Monday, April 29, 2013

Bowel prep for colonoscopy -- keywords and MeSH

I'm posting this strategy because I don't want to have to start from scratch in the future.  It's a first attempt based on just a couple hours work.  In this case, I intended to err on the side of specificity rather than sensitivity; I wasn't working on a systematic review.  Most results retrieved are relevant, but some relevant results are almost certainly missed.

("antifoaming agents"[mesh] OR "bisacodyl"[mesh] OR "cathartics"[mesh] OR "citric acid"[mesh] OR "enema"[mesh] OR "electrolytes/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "electrolytes/diagnostic use"[mesh] OR "fasting"[mesh] OR "isotonic solutions/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "magnesium sulfate"[mesh] OR "magnesium oxide"[mesh] OR "organometallic compounds"[mesh] OR "phosphates/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "phosphates/therapeutic use"[mesh] OR "picolines"[mesh] OR "Preoperative Care/methods"[mesh] OR "plant oils"[mesh] OR "polyethylene glycols"[mesh] OR "propylamines/therapeutic use"[mesh] OR "simethicone"[mesh] OR "solvents"[mesh] OR "sulfates/administration and dosage"[mesh] OR "therapeutic irrigation"[mesh] OR bisacodyl[ti] OR "bowel cleansing"[ti] OR cathartic*[ti] OR clean[ti] OR cleans[ti] OR cleaning[ti] OR cleaned[ti] OR cleanse[ti] OR cleanses[ti] OR cleansed[ti] OR cleansing[ti] OR "cleaning device"[ti] OR "cleaning devices"[ti] OR "colon cleansing"[ti] OR "colonic cleansing"[ti] OR enema*[ti] OR gatorade[ti] OR golytely[ti] OR klean-prep[ti] OR laxative*[ti] OR magnesium[ti] OR MedJet[ti] OR miralax*[ti] OR moviprep[ti] OR PEG[ti] OR "PEG+ASC"[ti] OR "PEG-asc"[ti] OR "PEG-ELS"[ti] OR "PEG-EA" [ti] OR "polyethylene glycol"[ti] OR "polyethylene glycols"[ti] OR prep[ti] OR preparation[ti] OR preps[ti] OR preparations[ti] OR prokinetic*[ti] OR saline[ti] OR senna[ti] OR sennoside*[ti] OR spasmolytic[ti] OR phosphate[ti] OR phosphates[ti] OR phospho-soda*[ti] OR "olive oil"[ti] OR pico-salax[ti] OR picolax[ti] OR picosulphate*[ti] sulfate*[ti] OR NPO[ti] OR "nothing by mouth"[ti] OR "liquid diet"[ti] OR "liquid diets"[ti] OR "clear liquids"[ti] OR fasting[ti]) AND (colonoscop*[ti] OR "colonoscopy "[majr] OR precolonoscop*[ti] OR pre-colonoscop*[ti])