Friday, May 28, 2010

cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease

(aneurysm* OR atherosclero* OR arteriosclero* OR atherothromb* OR MI[tiab] OR "Myocardial infarction" OR "myocardial infarctions" OR "heart attack" OR "heart attacks" OR stroke OR strokes OR "cerebrovascular accident" OR "cerebrovascular accidents" OR "cerebrovascular attack" OR "cerebrovascular attacks" OR CVA[tiab] OR PE[tiab] OR DVT[tiab] OR embolism OR embolic OR emboli OR embolus OR thrombosis OR thrombi OR thrombus OR thrombotic OR thromboembol* OR thrombo-embol* OR ((arterial OR artery OR arteries OR "circle of willis" OR intravascular OR coronary OR carotid* OR tibial[tiab] OR femoral[tiab] OR iliac[tiab] OR popliteal OR brachial OR radial OR ulnar OR aortic OR aorta OR pulmonary OR cerebral OR frontal OR parietal OR temporal OR ophthalmic[tiab] OR carotid) AND (hemorrhag* OR haemorrhag* OR plaque* )))