Monday, January 7, 2013

gout -- keywords and MeSH

((("Hyperuricemia"[mesh] OR hyperuricemi*[tw] OR hyperuricaemi*[tw] OR uric*[tw] OR urate[tw] OR uricem* OR uricaem*) AND (arthralg* OR polyarthriti* OR monoarthriti* OR polyarthralgi* OR monoarthralgi* OR intra-articular OR anti-arthriti* OR antiarthriti* OR antigout* OR anti-gout* OR joint[tw] OR joints[tw] OR arthriti* OR arthropath* OR synovi* OR articular OR rheumatol* OR toe OR toes OR phalanx OR phalanges OR carpal* OR tarsal *OR metacarp* OR metatars* OR inter-phalang* OR interphalang* OR intercarpal* OR intertarsal* OR ankle* OR knee* OR foot OR feet OR hand OR hands OR wrist* OR elbow* OR shoulder* OR hip OR hips OR orthoped*[tiab] OR orthopaed*[tiab])) OR gout[tiab] OR gouty[tiab] OR tophus OR tophi OR tophaceous OR "gout"[mesh] OR  (uric acid dis*) OR Urarthriti* OR “crystal arthritis” OR “crystal-induced arthritis” OR “crystal arthritides” OR “crystal-induced arthritides”)