Monday, May 14, 2012

lidocaine -- keyword

 lidocaine OR lidocain* OR lignocain* OR Lidokain* OR Lidokaiin* OR Lignoc OR Lignocaine OR Lignokain OR 73-78-9 OR 6108-05-0 OR 137-58-6 OR LMX4 OR "LMX 4" OR Akten OR Bismodyne OR Clomycin OR Dermaflex OR Dermidex OR Dilocaine OR Duocaine OR Hemocane OR Iglu OR LidaMantle OR Lidoderm OR Lidosense OR Medadyne OR Nervocaine OR Nulicaine OR Octocaine OR Pensacaine OR Perlane OR Pliaglis OR Premjact OR Rapydan OR Regenecare OR Restylane OR Rinstead OR Synera OR Ulcaid OR versatis OR Xylocaine OR Xylocard OR Xylodase OR Xylotox OR Xyralid OR Zingo

Based on names in MICROMEDEX/Martindale's on 5/5/12.  Hyphenated and multi-word names "not found" by PubMed have been removed.