Friday, May 16, 2014

melatonin -- keywords and MeSH

("Melatonin"[mesh] OR melatonin OR “N-Acetyl-5-methoxytryptamine” OR Melatoniin* OR Melatonin* OR “armonil noche” OR melatol OR nochix OR repentil OR circadin OR HT903 OR “HT 903” OR HT-903 OR melapure OR meloset OR armonia OR melamil OR benedorm[tiab] OR cronocaps OR normolem OR remedin OR revenox OR sleepwell OR transzone OR “BP 2013”[tiab] OR BP2013 OR JL5DK93RCL)

I have included alternate names for melatonin obtained from Martindale's and from the MeSH entry term list.  I removed the following terms that are common terms for other concepts or are not found by PubMed and cause retrieval of irrelevant results: Novel OR “buenes noches” OR “BP-2013”[tiab] OR “bio-melatonin”[tiab]