Wednesday, March 31, 2010

South Asia -- keywords

I haven't actually used this search.  I was asked for a list of south asia terms and came up with these quickly.  They're based on the broadest definition of south asia, and not all terms will be useful to all users.  Also I've omitted a few terms that are, character for character but not in meaning, equivalent to commonly used English terms/names (e.g. karen, male).

"south asia" OR "southern asia" OR "Diego Garcia" OR Afghanistan* OR Ahmedabad* OR Aldabra* OR Amritsar OR Arabian Sea Asomiya OR Assamese OR Austro-Asiatic OR Bahawalpur* OR Balochi OR Baluchi OR Bangalor* OR Bangladesh* OR Barod* OR bengal* OR BIOT OR Bhutan* OR Bodo* OR Brahmij* OR "British Indian Ocean Territory" OR Burma OR Burma OR Burmese OR Burmese OR Calcutt* OR Ceylon* OR Chagos OR Chagossians OR Chennai* OR Cochin* OR Colombo* OR Dari* OR Delhi* OR Desroch* OR Devanagar* OR Dhaka* OR Dhiveh* OR "Diego Garcia" OR Dogri OR Dravidian* OR Dzongkh* OR Farquhar* OR Folhavah* OR gujarat* OR Gurmukhij* OR Gwalior* OR Himalay* OR Hindi OR Hindu* OR Hollhav* OR Hyderabad* OR Hydrabad* OR India OR "Indian Ocean" OR "Indian Plate" OR Indo-Aryan OR Indo-Gangetic OR Indo-Iranian OR "Indus River" OR Iran OR Iranian OR Islamabad* OR Jammu* OR Jingph* OR Kabul* OR Kalat* OR Kannad* OR Karach* OR Kashmir* OR Kathmand* OR Khayrpur* OR Konkan* OR "Kuen Lun" OR Kushan* OR Lahor* OR Lakshadweep* OR Lhas* OR Maithil* OR Malayalam* OR Maldiv* OR Manipur* OR Marath* OR Maurit* OR Moghul* OR Mon OR Mumbai OR Mysor* OR Nepal* OR Oriy* OR pakistan* OR Pashti OR Pashtu OR Pashtuns OR Persian* OR Perso-arabi*. OR Peshawar* OR PRC-Tibet OR Pune OR Punjab* OR Raj* OR Sakas OR Sanskrit* OR Santhal* OR Seychell* OR Shahmukh* OR Shan OR Sikkim* OR Sindh* OR Sinhal* OR Siraik* OR "south asia" OR "Sri Lanka" OR "sri lankan" OR Surat* OR Suvadiv* OR Swat OR tamil*. OR Tana OR Tehran* OR Telug* OR Thimp* OR Tibet OR Tibetan OR Tibeto-Burman* OR Turk* OR Urdu* OR Yangon*