Wednesday, January 13, 2016

PSI/mTOR inhibitors - keywords/MeSH

The list of class members was obtained from EMTREE in EMBASE.  This was a quick, non-exhaustive search.  I only included investigational names when no generic names were available in EMTREE.
PubMed version of a quick search for PSI/mTOR inhibitors:
("Sirolimus"[Mesh] OR “mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitor”[tiab] OR “mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors”[tiab] OR mtor[tiab] OR “psi inhibitor”[tiab] OR “psi inhibitors”[tiab] OR “proliferation signal inhibitors”[tiab] OR “proliferation signal inhibitor”[tiab] OR apitolisi*[tiab] OR “azd-80055”[tiab] OR azd80055[tiab] OR wye132[tiab] OR “wye 132”[tiab] OR “wye-132”[tiab] OR wye125132[tiab] OR “wye 125132”[tiab] OR pp242[tiab] OR “pf 04691502”[tiab] OR pf04691502[tiab] OR “pf 4691502”[tiab] OR pf4691502[tiab] OR “sb-2343”[tiab] OR sb2343[tiab] OR “vs 5584”[tiab] OR vs5584[tiab] OR ku0063794[tiab] OR “ku 0063794”[tiab] OR ku63794[tiab] OR “ku 63794”[tiab] OR bgt226[tiab] OR “bgt 226”[tiab] OR dactolisib*[tiab] OR everolimus*[tiab] OR gedatolisib*[tiab] OR olcorolimus*[tiab] OR rapamycin*[tiab] OR ridaforolimus*[tiab] OR sapanisertib*[tiab] OR temsirolimus*[tiab] OR umirolimus*[tiab] OR vistusertib*[tiab] OR voxtalisib*[tiab] ) 

several investigational names were removed because they were not part of PubMed's recognized phrase list and were causing retrieval of irrelevant results.
EMBASE version of a quick search for PSI/mTOR inhibitors:

'mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitor'/exp/mj OR 'mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitor':ab,ti OR 'mammalian target of rapamycin inhibitors':ab,ti OR mtor:ab,ti OR 'psi inhibitor':ab,ti OR 'psi inhibitors':ab,ti OR 'proliferation signal inhibitors':ab,ti OR 'proliferation signal inhibitor':ab,ti OR apitolisi*:ab,ti OR 'azd 80055':ab,ti OR azd80055:ab,ti OR wye132:ab,ti OR 'wye 132':ab,ti OR 'wye-132':ab,ti OR wye125132:ab,ti OR 'wye 125132':ab,ti OR pp242:ab,ti OR 'pp 242':ab,ti OR 'pf 04691502':ab,ti OR pf04691502:ab,ti OR 'pf 4691502':ab,ti OR pf4691502:ab,ti OR 'sb 2343':ab,ti OR 'sb-2343':ab,ti OR sb2343:ab,ti OR 'vs 5584':ab,ti OR vs5584:ab,ti OR ku0063794:ab,ti OR 'ku 0063794':ab,ti OR ku63794:ab,ti OR 'ku 63794':ab,ti OR bgt226:ab,ti OR 'bgt 226':ab,ti OR 'nvp bgt 226':ab,ti OR 'nvp bgt226':ab,ti OR 'nvp bgt-226':ab,ti OR dactolisib*:ab,ti OR everolimus*:ab,ti OR gedatolisib*:ab,ti OR olcorolimus*:ab,ti OR rapamycin*:ab,ti OR ridaforolimus*:ab,ti OR sapanisertib*:ab,ti OR temsirolimus*:ab,ti OR umirolimus*:ab,ti OR vistusertib*:ab,ti OR voxtalisib*:ab,ti