Tuesday, May 27, 2014

infections MeSH and general infection keywords

Rough draft, largely based on MeSH trees, part of a 5 part "all infections" search:
"Bacterial Infections AND Mycoses"[mesh] OR "Virus Diseases"[mesh] OR "Parasitic Diseases"[mesh] OR "Prions"[mesh] OR "Prion Diseases"[mesh] OR "Viruses"[mesh] OR "Parasites"[mesh] OR "Fungi"[mesh] OR "Yeasts"[mesh] OR "Bacteria"[Mesh] OR "Equipment Contamination"[mesh] OR "Fomites"[mesh] OR "Anti-Infective Agents"[Mesh] OR "Antifungal Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Anti-Bacterial Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Antiparasitic Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Antiviral Agents" [Pharmacological Action] OR "Immunity"[Mesh] OR "disease outbreaks"[mesh] OR "blood-borne pathogens"[mesh] OR "Immunity"[Mesh] OR "drug resistance, bacterial"[mesh] OR "Anatomy Category/microbiology"[Mesh] OR ""Diseases Category/microbiology"[Mesh] OR "Bacterial Toxins"[Mesh] OR "Enterotoxins"[Mesh] OR "Exotoxins"[Mesh] OR "Mycotoxins"[Mesh] OR ("Communicable Disease Control"[mesh] NOT ("Sanitary engineering"[majr] OR "mandatory testing"[majr])) OR contag* OR infectious OR infection* OR infected OR infecting OR infects OR epidemic* OR outbreak* OR bacteria OR bacterium OR bacterial OR antibacterial OR anti-bacterial OR gram OR rod OR cocci OR coccus OR virus OR viral OR viruses OR retrovirus* OR retroviral OR antiviral OR anti-viral OR fungi OR fungus OR fungal OR mycosis OR mycoses OR mycotic OR yeast* OR antifungal OR anti-fungal OR parasit* OR amoeba* OR ameb* OR febrile OR fever* OR celluliti* OR sepsis OR sepses OR septic OR fomit* OR abscess* OR empyem* OR meningiti* OR myeliti* OR OR encephalomyeliti* OR encephalomeningiti* OR encephaliti* OR trachom* OR hordeol* OR keratoconjunctivi* OR conjunctivi* OR keratiti* OR uveiti* OR retiniti* OR panophthalmiti* OR otiti* OR stomatiti* OR Rhinotracheiti* OR URI OR URIs OR "common cold" OR "common colds" OR rhiniti* OR sinusiti* OR catarrh* OR tracheiti* OR tracheobronchiti* OR bronchiti* OR bronchioliti* OR croup OR pneumon* OR pleurisy OR pleuriti* OR pleuropneumoni* OR endocarditi* OR myocarditi* OR UTI OR UTIs OR gastroenteriti* OR enteriti* OR enterocoliti* OR dysenter* OR suppurat* OR immunity OR immunosuppress* OR immunodepres* OR "blood culture" OR "blood cultures" OR "urine culture" OR "urine cultures" OR osteomyeliti* OR furunc* OR carbunc*