Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Magnesium Sulfate -- keywords

The names for magnesium sulfate were derived from Martindale:  The Complete Drug Reference via LexiComp.    Only the single-ingredient preparations are included.  The brand names listed in Martindale's were checked to see if they were listed as corresponding to magnesium sulfate, a different magneisum salt or elemental magnesium.  Only those brand names listed as being a single-ingredient, magnesium sulfate preparation are included in the keyword search below.

((magnes* OR magnez* OR magnio) AND (sulphat* OR sulfat* OR siarczan )) OR magnezium-szulfat OR OR 7487-88-9 OR 10034-99-8 OR  magnesium-sul* OR magnesiumsulf* OR mgso* OR 518[tiab] OR Conducat OR  Cormagnesin OR Kest OR Magfifty OR Magnefusin OR Magneon OR Magnesulf OR Magnoston OR “Mg 10%” OR Spasmag OR Sulmetin  OR Epsom*[tiab] OR Laxeerzout OR Maglax

The following multi-word names for magnesium sulfate were "not found" by PubMed and were removed as they could cause retrieval of irrelevant results:

“sal amarum” OR “sel anglais” OR “sel de seditz” OR “siran horecnaty” OR ”FX Passage” OR “Ifupeptol Magnesiado” OR “Lasar mono” OR “Magnesium Tonil” OR “Mg 5-Sulfat” OR “Pansement Mag” OR “Retterspitz Abfuhrpulver” OR “Retterspitz Darmreinigungspulver ST” OR “Sal Amargo Purificado” OR “Tian Jia Yuan” OR “SB Laxative Mixture”