Thursday, September 3, 2009

Southeast Asian -- keywords

This keyword list is not based on the most authoritative source. I'm posting it here because I never want to have to start from scratch on this list of terms again : - ).

(Acehnese OR Ambonese OR “Andaman Islands" OR Andamanese OR Austronesian* OR Afro-Asiatic* OR Austro-Asiatic* OR Batak* OR Baikeno* OR Bicol OR Bikol OR Borneian* OR Brunei OR Buginese OR Bunak OR Burma OR Burmese OR Cambodia* OR Cebuano* OR Ceramese OR Chamic OR China OR Chinese OR "Christmas Island" OR "Cocos Islands" OR Dayak OR Dravidian* OR "East Indies" OR "East Timor" OR Fataluku OR Filipino* OR Fujian* OR Galoli* OR Guangxi* OR Guizhou* OR Guangdong* OR Guam OR Hainan OR Halmahera* OR Hiligaynon* OR Hiligaynon/Ilonggo* OR Hmong* OR "Hong Kong" OR Hunan* OR Ilokano* OR Ilonggo* OR Indo-European* OR Indochin* OR indo-chin* OR Indonesia OR Indonesian* OR Isaan OR Javanese OR Jiangxi OR Kachin OR Kapampangan* OR Karen[tiab] OR "keeling islands" OR Kemak* OR Khmer* OR Kradai* OR Lan-Nang* OR "lan nang" OR Lao OR Laos OR laotian* OR Lue OR Macau* OR Madura* OR Makasae OR Malayalam* OR Malaysia OR Malay* OR Malayo-Polynesian OR Mambae OR mumbae OR "Mariana Islands" OR mekong OR Micronesia* OR Minahasa OR "min nan" OR min-nan OR Minang OR Myanmar OR Mon-Khmer OR "Nicobar Islands" OR Nicobarese OR "new guinea" OR "Pacific Islands" OR "Pacific Islanders" OR Pangasinan* OR papua* OR Palau* OR Pampango* OR Pangasinan* OR Papuan* OR Philippin* OR Phutai* OR Polynesian* OR Rakhine* OR Sasak* OR Shan[tiab] OR Shompen OR Singapore OR Sundanese OR Tagalog* OR Taiwanese OR Taiwan OR Tamil* OR Toraja OR Tukudede* OR Telugu* OR Tetum* OR Thailand OR Thai OR Yunnan* OR Vietnam OR Vietnamese OR Waray* OR Waray-Waray* OR "Waray Waray" OR "Waray Warays" OR Zhejiang* OR "southeast asian" OR "southeast asians" OR asian OR Asians OR "southeast asia" OR "East Asian" OR "East Asians")