Monday, March 17, 2014


("procalcitonin" [Supplementary Concept] OR 56645-65-9 OR procalcitonin OR pro-calcitonin OR "calcitonin precursor" OR ((cgrp1 OR calca OR calc1) AND (protein OR proteins)))

Tuesday, February 11, 2014

thalidomide, lenalidomide, pomalidomide (the -lidomides)

(thalidomide OR thalidomid* OR 2-Phthalimidoglutarimide OR 50-35-1 OR E-217 OR K-17  OR E217 OR K17 OR NSC66847 OR "E 217" OR "K 17"  OR  Inmunoprin OR Oncothal OR Thalix OR  Thaled OR  Talizer OR Talidex OR Lenalidomide OR 191732-72-6 OR IMiD-3 OR IMiD3  OR "IMiD 3"   OR CC-5013 OR CDC-501  OR CC5013 OR CDC501 OR CDC5013 OR "CC 5013" OR "CDC 501"  OR "ENMD 0997" OR  Lenalidomid* OR Ladevina OR Revlimid OR Lenangio OR Lenid OR Mydolen OR Pomalidomide OR CC-4047 OR CC4047 OR "CC 4047" OR Pomalidomid* OR Pomalyst) 

The following hyphenated and multi-word terms were "not found" by PubMed and were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results.
"NSC 66847"

"CDC 5013"

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

hospital size -- keywords

Another first attempt:
("hospital volume" OR "hospital volumes" OR "Hospital size" OR "hospital sizes" OR "center size" OR "center sizes" OR "centre size" OR "centre sizes" OR "bed size" OR "bed sizes" OR "case load" OR "case loads" OR caseload* OR "patient volume" OR "patient volumes" OR "case volume" OR "case volumes" ) 

mourning/burial/death rites/customs

The following is a first try at this search topic.  As always feel free to send me comments:
(mourn*[ti] OR grief[ti] OR griev*[ti] OR death*[ti] OR burial*[ti] OR funeral*[ti] OR funerary[ti] OR cremat*[ti] OR mortuar*[ti] OR undertaker*[ti] OR embalm*[ti] OR mummif*[ti] OR tomb*[ti] OR entomb*[ti] OR mausoleum*[ti] OR inter[ti] OR interred[ti] OR interring[ti] OR inters[ti] OR obituar*[ti] OR memorial*[ti] OR eulog*[ti] OR bereav*[ti] OR shroud*[ti] OR casket*[ti] OR shiva[ti] OR wake[ti] OR wakes[ti]) AND (shiva[ti] OR custom*[ti] OR rite*[ti] OR culture[ti] OR cultural[ti] OR ethnic*[ti]) NOT (“cell culture” OR "tissue culture" OR "culture medium" OR co-culture OR "organ culture" OR "Culture Techniques"[mesh])

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Y-stents (used in tracheobronchial repairs) - keywords

Another first attempt.  

("y-stent" OR "y stent" OR "dumon stent" OR "y-stents" OR "y stents" OR "dumon stents") 

polite/impolite behavior -- keywords

The following is a first stab at this search.  Suggestions, as always, are welcome.

polite* OR  respect* OR courtes* OR courteous* OR courtliness OR civilit* OR civil OR gracious* OR manners OR mannerliness OR correctness OR correctitude OR seemliness OR seemly OR decency OR decencies OR niceties OR nicety OR elegance OR elegancies OR modest* OR etiquette OR formal* OR informal* OR soothing OR soothe OR dignity OR autonom* OR empower* OR "social conventions" OR "proper behavior" OR comport* OR conduct* OR demeanor OR decorum OR propriety OR refinement OR "social graces" OR "social code" OR "social codes" OR "good citizenship" OR "good form" OR mores OR nonantag* OR antagon* OR discourt* OR rude OR incivil* OR impolit* OR immodest* OR crude* OR impropriety OR snob* OR sarcastic OR snub* OR arrogan* OR belitt* OR demean* OR depersonal* OR disrespect* OR rush* OR misbehav* 

Monday, November 25, 2013

Support hose -- keywords

(support OR compression[tiab]  OR compressive OR pressure OR pressure-gradient OR elastic* OR jobst OR TED OR anti-thrombo* OR antithrombo* OR antiembol* OR anti-embol* OR embolism* OR embolic OR thrombosis OR thromboses OR thrombotic OR DVT OR thromboembol* OR PE[tiab] ) AND (stocking OR stockings OR hose OR hosiery OR "knee high" OR "knee highs" OR "thigh high"[tiab] OR "thigh highs"[tiab] OR knee-high* OR thigh-high*[tiab])