Thursday, March 25, 2010

vaginal radiation implants

keyword search for PREMEDLINE

(radioisotop* OR isotop* OR radiotherap* OR radiation OR irradiat* OR brachytherap*) AND (vagina* OR genital OR perine* OR perineal OR genital* OR cervical OR cervix OR cervices OR uterus OR uteri OR uterine OR endometr* OR myometr* OR vulva* OR labia OR labium) AND (implant OR implants OR brachytherap* OR seed OR seeds OR rod OR rods) NOT MEDLINE[sb]

combination of MeSH and keywords for MEDLINE

("Radiation"[Mesh] OR "Radiotherapy"[Mesh] OR "radiotherapy "[Subheading] OR "Radiation Injuries"[Mesh] OR "Radiation Tolerance"[Mesh] OR "Dose-Response Relationship, Radiation"[Mesh] OR "Radiation Dosage"[Mesh] OR "Brachytherapy"[Mesh] OR "Radiation Protection"[Mesh] OR "Radiotherapy Planning, Computer-Assisted"[Mesh] OR "Radiation Oncology"[Mesh] OR "Radioisotopes"[Mesh]) AND ("Vaginal Neoplasms"[Mesh] OR "Vagina"[Mesh] OR "Genital Neoplasms, Female"[Mesh] OR "Perineum"[Mesh] OR "Genitalia, Female"[mesh]) AND (implant OR implants OR "Brachytherapy"[mesh] OR seed OR seeds OR rod OR rods)