Monday, October 5, 2009

Health Care Workers -- keywords and MeSH

Not all terms in this search statement will be relevant to all searches.  The searcher should, of course, remove all terms not relevant to his/her search. 

Some of the search terms are not specific for to healthcare.  However, when these terms are used in PubMed, most records retrieved concern workers in healthcare institutions.  If one uses the statement below and finds that lots of records concerning workers in non-healthcare situtations are being retrieved, one could then create a compound search term that includes the less specific terms, as in
 ((hospital*[tiab] OR clinic[tiab] OR clinics[tiab] OR inpatient* OR outpatient* OR healthcare OR "health care" OR "longterm care" OR medical ....) AND (worker* OR staff OR personnel[tiab] OR manager* OR administrator* OR supervisor* OR intern* OR interns* OR resident* OR residents* OR technician* OR librarian* OR housekeeper*......))
The compound search term could then be OR'd in with the more specific terms.  

(physician*[tiab] OR doctor*[tiab] OR allopath OR allopaths OR osteopath OR osteopaths OR homeopath OR homeopaths OR practitioner* OR specialist* OR generalist* OR "medical student" OR "medical students" OR "house officer" OR "house officers" OR Resident OR residents OR intern[tiab] OR interns[tiab] OR nurse[tiab] OR nurses[tiab] OR "nursing assistant" OR "nursing assistants" OR "nurse aide" OR "nurses aide" OR "nurse aides" OR "nurses aides" OR orderly OR orderlies OR dietician* OR psychologist* OR counselor* OR therapist* OR pharmacist* OR dentist*[tiab] OR hygeinist* OR phlebotomist* OR chiropracter* OR acupuncturist* OR anaesthesiologist* OR anesthesiologist* OR anaesthetist* OR anesthetist* OR perfusionist* OR surgeon*[tiab] OR pediatrician* OR paediatrician* OR obstetrician* OR gynecologist* OR gynaecologist* OR radiologist* OR sonographer* OR cardiologist* OR gastroenterologist* OR hepatologist* OR endocrinologist* OR diabetologist* OR internist* OR hospitalist* OR intensivist* OR rheumatologist* OR immunologist* OR dermatologist* OR allergist* OR otolaryngologist* OR otorhinolaryngologist* OR oncologist* OR hematologist* OR haematologist* OR orthopedist* OR orthopaedist* OR physiatrist* OR podiatrist* OR technician* OR pathologist* OR diener* OR cytologist* OR cytogeneticist* OR geneticist* OR hematopathologist* OR haematopathologist* OR neurologist* OR neurosurgeon* OR ophthalmologist* OR optician* OR urologist* OR nephrologist* OR pulmonologist* OR neonatologist* OR psychiatrist* OR administrator* OR supervisor* OR receptionist* OR personnel[tiab] OR team OR staff OR worker* OR researcher OR researchers OR librarian* OR informationist* OR housekeeper* OR janitor* OR officer* OR responder* OR paramedic* OR laboratorian* OR coordinator* OR navigator* OR manager* OR attendant* OR cashier OR cashiers OR accountant OR accountants OR "Health Personnel"[Mesh] OR "Education, Medical"[Mesh] OR "Students, Health Occupations"[Mesh])