Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Forensic -- keywords

(forensic OR medicolegal OR medico-legal OR medical-legal OR coroner* OR "medical examiner" OR "medical examiners" OR “law enforcement” OR FBI OR "federal bureau of investigation" OR CIA OR "central intelligence agency" OR detective* OR jury OR juries OR court OR courts OR prosecut* OR plaintiff* OR judicial OR testimony OR jurisprudence OR legal OR evidentiary OR admissible OR admissibility OR convict OR convicts OR criminal* OR illegal OR unlawful OR victim* OR arson OR arsonist* OR defraud* OR Fraud OR fraudulent OR stolen OR "breaking and entering" OR burgler* OR murderer* OR murder OR murders OR murdered OR murdering OR manslaughter* OR Homicide* OR Infanticide* OR fratricide* OR genocide* OR patricide* OR matricide* OR suicid* OR "Sex Offenses" OR "Sex Offense" OR rape OR rapes OR rapist* OR Child Abuse OR Abuser* OR pedophil* OR paedophil* OR sodomy OR sodomize* OR molest* OR assault* OR Mugger* OR mugged OR brutality OR "intentional injury" OR "intentional injuries" OR wounding OR wounded OR wounds[tiab] OR beating* OR stab OR stabbing OR stabs OR stabbed OR impale* OR "knife wound" OR "knife wounds" OR switchblade* OR gun OR guns OR gunned OR gunning OR gunman OR gunmen OR ballistic* OR bullet OR bullets OR "foreign body" OR "foreign bodies" OR rifle* OR shotgun* OR weapon* OR shooter* OR sniper* OR "blunt trauma" OR "penetrating wound" OR "penetrating wounds" OR “train accident” OR “train accidents” OR “bus accident” OR “bus accidents” OR “truck accident” OR “truck accidents” OR "vehicular accident" OR "vehicular accidents" OR "vehicle accident" OR "vehicle accidents" OR "car accident" OR "car accidents" OR "hit and run" OR "hit-and-run" OR crash OR crashed OR crashes OR crashing OR crush OR crushes OR crushed OR crushing OR asphyxia* OR suffocate* OR smother* OR strangle* OR strangulation* OR hanging* OR lynch*[tiab] OR drown OR drowned OR drowning OR drowns OR electrocut* OR exsanguinat* OR eviscerat* OR decapitat* OR Theft* OR thieve* OR thief OR Violence OR violent OR poison* OR Terrorism OR terrorist* OR bomb OR bombed OR bombing OR bombs OR explosive* OR explosion* OR missile* OR projectile* OR crossbow* OR “cross bow” OR “cross bows” OR spear OR spears OR WMD OR weapon* OR munition* OR artillery OR baton* OR “brass knuckles” OR axe OR ax OR machete* OR battery OR battered OR ligature* OR Torture OR torturer* OR Holocaust OR interred OR disinterred OR exhume OR exhumed OR exhumes OR exhuming OR exhumation* OR putrefaction OR Putrefy OR putrefied OR putrefying OR putrefies OR Adipocere OR "rigor mortis" OR "livor mortis" OR lividity OR saponificat* OR liquefact* OR mummificat* OR mummified )