancreaticoduodenectomy”[mesh] OR “Pancreaticojejunostomy”[mesh] OR "Bariatric Surgery"[Mesh] OR ((operative[ti] OR operation[ti] OR operations[ti] OR surgery[ti] OR surgeries[ti] OR surgical[ti] OR resection*[ti] OR excis*[ti] OR remov*[ti] OR bypass[ti] OR anastomo*[ti] OR incis*[ti] ) AND (gastrointestinal[ti] OR alimentary[ti] OR esophag*[ti] OR gastroduodenal[ti] OR gastric[ti] OR stomach*[ti] OR pyloric[ti] OR pylorus*[ti] OR duodenum[ti] OR duodenums[ti] OR duodenal[ti] OR jejun*[ti] OR ileum[ti] OR ileal[ti] OR ileocecal[ti] OR ileocoecal[ti] OR cecum[ti] OR coecum[ti] OR cecal[ti] OR coecal[ti] OR meckel*[ti] OR appendix[ti] OR appendiceal[ti] OR colon[ti] OR colons[ti] OR colonic[ti] OR rectum[ti] OR rectal[ti] OR anus*[ti] OR anal[ti] OR Bariatric [ti] OR GI[ti] OR gastroscop*[ti] OR duodensocop*[ti] OR enteroscop*[ti] OR colonoscop*[ti] OR esophagoscop*[ti] OR sigmoidoscop*[ti] OR proctoscop*[ti])) OR Roux-en-Y[ti] OR Appendectom*[ti] OR Colectom*[ti] OR Proctocolectom*[ti] OR Enterostom*[ti] OR Cecostom*[ti] OR Colostom*[ti] OR Duodenostom*[ti] OR Ileostom*[ti] OR Jejunostom*[ti] OR Fundoplication*[ti] OR Gastrectom*[ti] OR Gastroenterostom*[ti] OR “Gastric Bypass”[ti] OR Gastropex* [ti] OR Gastroplast*[ti] OR Gastrostom*[ti] OR Hemorrhoidectom*[ti] OR “Jejunoileal Bypass”[ti] OR Pancreaticoduodenectom*[ti] OR Pancreaticojejunostom*[ti] OR lap-band[ti])

Thursday, March 10, 2016


A first attempt.  Names taken from Martindale's:

("Isotretinoin"[Mesh] OR isotretinoin OR 13-cis-retinoic OR "13 cis retinoic acid" OR roaccutane OR accutane OR "ro 4-3780" OR "ro 4 3780" OR OR Isotretinoi* OR  Izotretinoi* OR  Izotretinoi* OR Izotretynoi* OR A-cnotren OR accuran OR Accure OR acnetin OR acnex OR acnil OR acno OR acnogen OR acnotan OR acnotin OR acnova OR Accutane OR accutin OR acnecutan OR acneral OR acnotin OR acutret OR aisoskin OR aknenormin OR aknesil OR Atlacne OR capsoderm OR cecnoin OR Ciscutan OR clarus OR contracne OR Curacne OR curatane OR cutret OR dermaoral OR dermatane OR derminoin OR elvac OR  Flexresan OR flitrion OR inflader OR inotrin OR iret OR isac OR isdiben OR iso-aret OR  isoacne OR isobest OR  isocross OR isofact OR  isocural OR Isocutan OR idsoderm OR isodermal OR isoface OR isogalen OR isogeril  OR  isohexal OR isoret OR isoriac OR isoskin OR isosol OR isosupra  OR isotane OR isotane OR isotin OR isotrat OR isotret OR isotretin OR Isotrex OR isotriz OR isotroin OR lidose OR lisacne OR  lurantal OR lyotret OR neotrex OR nextin OR noitron OR noroseptan OR novacne OR opridan OR oratane OR piplex OR policano OR procuta OR reducar OR retasol OR  Retinide OR  roacnetan OR   Roaccutan OR roaccutane OR roacutan  OR nocne OR rocta OR Scheritonin OR steifotrex OR sotret OR sotrex OR teweisi OR trecifan OR tretinak OR  tretiosan OR tretin OR vastionin OR Zonatian OR zoretanin)

Names removed becuase they were "not found" by PubMed and could cause retrieval of irrelevant results:
"ai si jie"
"aknefug iso"
"iso estedi"
"tai er si"

Friday, January 15, 2016

Hormonal contraceptive agents -- keywords and MeSH

An initial attempt for a quick search:
(contracept*[tiab] OR OR elcometrine[tiab] OR nestorone[tiab] OR norprogesterone[tiab] OR etonogestrel[tiab] OR norelgestromin[tiab] OR algestone[tiab] OR contraceptive[tiab] OR ectylurea[tiab] OR ethoxzolamide[tiab] OR norethisterone[tiab] OR kentsin[tiab] OR chlormadinone[tiab] OR cyproterone[tiab] OR deposiston[tiab] OR desogestrel[tiab] OR dienogest[tiab] OR dimethisterone[tiab] OR drospirenone[tiab] OR estradiol[tiab] OR medroxyprogesterone[tiab] OR nomegestrol[tiab] OR ethisterone[tiab] OR etynodiol[tiab] OR gestodene[tiab] OR lynestrenol[tiab] OR megestrol[tiab] OR norgestimate[tiab] OR norgestrel[tiab] OR mestranol[tiab] OR lynestrenol[tiab] OR norethisterone[tiab] OR noretynodrel[tiab] OR “ortho 777”[tiab] OR segesterone[tiab] OR tanaproget[tiab] OR tristep[tiab] OR anordrin[tiab] OR centchroman[tiab] OR “conjugated estrogen”[tiab] OR diethylstilbestrol[tiab] OR ethinylestradiol[tiab] OR fluoxymesterone[tiab] OR levonorgestrel[tiab] OR ulipristal[tiab] OR yuehchukene[tiab] OR Dienogest[tiab] OR Levomefolate[tiab] OR Ethynodiol[tiab] OR Norethindrone[tiab] OR Progesterone[tiab] OR "Contraceptive Agents"[Mesh] OR "Contraceptive Agents" [Pharmacological Action])  

(contracept*:ab,ti OR ‘contraceptive agent’/exp/mj  OR elcometrine:ab,ti OR nestorone:ab,ti OR norprogesterone:ab,ti OR etonogestrel:ab,ti OR norelgestromin:ab,ti OR algestone:ab,ti OR contraceptive:ab,ti OR ectylurea:ab,ti OR ethoxzolamide:ab,ti OR norethisterone:ab,ti OR kentsin:ab,ti OR chlormadinone:ab,ti OR cyproterone:ab,ti OR deposiston:ab,ti OR desogestrel:ab,ti OR dienogest:ab,ti OR dimethisterone:ab,ti OR drospirenone:ab,ti OR estradiol:ab,ti OR medroxyprogesterone:ab,ti OR nomegestrol:ab,ti OR ethisterone:ab,ti OR etynodiol:ab,ti OR gestodene:ab,ti OR lynestrenol:ab,ti OR megestrol:ab,ti OR norgestimate:ab,ti OR norgestrel:ab,ti OR mestranol:ab,ti OR lynestrenol:ab,ti OR norethisterone:ab,ti OR noretynodrel:ab,ti OR ‘ortho 777’:ab,ti OR segesterone:ab,ti OR tanaproget:ab,ti OR tristep:ab,ti OR anordrin:ab,ti OR centchroman:ab,ti OR ‘conjugated estrogen’:ab,ti OR diethylstilbestrol:ab,ti OR ethinylestradiol:ab,ti OR fluoxymesterone:ab,ti OR levonorgestrel:ab,ti OR ulipristal:ab,ti OR yuehchukene:ab,ti OR Dienogest:ab,ti OR Levomefolate:ab,ti OR Ethynodiol:ab,ti OR Norethindrone:ab,ti OR Progesterone:ab,ti)

Anti-HIV agents -- keywords MeSH

An initial attempt for a quick search.  Names were taken from EMTREE but I'm not claiming  to have caught all the relevant names.   Some antivirals not active against HIV may have made their way into the list. In my search, I AND'd the drug concept terms with terms for the HIV/HIV infection concept.

("Anti-HIV Agents"[Mesh] OR antivir*[tiab] OR antiretrovir*[tiab] OR “anti viral”[tiab] OR “anti virus”[tiab] OR “anti retroviral”[tiab] OR “anti retrovirus”[tiab] OR haart[tiab] OR zidovudine[tiab] OR ZDV[tiab] OR ATZ[tiab] OR azidothymidine[tiab] OR Amprenavir[tiab] OR Atazanavir[tiab] OR Darunavir[tiab] OR Enfuvirtide[tiab] OR Fosamprenavir[tiab] OR Indinavir[tiab] OR Lopinavir[tiab] OR Ritonavir[tiab] OR Maraviroc[tiab] OR Nelfinavir[tiab] OR Saquinavir[tiab] OR Tipranavir[tiab] OR PMPA[tiab] OR ddC[tiab] OR Atvogen[tiab] OR “HIV Immunogen”[tiab] OR interferon[tiab] OR peginterferon[tiab] OR “Product R”[tiab] OR Ranpirnase[tiab] OR ribavirin[tiab] OR Rubitecan[tiab] OR Thymalfasin[tiab] OR zintevir[tiab] OR  zalcitabine[tiab] OR vicriviroc[tiab] OR trovirdine[tiab] OR trichosanthin[tiab] OR trecovirsen[tiab] OR tivirapine[tiab] OR tifuvirtide[tiab] OR thymallene[tiab] OR tenofovir[tiab] OR temsavir[tiab] OR telinavir[tiab] OR talviraline[tiab] OR “t 140”[tiab] OR stavudine[tiab] OR d4T[tiab] OR “sulfated polyvinyl alcohol”[tiab] OR stampidine[tiab] OR “soluble cd4”[tiab] OR sifuvirtide[tiab] OR rilpivirine[tiab] OR raluridine[tiab] OR raltegravir[tiab] OR “pro 2000”[tiab] OR “pro 140”[tiab] OR plerixafor[tiab] OR “peptide T”[tiab] OR pentosan[tiab] OR palinavir[tiab] OR paritaprevir[tiab] OR “pf 232798”[tiab] OR oxophenarsine[tiab] OR opaviraline[tiab] OR ombitasvir[tiab] OR nevirapine[tiab] OR nelfinavir[tiab] OR 4e10[tiab] OR 2g12[tiab] OR 2f5[tiab] OR mozenavir[tiab] OR miglustat[tiab] OR mifepristone[tiab] OR michellamine[tiab] OR maraviroc[tiab] OR loviride[tiab] OR lobucavir[tiab] OR lexgenleucel[tiab] OR lersivirine[tiab] OR lasinavir[tiab] OR lamivudine[tiab] OR kynostatin[tiab] OR “isis 5320”[tiab] OR integracide[tiab] OR ibalizumab[tiab] OR “proteinase inhibitor”[tiab] OR “proteinase inhibitors”[tiab] OR “gw 695634”[tiab] OR “gw 678248”[tiab] OR fozivudine[tiab] OR fostemsavir[tiab] OR fosdevirine[tiab] OR foscarnet[tiab] OR fosalvudine[tiab] OR etravirine[tiab] OR entecavir[tiab] OR enfuvirtide[tiab] OR emtricitabine[tiab] OR emivirine[tiab] OR elvucitabine[tiab] OR elvitegravir[tiab] OR efavirenz[tiab] OR doravirine[tiab] OR didanosine[tiab] OR ddi[tiab] OR delavirdine[tiab] OR dapivirine[tiab] OR cytallene[tiab] OR cyanovirin[tiab] OR cosalane[tiab] OR curdlan[tiab] OR cobicistat[tiab] OR chloropeptin[tiab] OR censavudine[tiab] OR cenicriviroc[tiab] OR “cd4 immunoglobulin g2”[tiab] OR “cd4 immunoglobulin”[tiab] OR castanospermine*[tiab] OR carbovir[tiab] OR capravirine[tiab] OR calanolide[tiab] OR cabotegravir[tiab] OR brecanavir[tiab] OR bictegravir[tiab] OR bevirimat[tiab] OR atevirdine[tiab] OR apricitabine[tiab] OR aplaviroc[tiab] OR ancriviroc[tiab] OR antimoniotungstate[tiab] OR amdoxovir[tiab] OR adenallene[tiab] OR acemannan[tiab] OR adefovir[tiab] OR abacavir[tiab] OR “a 74704”[tiab] OR “a 77003”[tiab] OR “a 80987”[tiab] OR dolutegravir[tiab] OR fluorothymidine[tiab] OR dideoxynucleoside*[tiab] OR methylcytidine[tiab] OR iodouridine[tiab] OR ethyluridine[tiab] OR deoxythymidine[tiab] OR pyridone[tiab] OR dideoxythymidine[tiab] OR dideoxyguanosine[tiab] OR flurocytidine[tiab] OR fluorouridine[tiab] OR fluoroadenosine[tiab] OR dideoxyuridine[tiab] OR dideoxycytidine[tiab] OR dideoxyformycin[tiab] OR phosphonomethyladenosine[tiab] OR dideoxyadenosine[tiab] OR propanedione[tiab] OR ethyluracil[tiab] OR “reverse transcriptase inhibitor”[tiab] OR “reverse transcriptase inhibitors”[tiab] OR lagociclovir[tiab] OR furancarbothioamide[tiab] OR pradefovir[tiab] OR quinazolinone[tiab] OR quinoxalinethione[tiab] ] OR thiophenecarbothioamide[tiab] OR “protease inhibitor”[tiab] OR “protease inhibitors”[tiab] OR “anti-hiv agent”[tiab] OR “anti-hiv agents”[tiab] OR “fusion inhibitor”[tiab] OR “fusion inhibitors”[tiab] OR “integrase inhibitor”[tiab] OR “integrase inhibitors”[tiab] OR 3TC)

(antivir*:ab,ti OR antiretrovir*:ab,ti OR ‘anti viral’:ab,ti OR ‘anti virus’:ab,ti OR ‘anti retroviral’:ab,ti OR ‘anti retrovirus’:ab,ti OR ‘antivirus agent’/exp/mj  OR haart:ab,ti OR zidovudine:ab,ti OR ZDV:ab,ti OR ATZ:ab,ti OR azidothymidine:ab,ti OR Amprenavir:ab,ti OR Atazanavir:ab,ti OR Darunavir:ab,ti OR Enfuvirtide:ab,ti OR Fosamprenavir:ab,ti OR Indinavir:ab,ti OR Lopinavir:ab,ti OR Ritonavir:ab,ti OR Maraviroc:ab,ti OR Nelfinavir:ab,ti OR Saquinavir:ab,ti OR Tipranavir:ab,ti OR PMPA:ab,ti OR ddC:ab,ti OR Atvogen:ab,ti OR ‘HIV Immunogen’:ab,ti OR interferon:ab,ti OR peginterferon:ab,ti OR ‘Product R’:ab,ti OR Ranpirnase:ab,ti OR ribavirin:ab,ti OR Rubitecan:ab,ti OR Thymalfasin:ab,ti OR zintevir:ab,ti OR zalcitabine:ab,ti OR vicriviroc:ab,ti OR trovirdine:ab,ti OR trichosanthin:ab,ti OR trecovirsen:ab,ti OR tivirapine:ab,ti OR tifuvirtide:ab,ti OR thymallene:ab,ti OR tenofovir:ab,ti OR temsavir:ab,ti OR telinavir:ab,ti OR talviraline:ab,ti OR ‘t 140’:ab,ti OR stavudine:ab,ti OR d4T:ab,ti OR ‘sulfated polyvinyl alcohol’:ab,ti OR stampidine:ab,ti OR ‘soluble cd4’:ab,ti OR sifuvirtide:ab,ti OR rilpivirine:ab,ti OR raluridine:ab,ti OR raltegravir:ab,ti OR ‘pro 2000’:ab,ti OR ‘pro 140’:ab,ti OR plerixafor:ab,ti OR ‘peptide T’:ab,ti OR pentosan:ab,ti OR palinavir:ab,ti OR paritaprevir:ab,ti OR ‘pf 232798’:ab,ti OR oxophenarsine:ab,ti OR opaviraline:ab,ti OR ombitasvir:ab,ti OR nevirapine:ab,ti OR nelfinavir:ab,ti OR 4e10:ab,ti OR 2g12:ab,ti OR 2f5:ab,ti OR mozenavir:ab,ti OR miglustat:ab,ti OR mifepristone:ab,ti OR michellamine:ab,ti OR maraviroc:ab,ti OR loviride:ab,ti OR lobucavir:ab,ti OR lexgenleucel:ab,ti OR lersivirine:ab,ti OR lamivudine:ab,ti OR kynostatin:ab,ti OR ‘isis 5320’:ab,ti OR integracide:ab,ti OR ibalizumab:ab,ti OR ‘proteinase inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘proteinase inhibitors’:ab,ti OR ‘gw 695634’:ab,ti OR ‘gw 678248’:ab,ti OR ‘gene expression modulator 92’:ab,ti OR fozivudine:ab,ti OR fostemsavir:ab,ti OR fosdevirine:ab,ti OR foscarnet:ab,ti OR fosalvudine:ab,ti OR etravirine:ab,ti OR entecavir:ab,ti OR enfuvirtide:ab,ti OR emtricitabine:ab,ti OR emivirine:ab,ti OR elvucitabine:ab,ti OR elvitegravir:ab,ti OR efavirenz:ab,ti OR doravirine:ab,ti OR didanosine:ab,ti OR ddi:ab,ti OR delavirdine:ab,ti OR dapivirine:ab,ti OR cyanovirin:ab,ti OR cosalane:ab,ti OR cytallene:ab,ti OR curdlan:ab,ti OR chloropeptin:ab,ti OR cobicistat:ab,ti OR cenicriviroc:ab,ti OR censavudine:ab,ti OR ‘cd4 immunoglobulin g2’:ab,ti OR ‘cd4 immunoglobulin’:ab,ti OR castanospermine*:ab,ti OR carbovir:ab,ti OR capravirine:ab,ti OR calanolide:ab,ti OR cabotegravir:ab,ti OR brecanavir:ab,ti OR bictegravir:ab,ti OR bevirimat:ab,ti OR atevirdine:ab,ti OR apricitabine:ab,ti OR aplaviroc:ab,ti OR ancriviroc:ab,ti OR antimoniotungstate:ab,ti OR amdoxovir:ab,ti OR amdoovir:ab,ti OR adenallene:ab,ti OR acemannan:ab,ti OR adefovir:ab,ti OR abacavir:ab,ti OR ‘a 74704’:ab,ti OR ‘a 77003’:ab,ti OR ‘a 80987’:ab,ti OR dolutegravir:ab,ti OR fluorothymidine:ab,ti OR dideoxynucleoside*:ab,ti OR methylcytidine:ab,ti OR iodouridine:ab,ti OR ethyluridine:ab,ti OR deoxythymidine:ab,ti OR pyridone:ab,ti OR dideoxythymidine:ab,ti OR dideoxyguanosine:ab,ti OR flurocytidine:ab,ti OR fluorouridine:ab,ti OR fluoroadenosine:ab,ti OR dideoxyuridine:ab,ti OR dideoxycytidine:ab,ti OR dideoxyformycin:ab,ti OR phosphonomethyladenosine:ab,ti OR dideoxyadenosine:ab,ti OR propanedione:ab,ti OR ethyluracil:ab,ti OR ‘reverse transcriptase inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘reverse transcriptase inhibitors’:ab,ti OR lagociclovir:ab,ti OR furancarbothioamide:ab,ti OR pradefovir:ab,ti OR quinazolinone:ab,ti OR quinoxalinethione:ab,ti  OR thiophenecarbothioamide:ab,ti OR ‘protease inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘protease inhibitors’:ab,ti OR ‘anti-hiv agent’:ab,ti OR ‘anti-hiv agents’:ab,ti OR ‘fusion inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘fusion inhibitors’:ab,ti OR ‘integrase inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘integrase inhibitors’:ab,ti OR ‘CCR5 recptor antagonist’:ab,ti OR ‘CCR5 recptor antagonists’:ab,ti OR 3TC)

Pharmacokinetics -- keywords and MeSH

An initial attempt:
(Pharmacokin* OR pharmacodynam* OR absorb* OR absorption OR "volume of distribution" OR Cmax OR "peak concentration" OR "peak concentrations" OR "peak time" OR "peak times" OR tmax OR AUC OR "area under the curve" OR metabolism OR metabolite* OR "t1/2" OR half-life OR "half life" OR "half lives" OR half-lives OR clearance* OR bioavailab* OR excret* OR "kinetic profile" OR "kinetic profiles" OR compartment* OR "Pharmacokinetics"[Mesh] OR "pharmacokinetics" [Subheading])

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Quetiapine, Seroquel -- keywords

Drug names were obtained from Martindale's.
(Quetiapine[tiab] OR Quetiapin*[tiab] OR 111974-69-7 OR 111974-72-2 OR ICI-204636[tiab] OR ZD-5077[tiab] OR ZM-204636[tiab] OR ICI204636[tiab] OR ZD5077[tiab] OR ZM204636[tiab] OR Afidat[tiab] OR Alzen[tiab] OR "ApoTiapina"[tiab] OR Asicot[tiab] OR Atipina[tiab] OR Atrolak[tiab] OR Biatrix[tiab] OR Biquelle[tiab] OR Bonogren[tiab] OR Cedrina[tiab] OR Cizyapine[tiab] OR Delucon[tiab] OR Dendritex[tiab] OR Derin[tiab] OR Dominium[tiab] OR Dopaquel[tiab] OR Ebesque[tiab] OR Equepin[tiab] OR Equeta[tiab] OR Etiagen[tiab] OR Etiapin[tiab] OR Etiasel[tiab] OR Etipin[tiab] OR Gedonin[tiab] OR Geldoren[tiab] OR Generiapin[tiab] OR Gentiapin[tiab] OR Gofyl[tiab] OR Gyrex[tiab] OR Hedonin[tiab] OR Ilufren[tiab] OR Inquetia[tiab] OR Kefrenex[tiab] OR Kemoter[tiab] OR Kesaquil[tiab] OR Ketidose[tiab] OR Ketipinor[tiab] OR Ketrel[tiab] OR Kitapen[tiab] OR Ketilept[tiab] OR Ketinel[tiab] OR Ketipine[tiab] OR Ketipinor[tiab] OR Ketiron[tiab] OR Ketya[tiab] OR Kventiax[tiab] OR Kwetaplex[tiab] OR Kwetax[tiab] OR Kwetinor[tiab] OR Lacvel[tiab] OR Lantiapin[tiab] OR Lobarr[tiab] OR Loplive[tiab] OR Loquen[tiab] OR Mintreleq[tiab] OR Mylaquel[tiab] OR Nantarid[tiab] OR Neotiapim[tiab] OR Neurorace[tiab] OR Neutapin[tiab] OR Noletil[tiab] OR Norsic[tiab] OR Notiabolfen[tiab] OR Pinapaz[tiab] OR Pinexet[tiab] OR Piquet[tiab] OR Poetra[tiab] OR Psicotric[tiab] OR Psyquet[tiab] OR "Q-win"[tiab] OR "QiWei"[tiab] OR Quantia[tiab] OR Qudix[tiab] OR Qpine[tiab] OR Qtipine[tiab] OR Quel[tiab] OR Quelan[tiab] OR Quelor[tiab] OR Quemed[tiab] OR Quemyl[tiab] OR Quentapil[tiab] OR Quentiax[tiab] OR Queopine[tiab] OR Quepaz[tiab] OR Quepin[tiab] OR Quepita[tiab] OR Quepsan[tiab] OR Querok[tiab] OR Queropax[tiab] OR Questax[tiab] OR Quetapel[tiab] OR Quetastad[tiab] OR Quetatiefi[tiab] OR Queteper[tiab] OR Quetex[tiab] OR Quetiaccord[tiab] OR Quetiafair[tiab] OR Quetialan[tiab] OR Quetiamylan[tiab] OR Quetiap[tiab] OR Quetiapro[tiab] OR Quetiaros[tiab] OR Quetiazic[tiab] OR Quetidin[tiab] OR Quetifi[tiab] OR Quetilis[tiab] OR Quetin[tiab] OR Quetipin[tiab] OR Quetiratio[tiab] OR Quetiron[tiab] OR Quetiser[tiab] OR Quetoser[tiab] OR Quetkare[tiab] OR Quetrop[tiab] OR Quetros[tiab] OR Qurax[tiab] OR Qutipin[tiab] OR Qutipine[tiab] OR Raikar[tiab] OR Resirentin[tiab] OR Rizmul[tiab] OR Rocoz[tiab] OR Rostrum[tiab] OR Seotiapim[tiab] OR Sequa[tiab] OR sequase[tiab] OR Seresano[tiab] OR Seratio[tiab] OR Serex[tiab] OR Serez[tiab] OR Seronia[tiab] OR Seropia[tiab] OR Seropin[tiab] OR Seroquel[tiab] OR Seroquin[tiab] OR Serotia[tiab] OR Serotiapin[tiab] OR Servitel[tiab] OR Setinin[tiab] OR Socalm[tiab] OR Sondate[tiab] OR Stadaquel[tiab] OR Symquel[tiab] OR Syquet[tiab] OR Taiqutabs[tiab] OR Tevaquel[tiab] OR Tiaquel[tiab] OR Tiaquin[tiab] OR Truvalin[tiab] OR Vesparax[tiab] OR Viketo[tiab] OR Vorta[tiab] OR Vutif[tiab] OR Xeroquel[tiab] OR Zaluron[tiab] )
The following multi-word names for Seroquel were removed because they were not among those phrases listed in PubMed’s recognized phrase list and were causing retrieval of irrelevant results:
"ICI 204636"
"ZD 5077"
"ZM 204636"
"Shu Si"
"Tim ASF"


(quetiapine OR quetiapin* OR '111974 69 7' OR '111974 72 2' OR 'ici 204636' OR 'zd 5077' OR 'zm 204636' OR 'ici 204636' OR 'zd 5077' OR'zm 204636' OR ici204636 OR zd5077 OR zm204636 OR afidat OR alzen OR 'apotiapina' OR asicot OR atipina OR atrolak OR biatrix ORbiquelle OR bonogren OR cedrina OR cizyapine OR delucon OR dendritex OR derin OR dominium OR dopaquel OR ebesque ORequepin OR equeta OR etiagen OR etiapin OR etiasel OR etipin OR gedonin OR geldoren OR generiapin OR gentiapin OR gofyl ORgyrex OR hedonin OR ilufren OR inquetia OR kefrenex OR kemoter OR kesaquil OR ketidose OR ketipinor OR ketrel OR kitapen ORketilept OR ketinel OR ketipine OR ketipinor OR ketiron OR ketya OR kventiax OR kwetaplex OR kwetax OR kwetinor OR lacvel ORlantiapin OR lobarr OR loplive OR loquen OR mintreleq OR mylaquel OR nantarid OR neotiapim OR neurorace OR neutapin ORnoletil OR norsic OR notiabolfen OR pinapaz OR pinexet OR piquet OR poetra OR psicotric OR psyquet OR 'q-win' OR 'qiwei' ORquantia OR qudix OR qpine OR qtipine OR quel OR quelan OR quelor OR quemed OR quemyl OR quentapil OR quentiax OR queopineOR quepaz OR quepin OR quepita OR quepsan OR querok OR queropax OR questax OR quetapel OR quetastad OR quetatiefi ORqueteper OR quetex OR quetiaccord OR quetiafair OR quetialan OR quetiamylan OR quetiap OR quetiapro OR quetiaros ORquetiazic OR quetidin OR quetifi OR quetilis OR quetin OR quetipin OR quetiratio OR quetiron OR quetiser OR quetoser OR quetkareOR quetrop OR quetros OR qurax OR qutipin OR qutipine OR raikar OR resirentin OR rizmul OR rocoz OR rostrum OR seotiapim ORsequa OR sequase OR seresano OR seratio OR serex OR serez OR seronia OR seropia OR seropin OR seroquel OR seroquin OR serotiaOR serotiapin OR servitel OR setinin OR 'shu si' OR socalm OR sondate OR stadaquel OR symquel OR syquet OR taiqutabs ORtevaquel OR tiaquel OR tiaquin OR 'tim asf' OR truvalin OR vesparax OR viketo OR vorta OR vutif OR xeroquel OR zaluron)