Friday, May 28, 2010

anti-arrhythmic agents -- keywords and mesh

MeSH strategy for therapeutic use of anti-arrhythmic agents:

("Anti-Arrhythmia Agents/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Disopyramide/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Procainamide/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Quinidine/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Lidocaine/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Encainide/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Flecainide/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Propafenone/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "Amiodarone/therapeutic use"[Mesh] OR "dofetilide "[Substance Name] OR "ibutilide "[Substance Name] OR "Adenosine/therapeutic use"[Mesh])


(Antiarrhythmic* OR Disopyramid* OR dizopyramid* OR SC-7031 OR "SC7031" OR SC7031 OR SC13957 OR SC-13957 OR (SC AND 13957) OR norpace OR Procainamid* OR prokainamid* OR Procanbid OR Pronestyl OR Quinidine OR Chinidinum OR Chinidyna OR Kinidiini OR Kinidin OR Quinidina OR adaquin OR Quincardine OR quinora OR quinidex OR Lidocain* OR Lidokai* OR Lignocain* OR Lidokain* OR Lignokain OR lifecare OR viaflex OR excel OR Clomycin OR lidosense OR (L-M-X4[tiab]) OR Medadyne OR rapydan OR synera OR xylocaine OR pliaglis OR Akten OR AnaMantle OR anestecon OR dilocaine OR dulocaine OR (L-caine) OR lidamantle OR lidoject OR lidopen OR lidosite OR sTA OR nervocaine OR medi-quick OR Nulicaine OR octocaine OR protech OR regenecare OR staphaseptic OR Unguentine OR xyralid OR zingo OR Mexiletin* OR KO-1173 OR KO1173 OR "KO 1173" OR Meksileti* OR mexitil OR Encainid* OR MJ9067 OR MJ-9067 OR "MJ 9067" OR enkaid OR Flecainid* OR R818 OR Flekainid* OR R-818 OR "R 818" OR tambocor OR Tambocor OR Propafenon* OR Fenopraine OR SA-79 OR SA79 OR WZ884642 OR WZ884643 OR "SA79" OR (WZ[tiab] AND 884642) OR (WZ[tiab] AND 884643) OR rythmol OR Amiodaron* OR L-3428 OR 51087 OR (SKF[tiab] AND 33134) OR L3428 OR 51087N OR SKF33134A OR "L 3428" OR "SKF 33134 A" OR Amjodaron* OR pacerone OR Cordarone OR Nexterone OR Dofetilid* OR UK-68798 OR UK68798 OR "UK 68798" OR tikosyn OR Ibutilid* OR 70226E OR U70226E OR corvert OR Adenosin* OR Adenocin OR Adenosiini OR Adenozin* OR Adenozyna OR (SR[tiab] AND 96225) OR (SUNY[tiab] AND 4001) OR SR96225 OR SUNY4001 OR adenocard OR adenoscan )