Wednesday, August 25, 2010

water (environmental water) -- keyword and MeSH

("ground water"[tiab] OR "water table"[tiab] OR "well water"[tiab] OR "city water"[tiab] OR "water supply"[tiab] OR river*[tiab] OR lake*[tiab] OR groundwater[tiab] OR "ground water"[tiab] OR leach[tiab] OR leaches[tiab] OR leached[tiab] OR leaching[tiab] OR leachate*[tiab] OR catchment OR basin[tiab] OR sewer[tiab] OR sludge[tiab] OR "grey water" OR "gray water" OR wastewater*[tiab] OR creek*[tiab] OR estuar*[tiab] OR gulf[tiab] OR gulfs[tiab] OR ocean*[tiab] OR ((water OR waters) AND (canal[tiab] OR canals[tiab])) OR inlet[tiab] OR inlets[tiab] OR pond[tiab] OR ponds[tiab] OR sewage[tiab] OR sewer*[tiab] OR sea[tiab] OR seas[tiab] OR rain[tiab] OR rains[tiab] OR rainwater*[tiab] OR "surface water" OR "surface waters" OR snow[tiab] OR snows[tiab] OR "Water Pollution"[Mesh] OR "Water Purification"[Mesh] OR "Water Supply"[Mesh] OR "Water Pollutants"[Mesh] OR "Water Microbiology"[Mesh] OR "Fresh Water"[Mesh] OR freshwater*)

consider ORing in the following:
("Geologic Sediments"[Mesh] OR sediment* OR biota* OR biotum[tiab] NOT ("erythrocyte sedimentation rate" OR "urinary sediment" OR "urinary sedimentation"))