Wednesday, January 8, 2014

mourning/burial/death rites/customs

The following is a first try at this search topic.  As always feel free to send me comments:
(mourn*[ti] OR grief[ti] OR griev*[ti] OR death*[ti] OR burial*[ti] OR funeral*[ti] OR funerary[ti] OR cremat*[ti] OR mortuar*[ti] OR undertaker*[ti] OR embalm*[ti] OR mummif*[ti] OR tomb*[ti] OR entomb*[ti] OR mausoleum*[ti] OR inter[ti] OR interred[ti] OR interring[ti] OR inters[ti] OR obituar*[ti] OR memorial*[ti] OR eulog*[ti] OR bereav*[ti] OR shroud*[ti] OR casket*[ti] OR shiva[ti] OR wake[ti] OR wakes[ti]) AND (shiva[ti] OR custom*[ti] OR rite*[ti] OR culture[ti] OR cultural[ti] OR ethnic*[ti]) NOT (“cell culture” OR "tissue culture" OR "culture medium" OR co-culture OR "organ culture" OR "Culture Techniques"[mesh])