Wednesday, August 29, 2012

mold, fungus, yeast --keyword and MeSH

("Fungi"[Mesh] OR "Mycoses"[Mesh] OR "Mycotoxicosis"[MeSH] OR "Lung Diseases, Fungal"[Mesh] OR "mycotoxins"[mesh] OR ascomyc* OR angiospor* OR Absidi* OR Acremon* OR aflatoxin* OR Agaric* OR Agrocyb* OR Allomyc* OR Amanit* OR Apansporoblastin* OR Amblyospor* OR Antrodi* OR Arthrodermat* OR Armillari* OR Alternaria OR Alternario* OR ascus OR aspergill* OR Basidiomyc* OR Beauveria OR Brettanomyc* OR Blastocladi* OR blastomyc* OR Botrytis OR Brettanomyc* OR Byssochlamy* OR candida OR Candidemi* OR candidaemi* OR candidias* OR Chaetom* OR Chromoblastomyc* OR Chrysospor* OR Chytridiomyc* OR Cladospor* OR Clavicep* OR Coccidioid* OR Colletotrich* OR Coelomomyc* OR Conidi* OR Coprin* OR Cordycep* OR Coriolac* OR Cortinari* OR cryptococc* OR Cunninghamell* OR Debaromyc* OR Dekkera OR Dipodasc* OR Duddington* OR Cyath* OR Dermatomyc* OR Emericell* OR encephalitozoon OR Enterocytozoon OR Endomyc* OR Entomophthor* OR Eremothec* OR Eupenicill* OR Epichlo* OR Epidermophyt* OR Exophial* OR Encephalitozoono* OR Entomophthoral* OR Ergotis* OR Euroti* OR Fungemi* OR fungaemi* OR fungus[tiab] OR fungi[tiab] OR fungal[tiab] OR fusar*[TIAB] OR Fusario* OR Flammulin* OR Ganoderm* OR Geotrich* OR Gibberell* OR Glioclad* OR Glugea OR Glomeromyc* OR Grifol* OR helohani* OR Histoplasmo* OR Hyalohyphomyco* OR Hypocreal* OR Hanseniaspor* OR Hebelom* OR Helminthospor* OR Histoplasm* OR Hypocrea OR Kloecker* OR Kluyveromyc* OR Lichens OR Lobomyco* OR Lacazi* OR Laccari* OR Lentinul* OR Lipomyc* OR Loma[tiab] OR Madur*[tiab] OR Malassezi* OR Marasmi* OR Metarhiz* OR Microspor* OR Metschnikowi* OR Monasc* OR Mortierell* OR Mucor OR Mycorrhiz* OR Microspor* OR Mitospor* OR mold OR molds OR mould[tiab] OR moulds[tiab] OR monilia OR Mucoral* OR Mucormyc* OR "Mushroom Poisoning" OR mycoses OR Onygenal* OR Ophiostomatal* OR Otomyco* OR Paracoccidioidomyco* OR phaeohyphomyco* OR Piedra OR Pneumocyst* OR Pseudallesch* OR Phyllachoral* OR rhizopus OR Magnaporth* OR microfung* OR monilia* OR mycet* OR mycotox* OR mycolog* OR Paracoccidioidomyc* OR Phaeohyphomyc* OR Pityriasis OR phycomyco* OR Paecilomyc* OR Pansporablastin* OR Paracoccidioid* OR Penicillium OR Phialophor* OR Pholiot* OR Phycomyc* OR Pichi* OR Pleurot* OR Pleistophor* OR Podospor* OR Polyporac* OR Phaneroch* OR Polyporus OR Poria OR Psilocyb* OR Pycnoporus OR Pyriculari* OR Piromyc* OR mycel* OR mycosis OR mycoses OR mycotic OR Nectria OR Neocallimastigomyc* OR Neocallimastigal* OR Neosartor* OR Neotyphod* OR Neurospor* OR Nosem* OR Ophiostom* OR Pneumocystis OR Polyporal* OR Rhizoctoni* OR Rhizomucor* OR Reishi OR Rhizopus OR Rhodotorul* OR Schizophyll* OR saccharo* OR Scedospor* OR Scopulariop* OR Schizosaccharomyc* OR Sporothrix OR Stachybotrys OR Sordarial* OR Sporotricho* OR Talaromyc* OR Thermoasc* OR Torulaspor* OR Neocallimast* OR Tramet* OR Tricholom* OR Trichospor* OR Termitomyc* OR Trichoderm* OR Trichophyt* OR Trichospor* OR tinea OR ringworm* OR "athelete's foot" OR Trichosporono* OR Usnea* OR Ustilaginal* OR Ustilago OR Vittaform* OR Volvariell* OR Verticill* OR Xylarial* OR Williops* OR Yarrowi* OR yeast* OR Zygomyco* )

This is a first stab at this search.  It's composed primarily of terms from the medical subject heading trees.   It is also a portion of a 5 part "all infections" search.