Friday, May 28, 2010

salmeterol and formoterol -- keywords

The brand name "foster" has been removed from the search to decrease retrieval of irrelevant results:

(Salmeterol* OR (GR[tiab] AND 33343G) OR GR33343G OR Abrilar OR Advair OR Aeromax OR Aerometrol OR Aliflus OR Anasma OR Arial OR Astmerole OR Atmadisc OR Aurituss OR Beglan OR Betamican OR Brexotide OR Brisair OR Brisomax OR Dilamax OR Duaspir OR Flixovent OR Flunacross* OR Flutivent OR Fluxamol OR Forair OR Inaladuo OR Inaspir OR Kolpovent OR Lirtodac OR Maizar OR Neumotide OR Optrol OR Plusvent OR Salmetedur OR Salmeter OR Salspray OR Seretaide OR Seretide OR Serevent OR Serobid OR Seroflo OR Thoreus OR Ultrabeta OR Veraspir OR Viani OR Xemos OR foradil* OR BD-40A OR (CGP[tiab] AND 25827A) OR BD40A OR CGP25827A OR "BD 40A" OR Eformoterol* OR Formoterol* OR (YM AND 08316) OR YM08316 OR Alenia OR Aliterol OR Asmatec OR Asmelor OR Assieme OR Assieme OR Assiememite OR Atimos OR Atock OR Atock OR Broncoral OR Broncoteril OR Combair OR Cycloterol OR Delnil OR Diffumax OR Diffumax OR Duova OR Eformax OR Eformax OR Eolus OR Evervent OR Feronal OR Fluir OR Fomeda OR Foracort OR Foraform OR Forair OR Foraseq OR Forastmin OR Foratec OR Forcap OR Fordilen OR Forman[tiab] OR Formare OR Formatris OR Formatris OR Formaxa OR Formo OR Formoair OR Formocaps OR Formodual OR Formodual OR FormoLich OR Formopen OR Formotec OR Formotil OR Formotop OR Formovent OR Forotan OR Fortasint OR Fortofan OR Imotec OR Innovair OR Inuvair OR Inuver OR Kurovent OR Levovent OR Liferol OR Neblik OR Neumoterol OR Oxez* OR Oxis OR Oxodil OR Perforomist OR Rilast OR Simbicort OR Sinestic OR Symbicord OR Symbicort OR Vannair OR Xanol OR Zafiron)