Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Quetiapine, Seroquel -- keywords

Drug names were obtained from Martindale's.
(Quetiapine[tiab] OR Quetiapin*[tiab] OR 111974-69-7 OR 111974-72-2 OR ICI-204636[tiab] OR ZD-5077[tiab] OR ZM-204636[tiab] OR ICI204636[tiab] OR ZD5077[tiab] OR ZM204636[tiab] OR Afidat[tiab] OR Alzen[tiab] OR "ApoTiapina"[tiab] OR Asicot[tiab] OR Atipina[tiab] OR Atrolak[tiab] OR Biatrix[tiab] OR Biquelle[tiab] OR Bonogren[tiab] OR Cedrina[tiab] OR Cizyapine[tiab] OR Delucon[tiab] OR Dendritex[tiab] OR Derin[tiab] OR Dominium[tiab] OR Dopaquel[tiab] OR Ebesque[tiab] OR Equepin[tiab] OR Equeta[tiab] OR Etiagen[tiab] OR Etiapin[tiab] OR Etiasel[tiab] OR Etipin[tiab] OR Gedonin[tiab] OR Geldoren[tiab] OR Generiapin[tiab] OR Gentiapin[tiab] OR Gofyl[tiab] OR Gyrex[tiab] OR Hedonin[tiab] OR Ilufren[tiab] OR Inquetia[tiab] OR Kefrenex[tiab] OR Kemoter[tiab] OR Kesaquil[tiab] OR Ketidose[tiab] OR Ketipinor[tiab] OR Ketrel[tiab] OR Kitapen[tiab] OR Ketilept[tiab] OR Ketinel[tiab] OR Ketipine[tiab] OR Ketipinor[tiab] OR Ketiron[tiab] OR Ketya[tiab] OR Kventiax[tiab] OR Kwetaplex[tiab] OR Kwetax[tiab] OR Kwetinor[tiab] OR Lacvel[tiab] OR Lantiapin[tiab] OR Lobarr[tiab] OR Loplive[tiab] OR Loquen[tiab] OR Mintreleq[tiab] OR Mylaquel[tiab] OR Nantarid[tiab] OR Neotiapim[tiab] OR Neurorace[tiab] OR Neutapin[tiab] OR Noletil[tiab] OR Norsic[tiab] OR Notiabolfen[tiab] OR Pinapaz[tiab] OR Pinexet[tiab] OR Piquet[tiab] OR Poetra[tiab] OR Psicotric[tiab] OR Psyquet[tiab] OR "Q-win"[tiab] OR "QiWei"[tiab] OR Quantia[tiab] OR Qudix[tiab] OR Qpine[tiab] OR Qtipine[tiab] OR Quel[tiab] OR Quelan[tiab] OR Quelor[tiab] OR Quemed[tiab] OR Quemyl[tiab] OR Quentapil[tiab] OR Quentiax[tiab] OR Queopine[tiab] OR Quepaz[tiab] OR Quepin[tiab] OR Quepita[tiab] OR Quepsan[tiab] OR Querok[tiab] OR Queropax[tiab] OR Questax[tiab] OR Quetapel[tiab] OR Quetastad[tiab] OR Quetatiefi[tiab] OR Queteper[tiab] OR Quetex[tiab] OR Quetiaccord[tiab] OR Quetiafair[tiab] OR Quetialan[tiab] OR Quetiamylan[tiab] OR Quetiap[tiab] OR Quetiapro[tiab] OR Quetiaros[tiab] OR Quetiazic[tiab] OR Quetidin[tiab] OR Quetifi[tiab] OR Quetilis[tiab] OR Quetin[tiab] OR Quetipin[tiab] OR Quetiratio[tiab] OR Quetiron[tiab] OR Quetiser[tiab] OR Quetoser[tiab] OR Quetkare[tiab] OR Quetrop[tiab] OR Quetros[tiab] OR Qurax[tiab] OR Qutipin[tiab] OR Qutipine[tiab] OR Raikar[tiab] OR Resirentin[tiab] OR Rizmul[tiab] OR Rocoz[tiab] OR Rostrum[tiab] OR Seotiapim[tiab] OR Sequa[tiab] OR sequase[tiab] OR Seresano[tiab] OR Seratio[tiab] OR Serex[tiab] OR Serez[tiab] OR Seronia[tiab] OR Seropia[tiab] OR Seropin[tiab] OR Seroquel[tiab] OR Seroquin[tiab] OR Serotia[tiab] OR Serotiapin[tiab] OR Servitel[tiab] OR Setinin[tiab] OR Socalm[tiab] OR Sondate[tiab] OR Stadaquel[tiab] OR Symquel[tiab] OR Syquet[tiab] OR Taiqutabs[tiab] OR Tevaquel[tiab] OR Tiaquel[tiab] OR Tiaquin[tiab] OR Truvalin[tiab] OR Vesparax[tiab] OR Viketo[tiab] OR Vorta[tiab] OR Vutif[tiab] OR Xeroquel[tiab] OR Zaluron[tiab] )
The following multi-word names for Seroquel were removed because they were not among those phrases listed in PubMed’s recognized phrase list and were causing retrieval of irrelevant results:
"ICI 204636"
"ZD 5077"
"ZM 204636"
"Shu Si"
"Tim ASF"


(quetiapine OR quetiapin* OR '111974 69 7' OR '111974 72 2' OR 'ici 204636' OR 'zd 5077' OR 'zm 204636' OR 'ici 204636' OR 'zd 5077' OR'zm 204636' OR ici204636 OR zd5077 OR zm204636 OR afidat OR alzen OR 'apotiapina' OR asicot OR atipina OR atrolak OR biatrix ORbiquelle OR bonogren OR cedrina OR cizyapine OR delucon OR dendritex OR derin OR dominium OR dopaquel OR ebesque ORequepin OR equeta OR etiagen OR etiapin OR etiasel OR etipin OR gedonin OR geldoren OR generiapin OR gentiapin OR gofyl ORgyrex OR hedonin OR ilufren OR inquetia OR kefrenex OR kemoter OR kesaquil OR ketidose OR ketipinor OR ketrel OR kitapen ORketilept OR ketinel OR ketipine OR ketipinor OR ketiron OR ketya OR kventiax OR kwetaplex OR kwetax OR kwetinor OR lacvel ORlantiapin OR lobarr OR loplive OR loquen OR mintreleq OR mylaquel OR nantarid OR neotiapim OR neurorace OR neutapin ORnoletil OR norsic OR notiabolfen OR pinapaz OR pinexet OR piquet OR poetra OR psicotric OR psyquet OR 'q-win' OR 'qiwei' ORquantia OR qudix OR qpine OR qtipine OR quel OR quelan OR quelor OR quemed OR quemyl OR quentapil OR quentiax OR queopineOR quepaz OR quepin OR quepita OR quepsan OR querok OR queropax OR questax OR quetapel OR quetastad OR quetatiefi ORqueteper OR quetex OR quetiaccord OR quetiafair OR quetialan OR quetiamylan OR quetiap OR quetiapro OR quetiaros ORquetiazic OR quetidin OR quetifi OR quetilis OR quetin OR quetipin OR quetiratio OR quetiron OR quetiser OR quetoser OR quetkareOR quetrop OR quetros OR qurax OR qutipin OR qutipine OR raikar OR resirentin OR rizmul OR rocoz OR rostrum OR seotiapim ORsequa OR sequase OR seresano OR seratio OR serex OR serez OR seronia OR seropia OR seropin OR seroquel OR seroquin OR serotiaOR serotiapin OR servitel OR setinin OR 'shu si' OR socalm OR sondate OR stadaquel OR symquel OR syquet OR taiqutabs ORtevaquel OR tiaquel OR tiaquin OR 'tim asf' OR truvalin OR vesparax OR viketo OR vorta OR vutif OR xeroquel OR zaluron)