Monday, January 7, 2013

Surface or intravascular induction of normothermia -- keywords and mesh

An initial attempt:
("Bair Hugger" OR Blanketrol  OR "Cool Blue" OR "Intravascular Temperature Management"[tiab] OR "Medi-therm" OR "Hypothermia System" OR TheraKool OR " Variotherm 550" OR "Allon 2001" OR Thermowrap OR "Aqua-K-THermia"[tiab] OR "Cincinnati Subzero"[tiab] OR "Energy Transfer pad"[tiab] OR Frigicap OR "Hypotherm Gel Cap"  OR "Radiant Reprieve" OR "SetPoint and Reprieve" OR TheraCool  OR coolgard OR coolline OR cool-line OR "cool line" OR "cool gard" OR "Arctic Sun" OR "subzero blanket"  OR "surface cooling" OR "endovascular cooling" OR "surface cooling" OR "skin cooling" OR ((water-circulating OR "gel-pad" OR "gel-pads" OR "gel pad" OR "gel pads" OR air-circulating OR catheter-based OR endovascular OR intravenous OR intravascular) AND ( hypothermia OR cooling OR cool OR cooled OR cools)) OR ( "Endovascular Procedures"[MeSH Terms] AND "Hypothermia, Induced"[MAJR])) AND  (hypertherm* OR fever OR febrile OR pyretic OR pyresis OR pyreses OR antipyretic[tiab] OR anti-pyretic[tiab] OR "elevated temperature" OR "elevated body temperature" OR "elevated temperatures" OR "elevated body temperatures" OR "high temperature" OR "high temperatures" OR "high body temperature" OR "high body temperatures" OR "induced normothermia" OR ((induced OR induction OR induces OR inducing) AND normotherm*)) 

The following search terms were 'not found' by PubMed.  They were removed from the search to reduce the number of irrelevant results:
"Celsius Control"[tiab]  OR cool-gard OR Inner-Cool OR "Reprieve System"