Friday, January 15, 2016

Anti-HIV agents -- keywords MeSH

An initial attempt for a quick search.  Names were taken from EMTREE but I'm not claiming  to have caught all the relevant names.   Some antivirals not active against HIV may have made their way into the list. In my search, I AND'd the drug concept terms with terms for the HIV/HIV infection concept.

("Anti-HIV Agents"[Mesh] OR antivir*[tiab] OR antiretrovir*[tiab] OR “anti viral”[tiab] OR “anti virus”[tiab] OR “anti retroviral”[tiab] OR “anti retrovirus”[tiab] OR haart[tiab] OR zidovudine[tiab] OR ZDV[tiab] OR ATZ[tiab] OR azidothymidine[tiab] OR Amprenavir[tiab] OR Atazanavir[tiab] OR Darunavir[tiab] OR Enfuvirtide[tiab] OR Fosamprenavir[tiab] OR Indinavir[tiab] OR Lopinavir[tiab] OR Ritonavir[tiab] OR Maraviroc[tiab] OR Nelfinavir[tiab] OR Saquinavir[tiab] OR Tipranavir[tiab] OR PMPA[tiab] OR ddC[tiab] OR Atvogen[tiab] OR “HIV Immunogen”[tiab] OR interferon[tiab] OR peginterferon[tiab] OR “Product R”[tiab] OR Ranpirnase[tiab] OR ribavirin[tiab] OR Rubitecan[tiab] OR Thymalfasin[tiab] OR zintevir[tiab] OR  zalcitabine[tiab] OR vicriviroc[tiab] OR trovirdine[tiab] OR trichosanthin[tiab] OR trecovirsen[tiab] OR tivirapine[tiab] OR tifuvirtide[tiab] OR thymallene[tiab] OR tenofovir[tiab] OR temsavir[tiab] OR telinavir[tiab] OR talviraline[tiab] OR “t 140”[tiab] OR stavudine[tiab] OR d4T[tiab] OR “sulfated polyvinyl alcohol”[tiab] OR stampidine[tiab] OR “soluble cd4”[tiab] OR sifuvirtide[tiab] OR rilpivirine[tiab] OR raluridine[tiab] OR raltegravir[tiab] OR “pro 2000”[tiab] OR “pro 140”[tiab] OR plerixafor[tiab] OR “peptide T”[tiab] OR pentosan[tiab] OR palinavir[tiab] OR paritaprevir[tiab] OR “pf 232798”[tiab] OR oxophenarsine[tiab] OR opaviraline[tiab] OR ombitasvir[tiab] OR nevirapine[tiab] OR nelfinavir[tiab] OR 4e10[tiab] OR 2g12[tiab] OR 2f5[tiab] OR mozenavir[tiab] OR miglustat[tiab] OR mifepristone[tiab] OR michellamine[tiab] OR maraviroc[tiab] OR loviride[tiab] OR lobucavir[tiab] OR lexgenleucel[tiab] OR lersivirine[tiab] OR lasinavir[tiab] OR lamivudine[tiab] OR kynostatin[tiab] OR “isis 5320”[tiab] OR integracide[tiab] OR ibalizumab[tiab] OR “proteinase inhibitor”[tiab] OR “proteinase inhibitors”[tiab] OR “gw 695634”[tiab] OR “gw 678248”[tiab] OR fozivudine[tiab] OR fostemsavir[tiab] OR fosdevirine[tiab] OR foscarnet[tiab] OR fosalvudine[tiab] OR etravirine[tiab] OR entecavir[tiab] OR enfuvirtide[tiab] OR emtricitabine[tiab] OR emivirine[tiab] OR elvucitabine[tiab] OR elvitegravir[tiab] OR efavirenz[tiab] OR doravirine[tiab] OR didanosine[tiab] OR ddi[tiab] OR delavirdine[tiab] OR dapivirine[tiab] OR cytallene[tiab] OR cyanovirin[tiab] OR cosalane[tiab] OR curdlan[tiab] OR cobicistat[tiab] OR chloropeptin[tiab] OR censavudine[tiab] OR cenicriviroc[tiab] OR “cd4 immunoglobulin g2”[tiab] OR “cd4 immunoglobulin”[tiab] OR castanospermine*[tiab] OR carbovir[tiab] OR capravirine[tiab] OR calanolide[tiab] OR cabotegravir[tiab] OR brecanavir[tiab] OR bictegravir[tiab] OR bevirimat[tiab] OR atevirdine[tiab] OR apricitabine[tiab] OR aplaviroc[tiab] OR ancriviroc[tiab] OR antimoniotungstate[tiab] OR amdoxovir[tiab] OR adenallene[tiab] OR acemannan[tiab] OR adefovir[tiab] OR abacavir[tiab] OR “a 74704”[tiab] OR “a 77003”[tiab] OR “a 80987”[tiab] OR dolutegravir[tiab] OR fluorothymidine[tiab] OR dideoxynucleoside*[tiab] OR methylcytidine[tiab] OR iodouridine[tiab] OR ethyluridine[tiab] OR deoxythymidine[tiab] OR pyridone[tiab] OR dideoxythymidine[tiab] OR dideoxyguanosine[tiab] OR flurocytidine[tiab] OR fluorouridine[tiab] OR fluoroadenosine[tiab] OR dideoxyuridine[tiab] OR dideoxycytidine[tiab] OR dideoxyformycin[tiab] OR phosphonomethyladenosine[tiab] OR dideoxyadenosine[tiab] OR propanedione[tiab] OR ethyluracil[tiab] OR “reverse transcriptase inhibitor”[tiab] OR “reverse transcriptase inhibitors”[tiab] OR lagociclovir[tiab] OR furancarbothioamide[tiab] OR pradefovir[tiab] OR quinazolinone[tiab] OR quinoxalinethione[tiab] ] OR thiophenecarbothioamide[tiab] OR “protease inhibitor”[tiab] OR “protease inhibitors”[tiab] OR “anti-hiv agent”[tiab] OR “anti-hiv agents”[tiab] OR “fusion inhibitor”[tiab] OR “fusion inhibitors”[tiab] OR “integrase inhibitor”[tiab] OR “integrase inhibitors”[tiab] OR 3TC)

(antivir*:ab,ti OR antiretrovir*:ab,ti OR ‘anti viral’:ab,ti OR ‘anti virus’:ab,ti OR ‘anti retroviral’:ab,ti OR ‘anti retrovirus’:ab,ti OR ‘antivirus agent’/exp/mj  OR haart:ab,ti OR zidovudine:ab,ti OR ZDV:ab,ti OR ATZ:ab,ti OR azidothymidine:ab,ti OR Amprenavir:ab,ti OR Atazanavir:ab,ti OR Darunavir:ab,ti OR Enfuvirtide:ab,ti OR Fosamprenavir:ab,ti OR Indinavir:ab,ti OR Lopinavir:ab,ti OR Ritonavir:ab,ti OR Maraviroc:ab,ti OR Nelfinavir:ab,ti OR Saquinavir:ab,ti OR Tipranavir:ab,ti OR PMPA:ab,ti OR ddC:ab,ti OR Atvogen:ab,ti OR ‘HIV Immunogen’:ab,ti OR interferon:ab,ti OR peginterferon:ab,ti OR ‘Product R’:ab,ti OR Ranpirnase:ab,ti OR ribavirin:ab,ti OR Rubitecan:ab,ti OR Thymalfasin:ab,ti OR zintevir:ab,ti OR zalcitabine:ab,ti OR vicriviroc:ab,ti OR trovirdine:ab,ti OR trichosanthin:ab,ti OR trecovirsen:ab,ti OR tivirapine:ab,ti OR tifuvirtide:ab,ti OR thymallene:ab,ti OR tenofovir:ab,ti OR temsavir:ab,ti OR telinavir:ab,ti OR talviraline:ab,ti OR ‘t 140’:ab,ti OR stavudine:ab,ti OR d4T:ab,ti OR ‘sulfated polyvinyl alcohol’:ab,ti OR stampidine:ab,ti OR ‘soluble cd4’:ab,ti OR sifuvirtide:ab,ti OR rilpivirine:ab,ti OR raluridine:ab,ti OR raltegravir:ab,ti OR ‘pro 2000’:ab,ti OR ‘pro 140’:ab,ti OR plerixafor:ab,ti OR ‘peptide T’:ab,ti OR pentosan:ab,ti OR palinavir:ab,ti OR paritaprevir:ab,ti OR ‘pf 232798’:ab,ti OR oxophenarsine:ab,ti OR opaviraline:ab,ti OR ombitasvir:ab,ti OR nevirapine:ab,ti OR nelfinavir:ab,ti OR 4e10:ab,ti OR 2g12:ab,ti OR 2f5:ab,ti OR mozenavir:ab,ti OR miglustat:ab,ti OR mifepristone:ab,ti OR michellamine:ab,ti OR maraviroc:ab,ti OR loviride:ab,ti OR lobucavir:ab,ti OR lexgenleucel:ab,ti OR lersivirine:ab,ti OR lamivudine:ab,ti OR kynostatin:ab,ti OR ‘isis 5320’:ab,ti OR integracide:ab,ti OR ibalizumab:ab,ti OR ‘proteinase inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘proteinase inhibitors’:ab,ti OR ‘gw 695634’:ab,ti OR ‘gw 678248’:ab,ti OR ‘gene expression modulator 92’:ab,ti OR fozivudine:ab,ti OR fostemsavir:ab,ti OR fosdevirine:ab,ti OR foscarnet:ab,ti OR fosalvudine:ab,ti OR etravirine:ab,ti OR entecavir:ab,ti OR enfuvirtide:ab,ti OR emtricitabine:ab,ti OR emivirine:ab,ti OR elvucitabine:ab,ti OR elvitegravir:ab,ti OR efavirenz:ab,ti OR doravirine:ab,ti OR didanosine:ab,ti OR ddi:ab,ti OR delavirdine:ab,ti OR dapivirine:ab,ti OR cyanovirin:ab,ti OR cosalane:ab,ti OR cytallene:ab,ti OR curdlan:ab,ti OR chloropeptin:ab,ti OR cobicistat:ab,ti OR cenicriviroc:ab,ti OR censavudine:ab,ti OR ‘cd4 immunoglobulin g2’:ab,ti OR ‘cd4 immunoglobulin’:ab,ti OR castanospermine*:ab,ti OR carbovir:ab,ti OR capravirine:ab,ti OR calanolide:ab,ti OR cabotegravir:ab,ti OR brecanavir:ab,ti OR bictegravir:ab,ti OR bevirimat:ab,ti OR atevirdine:ab,ti OR apricitabine:ab,ti OR aplaviroc:ab,ti OR ancriviroc:ab,ti OR antimoniotungstate:ab,ti OR amdoxovir:ab,ti OR amdoovir:ab,ti OR adenallene:ab,ti OR acemannan:ab,ti OR adefovir:ab,ti OR abacavir:ab,ti OR ‘a 74704’:ab,ti OR ‘a 77003’:ab,ti OR ‘a 80987’:ab,ti OR dolutegravir:ab,ti OR fluorothymidine:ab,ti OR dideoxynucleoside*:ab,ti OR methylcytidine:ab,ti OR iodouridine:ab,ti OR ethyluridine:ab,ti OR deoxythymidine:ab,ti OR pyridone:ab,ti OR dideoxythymidine:ab,ti OR dideoxyguanosine:ab,ti OR flurocytidine:ab,ti OR fluorouridine:ab,ti OR fluoroadenosine:ab,ti OR dideoxyuridine:ab,ti OR dideoxycytidine:ab,ti OR dideoxyformycin:ab,ti OR phosphonomethyladenosine:ab,ti OR dideoxyadenosine:ab,ti OR propanedione:ab,ti OR ethyluracil:ab,ti OR ‘reverse transcriptase inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘reverse transcriptase inhibitors’:ab,ti OR lagociclovir:ab,ti OR furancarbothioamide:ab,ti OR pradefovir:ab,ti OR quinazolinone:ab,ti OR quinoxalinethione:ab,ti  OR thiophenecarbothioamide:ab,ti OR ‘protease inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘protease inhibitors’:ab,ti OR ‘anti-hiv agent’:ab,ti OR ‘anti-hiv agents’:ab,ti OR ‘fusion inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘fusion inhibitors’:ab,ti OR ‘integrase inhibitor’:ab,ti OR ‘integrase inhibitors’:ab,ti OR ‘CCR5 recptor antagonist’:ab,ti OR ‘CCR5 recptor antagonists’:ab,ti OR 3TC)