Thursday, March 25, 2010

Norepinephrine --keyword

I was looking for articles about IV use.  I didn't look up all the brand name delivery methods, but I have eliminated those products that were either obviously for inhalation or obviously for dental use. 

(norepinefrin* OR Noradrenaliini* OR Noradrenalin* OR Norepinephrin* OR Levonorepinephrine OR Noradrenaliinitartraatti OR Norepinefrin* OR Norepinefryn* OR l-Norepinephrine OR Levarterenol OR Noradrenaliini OR Norepinefriini OR Norepirenamine OR Anaesthol OR Fioritina OR Lignostab-N OR Naprina OR Neo-Lidocaton OR Neo-Lidocaton OR Noradren OR Nor-Anaesthol OR Norepine OR Nurocain OR Ravocaine and Novocain OR Scandonest OR Xilonibsa OR Xylocaina OR Xylotox OR Arterenol OR l-Arterenol OR Levarterenol OR Levarterenoli OR Adine OR Adrenor OR Biodicaine OR Cidancaina OR Inotrop OR Kausalpunkt OR Levonor OR Levophed OR Andrenor OR Noradrenal OR N-Epi OR Noradrec OR Norephed OR Norpin OR Pressicaine OR Pridam OR Scandicain* OR Scandinor OR Scandonest OR Vascon OR Xylonor OR Ziacaine OR Arterenol OR Neo-Xylestesin* OR Xylestesin* )