Friday, April 1, 2011

evaluation, rating-- keywords

This evaluation title word search was designed for use with an agency/institution/department search to find records centered on evaluation of agencies/etc.

(quality[ti] OR evaluat*[ti] OR assess*[ti] OR efficac*[ti] OR effectiv*[ti] OR ineffectiv*[ti] OR success*[ti] OR unsucess*[ti] OR fail*[ti] OR competen*[ti] OR incompeten*[ti] OR accredit*[ti] OR unaccredit*[ti] OR certific*[ti] OR Uncertif*[ti] OR licensed[ti] OR unlicensed[ti] OR un-licensed[ti] OR quality[ti] OR accura*[ti] OR inaccura*[ti] OR outstanding[ti] OR excel*[ti] OR grade[ti] OR grading[ti] OR grades[ti] OR graded[ti] OR rate[ti] OR rates[ti] OR rating[ti] OR rated[ti] OR scor*[ti] OR deficien*[ti] OR adequat*[ti] OR inadequat*[ti] OR poor[ti] OR capacity[ti] OR score[ti] OR scored[ti] OR scoring[ti] OR scores[ti] OR improv*[ti] OR unimprov*[ti] OR performance*[ti] OR reinvigorat*[ti] OR invigorat*[ti] OR supervis*[ti] OR unsupervis*[ti] OR oversight[ti] OR overseeing[ti] OR reorganiz*[ti] OR best[ti] OR better[ti] OR good[ti] OR worse[ti] OR worst[ti] OR disgust*[ti] OR dis-satisf*[ti] OR dissatisf*[ti] OR satisf*[ti] OR error[ti] OR errors[ti] OR mistake*[ti])