Friday, July 15, 2016

calcitonin -- keyword

Names for calcitonin were taken from Martindale's

Calcitonin* OR Alostin  OR Anguilce OR Acticalcin OR Alciton OR Alfaton OR Aima-Calcin OR Alicitonin OR Arsipor OR Assocals OR Aurocalcin OR Azucalcit OR Biocalcin OR Biostin OR Biocalcin OR Bionocalcin OR Brosidon OR Cadotin OR Calciben OR Calcihexal OR Calcimon OR Calcinase OR Calcinil OR Calciosint OR Calcioton OR Calcitoran OR CalCarbicalcin OR CalStrabone OR Caltanid OR Cadens OR Calc-Up OR Calci OR Calcicontrol OR Calcideron OR Calcimar OR Calcimonta OR Calciphar OR Calciplus OR Calcispren OR Calcitar OR calcitare OR Calcitherapy OR Calco OR Calfosina OR Calnisan OR Calogen OR Caloston OR Calsal OR Calsaton OR Calsyn OR calsynar OR Caltec OR Caltine OR Carbicalcin OR Casalm OR Catonin OR CCalcytonil OR Cibacalcin OR Cibacalcina OR Cibacalcine OR Citonina OR Crocalcin OR Diatin OR Doctadryle OR Elcimen OR  Elcitonin OR Endocal OR Eptacalcin OR Farmicalcine OR Fixocal OR Fortical OR Forcaltonin OR Fosatur OR Galcin OR Genecalcin OR Iamacalcin OR Ipocalcin OR Iricalcin OR Isi-Calcin OR  Kalsimin OR Karil OR Latonina OR Lixocam OR Menocal OR Miacalcic OR Miacalcin OR Miadenil OR MiaOstulex ORMioser OR Mycalcin OR Myocal OR Neostesin OR Nopremin OR Norcalcin OR Nylex OR Osanit OR Oseototal OR Oseum OR Osivan OR Osmil OR  Ospor OR Osseocalcina OR Osteobion OR Osteocal OR Osteonorm OR Osteostabil OR Osteotonina OR Osteover OR Osteovis OR Ostetan OR Osticalcin OR Ostifix OR Ostinate OR Ostoplus OR Ostosalm OR Ostospray OR Ostostabil OR  Osteos OR  Osteodon OR Porostenina OR Pluston OR Prontocalcin OR Quosten OR Rafacalcin OR Redicalcin OR Rothrin OR Rulicalcin OR Sal-Cal OR Salcatol OR Salco OR Salmocalcin OR Salmocin OR Salcat OR Salcatyn ORSalmofar OR Salmoten OR Sanopor OR Seacalcit OR Serocalcin OR Sical OR Sintocalcin OR Stalcin OR  Staporos OR Steocalcin OR Steocin OR Tendolon OR Tonocalcin OR  Tonocaltin OR Tosicalcin OR  Transcalcium OR  Turbocalcin OR Ucecal OR Velkacalcin OR  Veprena OR Zyoston OR Zycalcit OR “Bang Rui De” OR “Da Fen Gai” OR “Gai Rui Ning” OR “Gu Tai Ning” OR “Han Xin” OR “Jin Er Li” OR “Si Di Nuo” 

To get articles focused on therapeutic use of calcitonin, try :
("Calcitonin/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR (Calcitonin*[ti] NOT ("calcitonin gene"[ti] OR "calcitonin gene-related"[ti] )) OR Alostin [ti] OR Anguilce[ti] OR Acticalcin[ti] OR Alciton[ti] OR Alfaton[ti] OR Aima-Calcin[ti] OR Alicitonin[ti] OR Arsipor[ti] OR Assocals[ti] OR Aurocalcin[ti] OR Azucalcit[ti] OR Biocalcin OR Biostin[ti] OR Biocalcin[ti] OR Bionocalcin[ti] OR Brosidon[ti] OR Cadotin[ti] OR Calciben[ti] OR Calcihexal[ti] OR Calcimon[ti] OR Calcinase[ti] OR Calcinil[ti] OR Calciosint[ti] OR Calcioton[ti] OR Calcitoran[ti] OR CalCarbicalcin[ti] OR CalStrabone[ti] OR Caltanid[ti] OR Cadens[ti] OR Calc-Up[ti] OR Calci[ti] OR Calcicontrol[ti] OR Calcideron[ti] OR Calcimar[ti] OR Calcimonta[ti] OR Calciphar[ti] OR Calciplus[ti] OR Calcispren[ti] OR Calcitar[ti] OR calcitare[ti] OR Calcitherapy[ti] OR Calco[ti] OR Calfosina[ti] OR Calnisan[ti] OR Calogen[ti] OR Caloston[ti] OR Calsal[ti] OR Calsaton[ti] OR Calsyn[ti] OR calsynar[ti] OR Caltec[ti] OR Caltine[ti] OR Carbicalcin[ti] OR Casalm[ti] OR Catonin[ti] OR CCalcytonil[ti] OR Cibacalcin[ti] OR Cibacalcina[ti] OR Cibacalcine[ti] OR Citonina[ti] OR Crocalcin[ti] OR Diatin[ti] OR Doctadryle[ti] OR Elcimen[ti] OR Elcitonin[ti] OR Endocal[ti] OR Eptacalcin[ti] OR Farmicalcine[ti] OR Fixocal[ti] OR Fortical[ti] OR Forcaltonin[ti] OR Fosatur[ti] OR Galcin[ti] OR Genecalcin[ti] OR Iamacalcin[ti] OR Ipocalcin[ti] OR Iricalcin[ti] OR Isi-Calcin[ti] OR Kalsimin[ti] OR Karil[ti] OR Latonina[ti] OR Lixocam[ti] OR Menocal[ti] OR Miacalcic[ti] OR Miacalcin[ti] OR Miadenil[ti] OR MiaOstulex ORMioser[ti] OR Mycalcin[ti] OR Myocal[ti] OR Neostesin[ti] OR Nopremin[ti] OR Norcalcin[ti] OR Nylex[ti] OR Osanit[ti] OR Oseototal[ti] OR Oseum[ti] OR Osivan[ti] OR Osmil[ti] OR Ospor[ti] OR Osseocalcina[ti] OR Osteobion[ti] OR Osteocal[ti] OR Osteonorm[ti] OR Osteostabil[ti] OR Osteotonina[ti] OR Osteover[ti] OR Osteovis[ti] OR Ostetan[ti] OR Osticalcin[ti] OR Ostifix[ti] OR Ostinate[ti] OR Ostoplus[ti] OR Ostosalm[ti] OR Ostospray[ti] OR Ostostabil[ti] OR Osteos[ti] OR Osteodon[ti] OR Porostenina[ti] OR Pluston[ti] OR Prontocalcin[ti] OR Quosten[ti] OR Rafacalcin[ti] OR Redicalcin[ti] OR Rothrin[ti] OR Rulicalcin[ti] OR Sal-Cal[ti] OR Salcatol[ti] OR Salco[ti] OR Salmocalcin[ti] OR Salmocin[ti] OR Salcat[ti] OR Salcatyn OR Salmofar[ti] OR Salmoten[ti] OR Sanopor[ti] OR Seacalcit[ti] OR Serocalcin[ti] OR Sical[ti] OR Sintocalcin[ti] OR Stalcin[ti] OR Staporos[ti] OR Steocalcin[ti] OR Steocin[ti] OR Tendolon[ti] OR Tonocalcin[ti] OR Tonocaltin[ti] OR Tosicalcin[ti] OR Transcalcium[ti] OR Turbocalcin[ti] OR Ucecal[ti] OR Velkacalcin[ti] OR Veprena[ti] OR Zyoston[ti] OR Zycalcit[ti] OR “Bang Rui De”[ti] OR “Da Fen Gai”[ti] OR “Gai Rui Ning”[ti] OR “Gu Tai Ning”[ti] OR “Han Xin”[ti] OR “Jin Er Li”[ti] OR “Si Di Nuo”[ti])