Saturday, January 21, 2017

CNS location -- keywords formatted for EMBASE

Central nervous system location search formatted for EMBASE:

(cerebr* OR cerebrum OR cerebell* OR neocerebell* OR paleocerebell* OR brainstem* OR (temporal OR frontal OR prefrontal OR posterior OR ophthalmic AND lob*) OR pons OR pontine OR medulla* OR glia* OR microglia* OR oligodendro* OR astrocyt* OR purkinje OR cortex OR cortical OR 'white matter' OR 'gray matter' OR 'grey matter' OR myelin* OR neuropath* OR neurohist* OR pyramidal OR bundle* OR corticobulbar OR corticospinal OR spinocerebellar OR spinothalamic OR extrapyramidal OR 'internal capsule' OR forebrain* OR hindbrain* OR midbrain* OR hypothalam* OR thalam* OR limbic OR limbus OR amygdala* OR epithalam* OR subthalam* OR metathalam* OR hippocamp* OR parahippocamp* OR entorhinal OR pituitary OR hypophys* OR adenohypophys* OR neurohypophys* OR callosum* OR periventricul* OR paraventricul* OR 'third ventricle' OR 'fourth ventricle' OR supratentorial OR infratentorial OR striatal OR auditory OR cranial OR hypogloss* OR trigeminal OR 'facial nerve' OR vagal OR vagus OR trochlear OR vetibulocochlear OR glossopharyngeal OR 'accessory nerve' OR 'septum pellucidem' OR 'septum pellucidum' OR mesencephalon* OR myelencephalon OR metencephalon* OR diencephalon* OR prosencephalon* OR peduncle* OR 'substantia nigra' OR 'pars compacta' OR 'pars reticulata' OR tegment* OR aqueduct* OR 'reticular formation' OR oculomotor OR 'edinger-westphal' OR periaqueductal OR 'raphe nucleus' OR 'raphe nuclei' OR interpeduncular OR 'red nucleus' OR 'locus coeruleus' OR 'locus ceruleus' OR tectal OR collicul* OR commisur* OR pretectal OR subcommisur* OR peduncul* OR 'respiratory center' OR rhombencephalon* OR 'cerebral ventricle*' OR 'choroid plexus' OR 'lateral ventricle*' OR prosencephalon OR diencephalon OR telencephalon OR rhinencephalon OR rhombencephalon OR abducens OR accumbens OR 'ala cinerea' OR allocortex OR paleocortex OR archicortex OR alveus OR amacrine OR ambiguus OR ammonis OR ammon OR amygdal* OR archicerebellum OR archeocerebellum OR 'area postrema' OR brachium OR 'calamus scriptorius' OR 'cauda equina' OR 'caudate nucleus' OR choroid OR cinereum OR cingulum OR circumventricular OR commissure* OR decussat* OR cornu OR corona OR crus OR cuneus OR dentate OR gyrus OR gyri OR ependym* OR falx OR fastigial OR fenestr* OR fimbria* OR fornix OR mamillary OR fovea OR fundus OR fundal OR funiculus OR fasciculi OR ganglion* OR gemmule* OR genu OR geniculate OR glia OR neuroglia* OR glioblast* OR gliosis OR gliosome OR globus OR pallidus OR pallidum OR pallium OR gracilis OR granum OR granulum OR habenula OR infundibulum OR insula OR neocortex OR isocortex OR koniocortex OR labyrinth OR lemniscus OR lentiform OR limen OR reil*:ab,ti OR macroglia* OR macula OR 'massa intermedia' OR neostriat* OR neuroblast* OR neurofibril* OR neurolemm* OR schwann*:ab,ti OR neuropil* OR obex OR olive OR olivary OR operculum OR hemispher* OR pachymenin* OR paleostriatum OR pathway* OR perikaryon OR pineal OR pineus OR plexus OR psalterium OR pulvinar OR putamen OR pyriform* OR uncus OR 'limen insulae' OR olfactory OR ramus OR rami OR raphe OR rostrum OR rubrospinal OR corticorubral OR septum OR pellucidum OR stria OR striatum OR subiculum OR subex OR substantia OR terminalis OR gelatinosa OR nigra OR tanycyt* OR tapetum OR tectum OR 'tela choroidea' OR telodendri* OR tentorium OR tonofibril OR torcular OR tract* OR transducer OR 'trapezoid body' OR vallecul* OR velate* OR vermis OR vestibular OR vestibulum OR incerta)


synap* OR neuron* OR interneuron* OR axon* OR axolemm* OR axoplasm* OR afferent* OR efferent* OR dendrit* OR neurite*

Friday, January 20, 2017

Etiology -- keywords

A first stab at a keyword search intended to find articles investigating etiology/cause:

(epidemiol* OR caus* OR etiolog* OR risk* OR determinant* OR factor* OR predict* OR correlat* OR correspond* OR association* OR link* OR statistic* OR significant* OR hazard* OR odds OR probab* OR “side effect*” OR adverse)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors -- Keywords

Keywords from Martindale's.  An initial attempt for a non-comprehensive search.

((checkpoint*[ti] AND (inhibit*[ti] OR block*[ti] OR antagon*[ti])) OR ICI OR ICIs OR Ipilimumab* OR anti-CTLA4 OR 477202-00-9 OR BMS-734016 OR MDX-010 OR MDX-CTLA-4[tiab] OR BMS734016 OR MDX010 OR MDXCTLA4 OR "BMS 734016" OR "MDX 010" OR "MDX CTLA 4" OR Yervoy OR Pembrolizumab* OR “anti-PDCD1” OR 1374853-91-4 OR Lambrolizumab* OR MK-3475 OR SCH-900475 OR MK3475 OR SCH900475 OR "MK 3475" OR "SCH 900475" OR Keytruda OR Nivolumab OR BMS-936558 OR MDX-1106 OR ONO-4538 OR "BMS 936558" OR "MDX 1106" OR "ONO 4538" OR Opdivo OR  tremelimumab* OR 745013-59-6 OR CP-675206 OR CP675206 OR “CP 675206” OR  Ticilimumab*

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

hexachlorophene -- keywords

Keywords from Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

“2,2?-Methylenebis(3,4,6-trichlorophenol)” OR 70-30-4 OR “Acerbine” OR “Anacal” OR “Bismodyne” OR “Cibis” OR “Creme Phyllis de Jeunesse” OR “Cresophene” OR “Dermalex” OR “Dermisan” OR “G-11” OR “Heksaklorofeeni” OR “Hexa Clean” OR “Hexachlorofen” OR “Hexachlorophane” OR “Hexachlorophene” OR “Hexachlorophenum” OR “Hexaclorofeno” OR “Hexadecyl” OR “Hexaklorofen” OR “Hexaphenyl” OR “Incoliquid” OR “Jabon Antiseptico Asens” OR “Lindanoxil” OR “Lotocreme” OR “Mediphon” OR “Micosan” OR “Neo Visage” OR “Permucal” OR “pHisoHex” OR “Phlogosol” OR “Pulvicrus” OR “Robusanon” OR “Rysolone” OR “S 13” OR “Salvizol” OR “Sapoderm” OR “Septonex” OR “Solarcaine” OR “Solfofil” OR “Stepin” OR “Ster-Zac” OR “Topicide” OR “Torbetol” OR “Varecort”

Additional names (acne and hemorrhoid-specific?) from Martindale:
“Acnemask” OR “Acne-Med Wolff Simplex” OR “Acnestrol” OR “Acnex” OR “Aknefug simplex” OR “Aknefug-Emulsion” OR “Aknefug-Milch simplex” OR “Aknefug-Simplex” OR “Hemorrocort” OR “Hemorroidal-H” 

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Magnesium Sulfate -- keywords

The names for magnesium sulfate were derived from Martindale:  The Complete Drug Reference via LexiComp.    Only the single-ingredient preparations are included.  The brand names listed in Martindale's were checked to see if they were listed as corresponding to magnesium sulfate, a different magneisum salt or elemental magnesium.  Only those brand names listed as being a single-ingredient, magnesium sulfate preparation are included in the keyword search below.

((magnes* OR magnez* OR magnio) AND (sulphat* OR sulfat* OR siarczan )) OR magnezium-szulfat OR OR 7487-88-9 OR 10034-99-8 OR  magnesium-sul* OR magnesiumsulf* OR mgso* OR 518[tiab] OR Conducat OR  Cormagnesin OR Kest OR Magfifty OR Magnefusin OR Magneon OR Magnesulf OR Magnoston OR “Mg 10%” OR Spasmag OR Sulmetin  OR Epsom*[tiab] OR Laxeerzout OR Maglax

The following multi-word names for magnesium sulfate were "not found" by PubMed and were removed as they could cause retrieval of irrelevant results:

“sal amarum” OR “sel anglais” OR “sel de seditz” OR “siran horecnaty” OR ”FX Passage” OR “Ifupeptol Magnesiado” OR “Lasar mono” OR “Magnesium Tonil” OR “Mg 5-Sulfat” OR “Pansement Mag” OR “Retterspitz Abfuhrpulver” OR “Retterspitz Darmreinigungspulver ST” OR “Sal Amargo Purificado” OR “Tian Jia Yuan” OR “SB Laxative Mixture”

Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Mycophenolate mofetil -- keywords

(Mycophenola* OR  115007-34-6 OR 128794-94-5 OR Mikofenola* OR Mofetil-mykofenolát* OR micofenola* OR  Mykofenola* OR  RS-61443 OR  RS61443 OR  “RS 61443” OR "Accempa” OR "Alcept” OR ”Arzip” OR ”Baxmune” OR "CellCept” OR "Cellmune” OR "Celprot” OR "Ceptolate” OR "Cyfen” OR "Immufete” OR imulate OR "Imuxgen” OR "Lanfetil” OR ”Limfocept” OR ”Linfonex” OR "Mefetil” OR "Metocris” OR "Micocept” OR "Micosef” OR "Mifedam” OR "MMF” OR "Mofecept” OR "Mofetyl” OR ”Mofilet” OR ”Mofimutral” OR "Mometil” OR "Mophecen” OR "Mowel” OR "Munotras” OR "Myaccord” OR "Mycept” OR "Myclausen” OR "Mycocept” OR ”Mycofen” OR ”Mycofenor” OR "Mycofit” OR "Mycolat” OR "Mycoldosa” OR "Mycopen” OR "Mycophen” OR "Mycopheno-cell” OR "Myfenax” OR "Myfetil” OR ”Myfortic” OR ”Mygraft” OR "Mygref” OR "Myotec” OR "Nolfemic” OR "Presumin” OR "Refrat” OR "Renocell” OR "Rigenol” OR "Rimmunos” OR ”Saikeping” OR "Supresta” OR "Suprimun” OR "Tevacept” OR "Trixin”)[all]

The following multi-word, drug name was "not found" by PubMed and could cause retrieval of irrelevant results.
"Shun You”

This search strategy was based on drug names/terms found in Martindale: The Complete Drug Reference

Friday, August 12, 2016

anti-infective agents -- subject heading and keyword

This is an attempt to compose a subject heading/keyword search for articles focusing on anti-infective agents.  This is not a comprehensive search.  It, none the less, took some time to compose and I don't want to lose it so I'm storing it here.  I may work on a more comprehensive version later.  The generic, anti-infective agent names are from the AHFS DI (I'm not guaranteeing that all names listed in the AHFS DI are included here).

"Antibiotic Prophylaxis"[Mesh]  OR "Anti-Infective Agents"[Mesh] OR "Anti-Infective Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR  antibact*[ti] OR 'anti bacterial'[ti] OR antimicrob*[ti] OR 'anti microbial'[ti] OR antibiot*[ti] OR 'anti biotic'[ti] OR antivir*[ti] OR 'anti viral'[ti] OR antifung*[ti] OR 'anti fungal'[ti] OR antipara*[ti] OR amphotericin[ti] OR 'anti parasit*'[ti] OR 'anti viral*'[ti] OR amantadine[ti] OR rimantadine[ti] OR adamantanes[ti] OR amebicides[ti] OR iodoquinol[ti] OR paromomycin[ti] OR aminoglycosides[ti] OR amikacin[ti] OR kanamycin[ti] OR streptomycin[ti] OR aminopenicillin*[ti] OR amoxicillin[ti] OR ampicillin[ti] OR augmentin[ti] OR sulbactam[ti] OR anthelmintic*[ti] OR albendazole[ti] OR ivermectin[ti] OR mebendazole[ti] OR praziquantel[ti] OR pyrantel[ti] OR bacitracin[ti] OR besifloxacin[ti] OR ciprofloxacin[ti] OR doxycycline[ti] OR erythromycin[ti] OR gatifloxacin[ti] OR levofloxacin[ti] OR minocycline[ti] OR moxifloxacin[ti] OR ofloxacin[ti] OR polymyxin[ti] OR sulfacetamide[ti] OR tobramycin[ti] OR clindamycin[ti] OR gentamicin[ti] OR mupirocin[ti] OR neomycin[ti] OR retapamulin[ti] OR tetracyclines[ti] OR antifungal*[ti] OR natamycin[ti] OR griseofulvin[ti] OR clioquinol[ti] OR 'gentian violet'[ti] OR undecylen*[ti] OR 'carbol fuchsin'[ti] OR antimalarial*[ti] OR artemether[ti] OR lumefantrine[ti] OR atovaquone[ti] OR proguanil[ti] OR chloroquine[ti] OR hydroxychloroquine[ti] OR mefloquine[ti] OR primaquine[ti] OR pyrimethamine[ti] OR quinine[ti] OR antiprotozoal*[ti] OR metronidazole[ti] OR miltefosine[ti] OR nitazoxanide[ti] OR pentamidine[ti] OR tinidazole[ti] OR antiretroviral*[ti] OR antituberculosis[ti] OR aminosalicylic[ti] OR bedaquiline[ti] OR capreomycin[ti] OR cycloserine[ti] OR ethambutol[ti] OR ethionamide[ti] OR isoniazid[ti] OR pyrazinamide[ti] OR rifabutin[ti] OR rifampin[ti] OR rifapentine[ti] OR antiviral*[ti] OR trifluridine[ti] OR docosanol[ti] OR penciclovir[ti] OR foscarnet[ti] OR azoles[ti] OR fluconazole[ti] OR isavuconazonium[ti] OR itraconazole[ti] OR posaconazole[ti] OR voriconazole[ti] OR clotrimazole[ti] OR econazole[ti] OR efinaconazole[ti] OR ketoconazole[ti] OR luliconazole[ti] OR miconazole[ti] OR oxiconazole[ti] OR sertaconazole[ti] OR sulconazole[ti] OR terconazole[ti] OR tioconazole[ti] OR butoconazole[ti] OR carbapenem*[ti] OR doripenem[ti] OR ertapenem[ti] OR imipenem[ti] OR cilastatin[ti] OR meropenem[ti] OR cephalosporin*[ti] OR cephamycin*[ti] OR chloramphenicol[ti] OR cefotetan[ti] OR cefoxitin[ti] OR ceftaroline[ti] OR cefadroxil[ti] OR cefazolin[ti] OR cephalexin[ti] OR cefepime[ti] OR 'polymerase inhibitor*'[ti] OR simeprevir[ti] OR 'protease inhibitor*'[ti] OR 'replication inhibitor*'[ti] OR daclatasvir[ti] OR ledipasvir[ti] OR sofosbuvir[ti] OR ombitasvir[ti] OR paritaprevir[ti] OR ritonavir[ti] OR dasabuvir[ti] OR enfuvirtide[ti] OR maraviroc[ti] OR dolutegravir[ti] OR elvitegravir[ti] OR cobicistat[ti] OR raltegravir[ti] OR 'integrase inhibitor*'[ti] OR delavirdine[ti] OR efavirenz[ti] OR etravirine[ti] OR nevirapine[ti] OR rilpivirine[ti] OR 'reverse transcriptase inhibitor*'[ti] OR abacavir[ti] OR didanosine[ti] OR emtricitabine[ti] OR lamivudine[ti] OR stavudine[ti] OR tenofovir[ti] OR zidovudine[ti] OR atazanavir[ti] OR darunavir[ti] OR fosamprenavir[ti] OR indinavir[ti] OR lopinavir[ti] OR nelfinavir[ti] OR saquinavir[ti] OR tipranavir[ti] OR ciclopirox[ti] OR lincomycin*[ti] OR 'anti infective*'[ti] OR antibacterial*[ti] OR antimycobacterial*[ti] OR clofazimine[ti] OR dapsone[ti] OR echinocandin[ti] OR anidulafungin[ti] OR caspofungin[ti] OR micafungin[ti] OR aztreonam[ti] OR oseltamivir[ti] OR peramivir[ti] OR zanamivir[ti] OR 'neuraminidase inhibitor*'[ti] OR acyclovir[ti] OR adefovir[ti] OR cidofovir[ti] OR entecavir[ti] OR famciclovir[ti] OR ganciclovir[ti] OR ribavirin[ti] OR telbivudine[ti] OR valacyclovir[ti] OR valganciclovir[ti] OR 'nucleoside inhibitor*'[ti] OR linezolid[ti] OR tedizolid[ti] OR cefdinir[ti] OR cefditoren[ti] OR cefixime[ti] OR cefotaxime[ti] OR cefpodoxime[ti] OR ceftazidime[ti] OR avibactam[ti] OR ceftibuten[ti] OR ceftolozane[ti] OR tazobactam[ti] OR ceftriaxone[ti] OR 'co trimoxazole'[ti] OR sulfadiazine[ti] OR sulfasalazine[ti] OR sulfonamide*[ti] OR cefaclor[ti] OR cefprozil[ti] OR cefuroxime[ti] OR rifamycin*[ti] OR rifaximin[ti] OR flucytosine[ti] OR colistimethate[ti] OR monobactam*[ti] OR nystatin[ti] OR penicillin*[ti] OR dicloxacillin[ti] OR nafcillin[ti] OR oxacillin[ti] OR azithromycin[ti] OR clarithromycin[ti] OR fidaxomicin[ti]

'antiinfective agent'/exp  OR antibact*:ti OR 'anti bacterial':ti OR antimicrob*:ti OR 'anti microbial':ti OR antibiot*:ti OR 'anti biotic':ti OR antivir*:ti OR 'anti viral':ti OR antifung*:ti OR 'anti fungal':ti OR antipara*:ti OR amphotericin:ti OR 'anti parasit*':ti OR 'anti viral*':ti OR amantadine:ti OR rimantadine:ti OR adamantanes:ti OR amebicides:ti OR iodoquinol:ti OR paromomycin:ti OR aminoglycosides:ti OR amikacin:ti OR kanamycin:ti OR streptomycin:ti OR aminopenicillin*:ti OR amoxicillin:ti OR ampicillin:ti OR augmentin:ti OR sulbactam:ti OR anthelmintic*:ti OR albendazole:ti OR ivermectin:ti OR mebendazole:ti OR praziquantel:ti OR pyrantel:ti OR bacitracin:ti OR besifloxacin:ti OR ciprofloxacin:ti OR doxycycline:ti OR erythromycin:ti OR gatifloxacin:ti OR levofloxacin:ti OR minocycline:ti OR moxifloxacin:ti OR ofloxacin:ti OR polymyxin:ti OR sulfacetamide:ti OR tobramycin:ti OR clindamycin:ti OR gentamicin:ti OR mupirocin:ti OR neomycin:ti OR retapamulin:ti OR tetracyclines:ti OR antifungal*:ti OR natamycin:ti OR griseofulvin:ti OR clioquinol:ti OR 'gentian violet':ti OR undecylen*:ti OR 'carbol fuchsin':ti OR antimalarial*:ti OR artemether:ti OR lumefantrine:ti OR atovaquone:ti OR proguanil:ti OR chloroquine:ti OR hydroxychloroquine:ti OR mefloquine:ti OR primaquine:ti OR pyrimethamine:ti OR quinine:ti OR antiprotozoal*:ti OR metronidazole:ti OR miltefosine:ti OR nitazoxanide:ti OR pentamidine:ti OR tinidazole:ti OR antiretroviral*:ti OR antituberculosis:ti OR aminosalicylic:ti OR bedaquiline:ti OR capreomycin:ti OR cycloserine:ti OR ethambutol:ti OR ethionamide:ti OR isoniazid:ti OR pyrazinamide:ti OR rifabutin:ti OR rifampin:ti OR rifapentine:ti OR antiviral*:ti OR trifluridine:ti OR docosanol:ti OR penciclovir:ti OR foscarnet:ti OR azoles:ti OR fluconazole:ti OR isavuconazonium:ti OR itraconazole:ti OR posaconazole:ti OR voriconazole:ti OR clotrimazole:ti OR econazole:ti OR efinaconazole:ti OR ketoconazole:ti OR luliconazole:ti OR miconazole:ti OR oxiconazole:ti OR sertaconazole:ti OR sulconazole:ti OR terconazole:ti OR tioconazole:ti OR butoconazole:ti OR carbapenem*:ti OR doripenem:ti OR ertapenem:ti OR imipenem:ti OR cilastatin:ti OR meropenem:ti OR cephalosporin*:ti OR cephamycin*:ti OR chloramphenicol:ti OR cefotetan:ti OR cefoxitin:ti OR ceftaroline:ti OR cefadroxil:ti OR cefazolin:ti OR cephalexin:ti OR cefepime:ti OR 'polymerase inhibitor*':ti OR simeprevir:ti OR 'protease inhibitor*':ti OR 'replication inhibitor*':ti OR daclatasvir:ti OR ledipasvir:ti OR sofosbuvir:ti OR ombitasvir:ti OR paritaprevir:ti OR ritonavir:ti OR dasabuvir:ti OR enfuvirtide:ti OR maraviroc:ti OR dolutegravir:ti OR elvitegravir:ti OR cobicistat:ti OR raltegravir:ti OR 'integrase inhibitor*':ti OR delavirdine:ti OR efavirenz:ti OR etravirine:ti OR nevirapine:ti OR rilpivirine:ti OR 'reverse transcriptase inhibitor*':ti OR abacavir:ti OR didanosine:ti OR emtricitabine:ti OR lamivudine:ti OR stavudine:ti OR tenofovir:ti OR zidovudine:ti OR atazanavir:ti OR darunavir:ti OR fosamprenavir:ti OR indinavir:ti OR lopinavir:ti OR nelfinavir:ti OR saquinavir:ti OR tipranavir:ti OR ciclopirox:ti OR lincomycin*:ti OR 'anti infective*':ti OR antibacterial*:ti OR antimycobacterial*:ti OR clofazimine:ti OR dapsone:ti OR echinocandin:ti OR anidulafungin:ti OR caspofungin:ti OR micafungin:ti OR aztreonam:ti OR oseltamivir:ti OR peramivir:ti OR zanamivir:ti OR 'neuraminidase inhibitor*':ti OR acyclovir:ti OR adefovir:ti OR cidofovir:ti OR entecavir:ti OR famciclovir:ti OR ganciclovir:ti OR ribavirin:ti OR telbivudine:ti OR valacyclovir:ti OR valganciclovir:ti OR 'nucleoside inhibitor*':ti OR linezolid:ti OR tedizolid:ti OR cefdinir:ti OR cefditoren:ti OR cefixime:ti OR cefotaxime:ti OR cefpodoxime:ti OR ceftazidime:ti OR avibactam:ti OR ceftibuten:ti OR ceftolozane:ti OR tazobactam:ti OR ceftriaxone:ti OR 'co trimoxazole':ti OR sulfadiazine:ti OR sulfasalazine:ti OR sulfonamide*:ti OR cefaclor:ti OR cefprozil:ti OR cefuroxime:ti OR rifamycin*:ti OR rifaximin:ti OR flucytosine:ti OR colistimethate:ti OR monobactam*:ti OR nystatin:ti OR penicillin*:ti OR dicloxacillin:ti OR nafcillin:ti OR oxacillin:ti OR azithromycin:ti OR clarithromycin:ti OR fidaxomicin:ti