Thursday, March 25, 2010

telephone reminders -- keyword and MeSH

(((remind* OR recall OR re-call OR recalls OR re-calls OR alert OR alerts OR alerting OR alerted notice OR notices OR message OR messages OR messaging OR messaged OR "Reminder Systems"[mesh] ) AND ("Telephone"[mesh] OR phone[ti] OR phoning[ti] OR phoned[ti] OR phones[ti] OR telephone*[ti] OR call[ti] OR calls[ti] OR calling[ti] OR called[ti]) ) OR ((remind*[ti] OR OR recall[ti] OR re-call[ti] OR recalls[ti] OR re-calls[ti] OR alert[ti] OR alerts[ti] alerting[ti] OR alerted[ti] OR notice[ti] OR notices[ti] OR message[ti] OR messages[ti] OR messaging[ti] OR messaged[ti] OR "Reminder Systems"[mesh] ) AND ("Telephone"[mesh] OR phone OR phoning OR phoned OR phones OR telephone* OR call OR calls OR calling OR called) ) )