Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tobacco, alcoholic beverage, illegal drug use -- keywords

(Tobacco* OR Smoking OR smoke OR smokes OR smoked OR Cigarette* OR cigar OR cigars OR snuff OR "substance abuse" OR "substance use" OR addict OR addicts OR addicted OR addicting OR addictive OR ethanol OR Alcohol OR alcohol-related OR alcoholic* OR alcoholism OR alcopop* OR beer OR wine OR beers OR liquor* OR bourbon* OR vodka* OR whiskey OR whiskies OR gin OR gins OR drunk OR drunks OR “binge drinking” OR “drinking binge” OR “drinking binges” OR blackout OR “Inhalant abuse” OR ((volatile OR aromatic) AND (inhal* OR abus*)) OR Huff OR huffing OR snorting OR snort OR snorted OR snorts OR free-base OR free-based OR free-basing OR “drug dealer” OR “drug dealers” OR pusher OR pushers OR Crack OR Cannabis OR marijuana OR reefer OR Hash OR Hashish OR “magic mushroom” OR “magic mushrooms” OR PCP OR phencyclidine OR “designer drug” OR “designer drugs” OR Meth OR Methamphetamine OR uppers OR “Angel dust” OR Ecstasy OR mdma OR Opium OR hookah OR “water pipe” OR “water pipes” OR “drug paraphernalia” OR Hallucinogen* OR lsd OR “lysergic acid” OR downer OR downers OR “street drug” OR “street drugs” OR ((Cocaine OR amphetamine* OR Opiate* OR Narcotic* OR codeine OR hydrocodone OR vicodin OR hydromorphone OR dilaudid OR oxycontin* OR oxycodone OR percocet OR Demerol OR meperidine OR methadone OR tramadol OR fentanyl OR morphine OR barbiturate* OR amobarb* OR secobarb* OR pentobarb* OR tranquilizer* OR “sleeping pill” OR “sleeping pills” OR benzodiazepine* OR Alprazolam OR Anthramycin OR Bromazepam OR Clonazepam OR Devazepide OR Diazepam OR valium OR Flumazenil OR Flunitrazepam OR Flurazepam OR Lorazepam OR Nitrazepam OR Oxazepam OR Pirenzepine OR Prazepam OR Temazepam OR Chlordiazepoxide OR Clorazepate OR Estazolam OR Medazepam OR Midazolam OR Triazolam ) AND (pusher* OR dealer* OR illegal OR stolen OR steal OR steals OR stealing OR stole OR habit OR habitual OR habit-forming OR abuse OR arrest* OR detention* OR prison* OR jail* OR recreational OR nonmedical OR non-medical OR covert OR hide OR hiding OR hidden OR hides OR hid OR withdrawal OR confiscate* OR stash )) )