Monday, January 28, 2013

protamine keywords

Keywords based on MeSH database entry term list and on Martindale's in MICROMEDEX

protamine OR  Protami OR Protamina OR Protaminum OR Protammina OR Protamiinihydrokloridi  OR Protaminhydrochlorid  OR Protaminhydroklorid OR Protamini  OR Protamino OR Denpru OR Neutrahep  OR Newtain  OR Prosulf  OR Prota[tiab]

Consider removing  -- Prota[tiab] --  if the search might concern Staphylococcus (ProtA is a frequent abbreviation for Protein A)

The following hyphenated terms were 'not found' by PubMed and were removed from the search strategy to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
9012-00-4 OR 9009-65-8  OR Protamin-hidroklorid OR Protamin-hydrochlorid