Thursday, September 10, 2009

co-sleeping -- keyword

("Sleep environment" OR "sleep environments" OR ((bed OR beds ) AND (share OR shared OR sharing OR shares)) OR bedsharing OR "bed sharing" OR bed-sharing OR "sleeping arrangements" OR co-sleep* OR cosleep* OR co-bed* OR cobed*)

I produce keyword searches primarily for the purpose of searching PREMEDLINE and OLD MEDLINE. In PubMed, applying a Neonate/Infant age group limit to a search will limit that search to MEDLINE and exclude all PREMEDLINE and OLD MEDLINE results. For the co-sleeping concept, there is no good MeSH term so to retrieve MEDLINE results, I might perform the keyword search with a Neonate/Infant age group limit, and then, to retrieve PREMEDLINE/OLD MEDLINE/un-indexed PubMed Central records, I would remove the limits, add an infant/neonate concept in keywords, and add -- NOT MEDLINE[sb] -- at the end of the search statement. My infant/neonate keyword search statement is also available via the blog.