Thursday, June 30, 2016

Vitamin E -- MeSH and keyword

This search seeks to find articles with a major focus on vitamin E.  The names were gathered from the tocopherol tree in EMTREE.  Some of the listed compounds are vitamin E derivatives or Vitamin E-related.

"Vitamin E"[Majr] OR "vitamin e"[ti] OR tocopherol*[ti] OR tocopheryl*[ti] OR tocophrol*[ti] OR tocoferil*[ti] OR tocotrienol*[ti] OR "5, 7, 8 trimethyltocol"[ti] OR alpha-tocopherol*[ti] OR alpha-tocopheryl*[ti] OR alpha-tocophrol*[ti] OR alpha-tocotrienol*[ti] OR beta-tocopherol*[ti] OR beta-tocopheryl*[ti] OR beta-tocophrol*[ti] OR beta-tocotrienol*[ti] OR delta-tocopherol*[ti] OR delta-tocopheryl*[ti] OR delta-tocophrol*[ti] OR delta-tocotrienol*[ti] OR gamma-tocopherol*[ti] OR gamma-tocopheryl*[ti] OR gamma-tocophrol*[ti] OR gamma-tocotrienol*[ti] OR tocofersolan[ti] OR tocofibrate[ti] OR tocoretinate[ti] OR vatiquinone[ti] OR "aquasol e"[ti] OR "austrovit e"[ti] OR covitol[ti] OR "dagravit e"[ti] OR "dalfatol"[ti] OR "davitamon e"[ti] OR "dermorelle"[ti] OR "detulin"[ti] OR "dumovit e"[ti] OR "e ferol"[ti] OR "e perle"[ti] OR "e perte"[ti] OR "e recordati"[ti] OR "e toplex"[ti] OR "e vicotrat"[ti] OR "e vimin"[ti] OR "e vita"[ti] OR "e viterbin"[ti] OR "ecoferol"[ti] OR "efer"[ti] OR "eferol"[ti] OR "enoulan forte"[ti] OR "ephynal"[ti] OR "eplonat"[ti] OR "eprolin"[ti] OR "epsilan m"[ti] OR "epsylan m"[ti] OR "erevit"[ti] OR "erevit spofa"[ti] OR "esol"[ti] OR "esorb"[ti] OR "eterapion"[ti] OR "eviabit"[ti] OR "evigen"[ti] OR "eviol"[ti] OR "evion"[ti] OR "evit"[ti] OR "evitol"[ti] OR "godabion e"[ti] OR "gonavit"[ti] OR "hanobak"[ti] OR "ido e"[ti] OR "juvela"[ti] OR "juvele"[ti] OR "livingpherol"[ti] OR "mulsal e"[ti] OR "natopherol"[ti] OR "optovit e"[ti] OR "phytoferol"[ti] OR "pletocol"[ti] OR "socopherol"[ti] OR "spondyvit"[ti] OR "toco 500"[ti] OR tocoferolo[ti] OR "tocomine"[ti] OR "tocopherex"[ti] OR "tocophrine"[ti] OR "tocovigor"[ti] OR "tocovital"[ti] OR toferol*[ti] OR "topherol"[ti] OR "vi dom e"[ti] OR "vi e caps"[ti] OR "vi ea"[ti] OR "vi etal"[ti] OR "vibolex e"[ti] OR "vidom e"[ti] OR "viea"[ti] OR "vietal"[ti] OR "viprimol"[ti] OR "vita e gelucaps"[ti] OR "viteolin"[ti] OR "viteoline"[ti] OR "wandervit e"[ti] OR tocoquinone[ti] OR alphatocopherolquinone[ti] OR eutrophyl[ti] OR “epc k1”[ti] OR epc-k1[ti] OR “ liqui e”[ti] OR tocophersolan[ti] OR tpgs[ti] OR vedrop[ti] OR “epi 743”[ti] OR epi-743[ti] OR epi743[ti]