Monday, June 25, 2012

bariatric surgery -- keywords and mesh

 ("Gastric Bypass" OR "stomach bypass" OR Roux-En-Y OR fobi[tiab] OR "biliopancreatic diversion" OR  "Jejunoileal Bypass" OR Gastroplasty OR gastroplasties OR "Jejunoileal Bypass" OR "gastric stapling" OR "stomach stapling"  OR "gastric banding"  OR AGB[tiab]  OR "lap. band" OR lap-band OR "lap band" OR "gastric partitioning" OR "sleeve gastrectomy" OR "sleeve gastrectomies" OR "obesity/surgery"[mesh] OR "bariatric surgery"[mesh] OR (("weight loss"[ti] OR "weight reduction"[ti] OR obesity[ti] OR bariatric[ti] OR "bariatric medicine"[mesh]) AND (surgery[ti] OR surgeries[ti] OR surgical[ti] OR operation[ti] OR operations[ti] OR operative[ti]))  )