Monday, January 28, 2013

low-molecular-weight heparins keywords

Terms taken from MeSH database entry term and narrower term lists and from Martindale's in MICROMEDEX:
dalteparin OR enoxaparin* OR nadroparin* OR LMWH OR ULMWH OR "low-molecular-weight heparin" OR "low-molecular-weight heparins" OR "low molecular weight heparin" OR "low molecular weight heparins" OR tedelparin* OR Tedelparin OR Kabi-2165 OR "Kabi 2165" OR Kabi2165 OR Dalteparin*  OR  Daltepariin* OR Dalteparyn*  OR 9041-08-1 OR Fragmin*  OR Boxol OR Dalpin OR Daltehep OR Eurodal OR Fragmin  OR Ligofragmin OR   FR-860 OR "FR 860" OR FR860 OR Enoxaparin* OR "PK-10,169" OR "PK 10,169" OR  PK-10169 OR "PK 10169" OR PK10169 OR EMT-967 OR "EMT 967" OR EMT967 OR   RP54563 OR Enoxaparin*  OR Enoksapariin* OR Enoksaparin* OR Enoksaparyn* OR  9041-08-1 OR  Clexa*  OR Cutenox  OR Decipar  OR Dilutol  OR Dripanina  OR Dynalix  OR Endocris  OR Enoparin  OR Enoxalow  OR Enoxarin  OR Enoxdowm  OR Exowin  OR Fibrinox  OR Flenox  OR Flothin  OR Flunox  OR Grefac  OR Hemapaxan  OR Henoxil  OR Hepaclex  OR Hepanox OR Klexane  OR LMWX  OR Lomonox  OR  Loparin*  OR Lovenox OR Lupenox OR Macparin OR Maxiparine OR Megaparin  OR  Omatex OR Plaucina OR Trombenox  OR EMT-966 OR "EMT 966" OR EMT966 OR Nadroparin* OR Fraxiparin* OR "CY 216" OR CY-216 OR CY216 OR LMF CY-216 OR   CY216D OR Nadropariin* OR Nadroparin* OR  cardioparin  OR Fraxiforte OR Fraxiparin*  OR Fraxodi OR Nadrohep  OR Seledie OR Seleparina OR Danaparoid  OR Danaparoide OR Danaparoid-Natrium OR Danaparoidum OR Lomoparan Org-10172  OR Org10172 OR "Org 10172" OR 83513-48-8 OR Orgaran OR PARNAPARIN OR Parnapariininatrium OR Parnaparina OR Parnaparine OR Parnaparinnatrium OR Parnaparino OR Parnaparinum  OR 9041-08-1 OR Fluxum  OR Minidalton  OR Thromboparin OR Tromboparin OR Zoltar  OR Tinzaparin OR Tintsapariininatrium OR Tinzaparina OR Tinzaparine OR Tinzaparinnatrium OR Tinzaparino OR Tinzaparinum  OR 9041-08-1 OR Innohep  OR Logiparin

The following hyphenated and quoted phrases were 'not found' by PubMed and were removed to avoid retrieval of irrelevant results:
 RP-54563 OR 679809-58-6 OR Nu-Rox OR CY-216D OR "Low Liquemine" OR "PK10,169" OR "RP 54563" OR "LMF CY 216" OR "LMF CY216" OR "CY 216D" OR Lomorin-NX OR 91449-79-5 OR OP-21-23 OR Parnaparin-Natrium OR Tinzaparin-Natrium