Friday, May 28, 2010

methylprednisolone -- keywords

The brand name "Predni M" was removed because it caused increased retrieval of irrelevant results:

(methylprednisolon* OR Metipred OR Meilprednizolon* OR "6-alpha-Methylprednisolone" OR "6-Methylprednisolone" OR Metilprednisolon* OR Metilprednizolon* OR Metylprednisolon* OR Metyyliprednisolon* OR Alergolon OR "A-Methapred" OR Prednisolona OR Caberdelta OR Cipridanol OR Cortisolona OR Esametone OR Firmacort OR Flason OR Hexilon OR Intidrol OR Lameson OR Lexcomet OR Medixon OR Medrate OR Medrol OR Medrone OR Meprilon OR Meproson OR Mesol OR Methylon OR Metidrol OR Metisol[tiab] OR Metypred OR Metypred OR Metysolon OR Nichomedson OR Prednicort OR Prednilen OR (Predni AND M[tiab]) OR Prednol OR Prednox OR Pretilon OR Reactenol OR Sanexon OR Sieropresol OR Solomet OR Somerol OR Sonicor OR Stenirol OR Summicort OR Thimelon OR Tison OR Totalsolona OR Tropidrol OR Urbason OR Yalone)