Tuesday, August 18, 2009

angiotensin converting enzyme inhibitors -- keywords and MeSH

("Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors"[Mesh] OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors "[Pharmacological Action] OR "Captopril"[Mesh] OR "benazepril "[Substance Name] OR "Enalapril"[Mesh] OR "Enalaprilat"[Mesh] OR "Fosinopril"[Mesh] OR "Lisinopril"[Mesh] OR "moexipril "[Substance Name] OR "Perindopril"[Mesh] OR "quinapril "[Substance Name] OR "Ramipril"[Mesh] OR "trandolapril "[Substance Name] OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitor" OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme Inhibitors" OR "Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitor" OR "Angiotensin Converting Enzyme Inhibitors" OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme-Inhibitor" OR "Angiotensin-Converting Enzyme-Inhibitors" OR "ACE inhibitor" OR "ACE inhibitors" OR ACEI OR Acovil OR Benazepril OR Captopril OR Enalaprilat OR nalapril OR Fosinopril OR Hiperlex OR Lisinopril OR Monopril OR Moexipril OR Perindopril OR Quinapril OR Ramipril OR Trandolapril OR Aceon OR Accupril OR Altace OR benazapril OR benzazepril OR Briem OR Capoten OR Capozide OR Carasel OR Cibacène OR Cibacen OR Delix OR Dynacil OR Enalapril* OR Erbumine OR Fempress OR fosinorm OR Fositens OR Fosinil OR Fozitec OR Gopten OR Labopal OR Lopirin OR Lotensin OR Lotrel OR Lysinopril OR Mavik OR Moex OR Monopril OR Newace OR " Pres iv" OR Perdix OR Perstarium OR Prinivil OR Ramace OR Renitec OR Renitek OR staril OR Tenso OR Tensocardil OR Triatec OR Tritace OR Udrik OR Univasc OR Zabien OR Univasc OR Uniretic OR Vasotek OR Vasotec OR Vesdil OR Zestril OR Xanef)

ORing in the following investigational names may be helpful. However, I had some problems with a search statement that included these (a multi-concept search that included investigational names retrieved fewer results than a search statement without these OR'd in). I haven't figured out the problem yet.

"CGS-14824-A" OR "CGS-14824A" OR "CGS 14824A" OR "CGS 14824-A" OR "CGS14824A" OR "CI 906" OR "CI-906" OR CI906 OR "HOE-498" OR "HOE 498" OR HOE498 OR "L-154826" OR "L 154826" OR L154826 OR "MK-421" OR "MK 421" OR MK421 OR "MK-422" OR "MK 422" OR MK422 OR "MK-521" OR "MK 521" OR MK521 OR "PD 109452-2" OR "PD-109,452-2" OR "S-9490-3" OR "S 9490-3" OR "McN-A-2833-109" OR "RS 10085" OR "RS-10085" OR RS10085 OR "RU 44570" OR RU44570 OR "RU-44570" OR "S-9490" OR "S 9490" OR S9490 OR "S 9490-3" OR "S 9490 3" OR "S 94903" OR "SCH 31846" OR "SCH-31846" OR SCH31846 OR SQ-14,534 "SQ 14,534" OR "SQ14,534" "SQ-14534" OR "SQ 14534" OR SQ14534 "SQ-14,225" OR "SQ 14,225" OR "SQ14,225" OR "SQ-14225" OR "SQ 14225" OR SQ14225 OR "SQ-28,555" OR "SQ 28,555" OR "SQ28,555" OR "SQ-28555" OR "SQ 28555" OR SQ28555