Monday, May 14, 2012

Botox -- keywords and MeSH

"Botulinum Toxins"[Mesh] OR "onabotulinumtoxinA" [Supplementary Concept] OR botox OR onabotulinumtoxin OR onabotulinumtoxina OR botulinumtoxin OR vistabel OR ((Botuliinitoksiini OR Botulinum OR botulism OR botulínica OR botulinique OR botulinicum) AND ( toxinum OR toxine OR toxina OR toxin OR toxins OR toksini )) OR Antipar OR Azzalure OR Bocouture OR Botox OR BTXA OR Dyslor OR Dysport OR Lantox OR Lanzox OR Oculinum OR Prosigne OR Vistabel OR Vistabex OR Xeomeen OR Xeomin

Based on names in MICROMEDEX/Martindale's on 5/5/12.  Hyphenated and multi-word names "not found" by PubMed have been removed.