Friday, August 12, 2011

minimum inhibitory concentration (MIC) -- keywords and MeSH

(MIC OR "Minimum inhibitory concentration" OR "minimum-inhibitory concentration" OR "Minimum inhibitory concentrations" OR "minimum-inhibitory concentrations" OR "Minimal inhibitory concentration" OR "minimal-inhibitory concentration" OR "Minimal inhibitory concentrations" OR "minimal-inhibitory concentrations" OR MICs OR "microbial sensitivity test" OR "microbial sensitivity tests" OR "microbial-sensitivity test" OR "microbial sensitivity test" OR "Antimicrobial Susceptibility" OR "Drug Sensitivity Assay" OR "Drug Sensitivity Assays" OR Antibiogram* OR "bacterial sensitivity test" OR "bacterial-sensitivity test" OR "bacterial sensitivity tests" OR "bacterial-sensitivity tests" OR "Microbial Sensitivity Tests"[Mesh] OR "Inhibitory Concentration 50"[Mesh]) 

8/29/14 - The strategy above has been revised .  Many thanks to Jean-Dominique Pierret, Ph.D.  who suggested that I OR in --
"Minimal inhibitory concentration" OR "minimal-inhibitory concentration" OR "Minimal inhibitory concentrations" OR "minimal-inhibitory concentrations"

vancomycin -- keywords and MeSH

Vancomycin* OR Vancomicin* OR Vankomycin* OR Vankomysiin* OR Vanco OR Vankomicin* OR Vankomisin* OR Wankomycyn* OR Balcoran OR Fabomicina OR Icoplax OR Kovan OR Vamysin OR Vancogram OR Vancomax OR Vanconorth OR Varedet OR Amplobac OR Biovancomin OR Copovan OR Diatracin OR Edicin OR Estavam OR Farmaciclin OR Glipep OR Ifavac OR Levovanox OR Lyphocin OR Maxivanil OR Orivan OR Rivervan OR Vacsol OR Vagran OR Vakocil OR Vamistol OR Vanaurus OR Vancam OR Vancep OR Vancin OR Vancin* OR Vanclomin OR Vancoabbott OR Vancobehr OR Vancocid OR Vancocin* OR Vancocina OR Vancocine OR Vancogen OR Vancoled OR Vancolon OR Vancomabol OR Vancoplus OR Vancor OR Vancorin OR Vancorus OR Vanco-saar OR Vancosan OR Vancoscand OR Vancoson OR Vancotenk OR Vancotex OR Vancotrat OR Vancox OR Vanlid OR Vanmicina OR Vanosyn OR Voncon OR Vondem OR Voxin Vianex OR Zengac OR "Vancomycin"[Mesh] OR "Vancomycin Resistance"[Mesh] OR "vancomycin B" [Supplementary Concept]

Thursday, August 11, 2011

surface wrinkling retinopathy -- keywords and MeSH

Based on several opthalmologists websites, the keywords in the following search statement appear to be synonyms.   "Epiretinal Membrane"[mesh] is not the only subject heading that has been used for this condition but is the most specific.

"Epiretinal Membrane"[Mesh] OR "epiretinal membrane" OR "surface wrinkling retinopathy" OR "cellophane retinopathy"[tiab] OR "internal limiting membrane disease"[tiab] OR "macular pucker"

Monday, August 8, 2011

radiology/radiation -- keywords

"radiation science" OR "radiation technology" OR "radiation technologist" OR "radiation technologists" OR radiologist* OR "radiologic technologist" OR "radiologic technology" OR "radiologic technologists" OR radiology  OR radiation OR radiology OR radiologic OR irradiation OR irradiat* OR isotopes OR isotope OR isotopic OR x-ray OR ultrasound OR sonogra* OR ultrasonogra* OR CT OR tomogra* OR "nuclear medicine" OR absorptiometr* OR angiogra* OR arthrogra* OR cineradiogra* OR electrokymogra* OR fluoroscop* OR hysterosalpingogra* OR lymphogra* OR mammogra* OR xeromammogra* OR neuroradiogra* OR ventriculogra* OR echoencephalogra* OR myelogra* OR pneumoencephalogra* OR pneumoradiogra* OR "image enhancement" OR "digital subtraction" OR "image interpretation" OR cholangiogra* OR cholecystogra* OR defecogra* OR portogra* OR bitewing* OR sialogra* OR bronchogra* OR "age determination" OR "age determinations" OR urogra* OR xeroradiogra*  OR ((skeleton* OR skeletal*) AND ("sex determination" OR "sex determinations")) OR dosimetr* OR positron OR rad OR rads OR gy OR ionizing OR nonionizing OR "alpha particles" OR "alpha rays" OR "beta particles" OR "beta rays" OR "gamma rays" OR x-rays OR terahertz OR electromagnetic

granulomatous myringitis -- keywords

"myringitis granulosa" OR "polypoid myringitis" OR "granular myringitis" OR "granular tympanitis" OR "granulomatous tympanitis" OR "granulomatous myringitis" OR "Granulating myringitis" OR "Granulomatous otitis externa" OR "chronic myringitis" OR "tympanic membrane epithelitis"