Thursday, December 31, 2015

Myringostomy -- keyword and MeSH

A first stab at this topic:

(myringostom* OR tympanostom*  OR ((grommet OR grommets OR "ventilation tubes" OR "ventilation tube" OR “t-tube” OR “t-tubes” OR “t tube” OR “t tubes”) AND ("middle ear" OR "middle ears" OR tympan*)) OR "Middle Ear Ventilation"[Majr])

Terms for possible complications include:
(atelecta* OR atroph* OR scar* OR myringosclero* OR tympanoscler* OR retract* OR persisten* OR perforat* OR "granulation tissue"  OR extru* OR hearing OR “hearing”[mesh] OR speech OR "persons with hearing impairments"[MeSH Terms] OR deaf * OR longterm OR Long-term OR "long term" OR complicat* OR obstruct* OR Replac* OR remov* OR cholesteatom* OR sequel* OR block* OR otorrhe* OR “prosthesis failure”[mesh] OR “equipment failure”[mesh] OR “recurrence”[mesh] OR "reoperation"[mesh] OR "postoperative complications"[mesh])