Tuesday, May 20, 2014

viral infection -- keywords

rough draft, largely based on MeSH database, part of a 5 part "all infections" search

antiviral OR anti-viral OR virus OR viruses OR viral OR Superinfect* OR Coinfect* OR Viremia OR viremias OR viremic OR Viraemia OR viraemias OR viraemic OR viral OR virus OR viruses OR Arbovir* OR Bluetongue OR Dengue OR "West Nile Fever" OR "WEST-NILE FEVER" OR Phlebotomus OR "Valley Fever" OR blood-borne OR Tick-Borne OR "Tick Fever" OR "tick fevers" OR "Hemorrhagic Fever" OR "Hemorrhagic Fevers" OR "Haemorrhagic Fever" OR "Haemorrhagic Fevers" OR "forest disease" OR "yellow fever" OR "Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis" OR "Lymphocytic Choriomeningitides" OR LCMV OR "tropical spastic paraparesis" OR polio* OR postpolio* OR post-polio* OR Pseudorabies OR rabies OR hepadnavir* OR "hepatitis a" OR "hepatitis b" OR "hepatitis c" OR "hepatitis d" OR "hepatitis e" OR herpes* OR herpetic OR "dendritic keratitis" OR "dendritic keratitides" OR Chickenpox OR varicella* OR cytomegal* OR HSV OR VZV OR EBV OR "burkitt lymphoma" OR "burkitt's lymphoma" OR "burkitts lymphoma" OR "Epstein-barr" OR "epstein barr" OR mono OR mononucleosis OR "hairy leukoplakia" OR HHV* OR "Kaposi Sarcoma" OR "kaposi's Sarcoma" OR "kaposis Sarcoma" OR Varicelliform OR HZV OR VZV OR zoster OR "Malignant Catarrh" OR "Marek Disease" OR "Marek's Disease" OR "Mareks Disease" OR Pseudorab* OR Roseolovir* OR roseola* OR "Exanthema Subitum" OR Papillomavir* OR Wart OR warts OR warty OR Condylom* OR "Epidermodysplasia Verruciformis" OR parvo* OR "Erythema Infectiosum" OR "fifth disease" OR Polyomavir* OR "merkel cell" OR PML OR "progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy" OR "progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathies" OR pox OR Poxvir* OR Cowpox OR ecthyma* OR Ectromel* OR Fowlpox OR "Lumpy Skin Disease" OR "lumpy-skin disease" OR Molluscum OR Monkeypox OR "monkey pox" OR myxomato* OR smallpox OR vaccinia OR SSPE OR "Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitis" OR "Subacute Sclerosing Panencephalitides" OR Arenaviri* OR Lassa[tiab] OR OR Astrovir* OR Birnavir* OR Bunyavir* OR Hantavir* OR hanta[tiab] OR Calicivir* OR Flavivir* OR "Louping Ill" OR Pestivir* OR "Border Disease" OR "Hemorrhagic Syndrome" OR "Hemorrhagic Syndromes" OR "Haemorrhagic Syndrome" OR "Haemorrhagic Syndromes" OR Ebola[tiab] OR Marburg[tiab] OR Mononegavir* OR Borna*[tiab] OR Filovir* OR Paramyxovir* OR Avulavir* OR "Newcastle disease" OR "newcastle virus" OR Henipavir* OR hendra[tiab] OR nipah[tiab] OR Morbillivir* OR measles OR distemper OR rinderpest* OR Pneumovir* OR Respirovir* OR parainflu* OR sendai OR "respiratory syncytial virus" OR RSV OR Rubulavir* OR mumps OR Rhabdovir* OR "Ephemeral Fever" OR rabies OR "Vesicular Stomatitis" OR "Vesicular Stomatitides" OR Nidovir* OR Arterivir* OR Coronavir* OR Torovir* OR Orthomyxovir* OR Influenza OR flu OR Picornavir* OR Cardiovir* OR "Common Cold" OR "common colds" OR Enterovir* OR coxsackie* OR (hand[tiab] AND foot[tiab] AND mouth[tiab] AND disease[tiab]) OR herpangin* OR "epidemic pleurodynia" OR Echovir* OR Enzootic OR Poliomyelitis* OR polio OR ( Foot[tiab] AND Mouth[tiab]) OR Reovir* OR "African Horse Sickness" OR Bluetongue OR "Tick Fever" OR "tick fevers" OR Rotavir* OR Retrovir* OR HIV OR HTLV-I OR "tropical spastic paraparesis" OR HTLV-II OR Lentivir* OR "Equine Infectious Anemia" OR "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome" OR "Acquired Immune deficiency Syndrome" OR "Aids arteritis" OR "aids-associated" OR "aids-related" OR "aids dementia" OR (aids AND oportunistic) OR HIV-associated OR HIV-related OR HIV OR Visna OR Togavir* OR Alphavir* OR Rubivir* OR Rubella* OR "Sexually Transmitted" OR sexually-transmitted OR std* OR Condyloma* OR "Buschke-Lowenstein Tumor" OR "Buschke-Lowenstein Tumors" OR Kaposi*[tiab] OR "Equine Infectious Anemia" OR RSV OR Zoono* OR adenovir* OR Atadenovir* OR Mastadenovir* OR Anellovir* OR "Torque teno virus" OR Hepadnavir* OR Orthohepadnavir* OR Herpesvir* OR Alphaherpesvir* OR betaherpesvirin* OR Cytomegal* OR Roseolovir* OR HHV OR Gammaherpesvir* OR Lymphocryptovir* OR Rhadinovir* OR Iltovir* OR Mardivir* OR Simplexvir* OR Varicellovir* OR Betaherpesvirin OR Gammaherpesvirin* OR Lymphocryptoviru* OR Mimivir* OR Alphapapillomavir* OR HPV OR Betapapillomavir* OR Gammapapillomavir* OR Mupapillomavir* OR Parvovir* OR Bocavir* OR Dependovir* OR Erythrovir* OR Chordopoxvir* OR Molluscipoxvir* OR Orthopoxvir* OR Cowpox OR Ectromel* OR Monkeypox OR Variola OR Parapoxvir* OR Orf OR Pseudocowpox OR norovir*