Saturday, February 11, 2017

United States

I'm often asked to find studies concerning U.S-based populations.  I was asked for such research again this week.  This time, the results did not need to concern nation-level statistics/estimates or nation-wide populations.  Since it is unusual for non-U.S.-based authors to focus on the U.S., a lot of irrelevant results were removed by restricting to a US subject heading and/or a US author address.  It's obviously not a  perfect approach ( U.S.-based authors do research conditions in other nations and non-U.S. authors compare the U.S. to other nations).

"united states"[mesh] OR USA[ad] OR usa[ad] OR al[ad] OR ak[ad] OR as[ad] OR az[ad] OR ar[ad] OR ca[ad] OR co[ad] OR ct[ad] OR de[ad] OR dc[ad] OR fl[ad] OR ga[ad] OR gu[ad] OR hi[ad] OR id[ad] OR il[ad] OR in[ad] OR ia[ad] OR ks[ad] OR ky[ad] OR la[ad] OR me[ad] OR md[ad] OR mh[ad] OR ma[ad] OR mi[ad] OR fm[ad] OR mn[ad] OR ms[ad] OR mo[ad] OR mt[ad] OR ne[ad] OR nv[ad] OR nh[ad] OR nj[ad] OR nm[ad] OR ny[ad] OR nc[ad] OR nd[ad] OR mp[ad] OR oh[ad] OR ok[ad] OR pw[ad] OR pa[ad] OR pr[ad] OR ri[ad] OR sc[ad] OR sd[ad] OR tn[ad] OR tx[ad] OR ut[ad] OR vt[ad] OR va[ad] OR vi[ad] OR wa[ad] OR wv[ad] OR wi[ad] OR wy[ad] OR portland[ad] OR eugene[ad] OR corvallis[ad] OR salem[ad] OR Alabama[ad] OR Alaska[ad] OR Arizona[ad] OR Arkansas[ad] OR California[ad] OR Colorado[ad] OR Connecticut[ad] OR Delaware[ad] OR Florida[ad] OR Georgia[ad] OR Hawaii[ad] OR Idaho[ad] OR Illinois[ad] OR Indiana[ad] OR Iowa[ad] OR Kansas[ad] OR Kentucky[ad] OR Louisiana[ad] OR Maine[ad] OR Maryland[ad] OR Massachusetts[ad] OR Michigan[ad] OR Minnesota[ad] OR Mississippi[ad] OR Missouri[ad] OR Montana[ad] OR Nebraska[ad] OR Nevada[ad] OR New Hampshire[ad] OR New Jersey[ad] OR New Mexico[ad] OR New York[ad] OR North Carolina[ad] OR North Dakota[ad] OR Ohio[ad] OR Oklahoma[ad] OR Oregon[ad] OR Pennsylvania[ad] OR Rhode Island[ad] OR South Carolina[ad] OR South Dakota[ad] OR Tennessee[ad] OR Texas[ad] OR Utah[ad] OR Vermont[ad] OR Virginia[ad] OR Washington[ad] OR West Virginia[ad] OR Wisconsin[ad] OR Wyoming[ad] 

'united states'/exp OR usa:ad OR al:ad OR ak:ad OR as:ad OR az:ad OR ar:ad OR ca:ad OR co:ad OR ct:ad OR de:ad OR dc:ad OR fl:ad OR ga:ad OR gu:ad OR hi:ad OR id:ad OR il:ad OR in:ad OR ia:ad OR ks:ad OR ky:ad OR la:ad OR me:ad OR md:ad OR mh:ad OR ma:ad OR mi:ad OR fm:ad OR mn:ad OR ms:ad OR mo:ad OR mt:ad OR ne:ad OR nv:ad OR nh:ad OR nj:ad OR nm:ad OR ny:ad OR nc:ad OR nd:ad OR mp:ad OR oh:ad OR ok:ad OR pw:ad OR pa:ad OR pr:ad OR ri:ad OR sc:ad OR sd:ad OR tn:ad OR tx:ad OR ut:ad OR vt:ad OR va:ad OR vi:ad OR wa:ad OR wv:ad OR wi:ad OR wy:ad OR portland:ad OR eugene:ad OR corvallis:ad OR salem:ad OR Alabama:ad OR Alaska:ad OR Arizona:ad OR Arkansas:ad OR California:ad OR Colorado:ad OR Connecticut:ad OR Delaware:ad OR Florida:ad OR Georgia:ad OR Hawaii:ad OR Idaho:ad OR Illinois:ad OR Indiana:ad OR Iowa:ad OR Kansas:ad OR Kentucky:ad OR Louisiana:ad OR Maine:ad OR Maryland:ad OR Massachusetts:ad OR Michigan:ad OR Minnesota:ad OR Mississippi:ad OR Missouri:ad OR Montana:ad OR Nebraska:ad OR Nevada:ad OR New Hampshire:ad OR New Jersey:ad OR New Mexico:ad OR New York:ad OR North Carolina:ad OR North Dakota:ad OR Ohio:ad OR Oklahoma:ad OR Oregon:ad OR Pennsylvania:ad OR Rhode Island:ad OR South Carolina:ad OR South Dakota:ad OR Tennessee:ad OR Texas:ad OR Utah:ad OR Vermont:ad OR Virginia:ad OR Washington:ad OR West Virginia:ad OR Wisconsin:ad OR Wyoming:ad