Friday, April 1, 2011

kidney diseases, kidney function -- keyword

This "kidney condition" keyword search includes terms that are present in articles about normal kidneys. It is meant to represent the kidney concept in a multi-concept search. In such multi-concept searches, the other search concepts often make the ANDing of condition/disease/abnormality/failure/insufficiency/dysfunction/replacement terms to the normal kidney terms unnecessary and/or undesirable.

(kidney OR renal OR glomerulo* OR anuri* OR "diabetes insipidus" OR wolfram*[tiab] OR nephropath* OR fanconi*[tiab] OR hepatorenal OR hydronephro* OR hyperoxaluri* OR renovascular OR nephroma* OR denys-drash OR "denys drash" OR wagr OR "papillary necrosis" OR nephritis OR nephritic OR nephritides OR anti-glomerular OR antiglomerular OR glomerulonephriti* OR glomeruloscleros* OR pyelonephriti* OR pyeliti* OR pyelocystiti* OR pyelonephriti* OR nephrocalcino* OR nephrolith* OR nephrosclero* OR nephrosis OR nephroses OR nephrotic OR perinephriti* OR "tubular necrosis" OR frasier*[tiab] OR bartter*[tiab] OR fanconi*[tiab] OR gitelman*[tiab] OR glycosuri* OR liddle*[tiab] OR oculocerebrorenal OR pseudohypoaldosteron* OR aminoaciduri* OR cystinuri* OR uremia OR uremias OR uremic OR ureami* OR azotemi* OR azotaemi* OR hemolytic-uremic OR zellweger*[tiab] OR crcl OR clcr OR "creatinine clearance" OR glomerular OR GFR OR albuminuri* OR microalbuminuri* OR macroalbuminuri* OR proteinuri* OR dialy* OR hemodialy* OR haemodialy* OR hemofilt* OR haemofilt* OR ESRD OR CKD  )

Consider including terms for kidney graft rejection or failure