Friday, July 3, 2009

chronic disease -- mostly keyword

I'm often confronted by requests for articles about some aspect of the treatment of patients with "chronic diseases." As you probably know "Chronic Disease"[mesh] is not alway used to index articles discussing a specific chronic disease. For this reason, I've had to come up with alternate ways of searching for the chronic disease concept. The search statement I created is so long that PubMed has trouble with it. I've found that I have to divide it in half and OR together the results of the two halves. Here are the two halves:

1st half:

("Chronic Disease"[mesh] OR "chronic disease" OR "chronic diseases" OR Lupus OR arthritis OR osteoarthritis OR polymyositis OR scleroderma OR kawasaki*[tiab] OR arteritis OR vasculitis OR vasculitid* OR addison*[tiab] OR "antiphospholipid syndrome" OR felty*[tiab] OR sjogren*[tiab] OR spondylitis OR "Still's Disease" OR "multiple sclerosis" OR myasthen* OR leukoencephalitis OR "guillain barre" OR diabetes OR diabetic OR diabetics OR prediabet* OR pre-diabet* OR familial OR "grave's ophthalmopathy" OR "graves opthalmopathy" OR "grave's disease" OR "graves disease" OR "reiter syndrome" OR "reiter's syndrome" OR "reiters syndrome" OR thyroiditis OR "immune complex disease" OR "immune complex diseases" OR hypersensitivity OR allergy OR allergies OR asthma OR "Wissler's syndrome" OR agammaglobulinemia OR ataxia OR immunodeficiency OR "IgA deficiency" OR "IGg deficiency" OR "Igm deficiency" OR "digeorge syndrome" OR dysgammaglobulinemia OR HIV OR AIDS OR "Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome" OR "Wiskott-aldrich" OR hypergammaglobulinemia OR lymphoproliferative OR paraproteinemia* OR purpura OR "Angioneurotic Edema" OR "heart disease" OR "heart failure" OR "arteriovenous malformations" OR malformation* OR congenital OR familial OR "pulmonary atresia" OR "scimitar syndrome" OR carcinoid OR cardiomyopath* OR aneurysm OR "cardiac arrest" OR "heart arrest" OR ischemia OR ischemic OR malformation* OR stroke OR "cerebrovascular accidents" OR "cerebrovascular accidents" OR telangiectasi* OR insufficiency OR Cholelithiasis OR choledocholithiasis OR hirschsprung* OR atresia OR Crohn's OR Crohns OR "ulcerative colitis" OR ulcer OR "Zollinger-ellison" OR "zollinger ellison" OR "barrett's esophagus" OR "barretts esophagus" OR "fatty liver" OR cholestasis OR hyperplasia OR "veno-occlusive" OR hepatitis OR hepatolenticular OR "portal hypertension" OR ascites OR cirrhosis OR (alcoholic AND liver) OR porphyria* OR zellweger[tiab] OR "cystic fibrosis" OR "sick building syndrome" OR "multiple chemical sensitivity" OR "bird fancier's lung" OR "persian gulf syndrome" OR pneumoconiosis OR asbestosis OR berylliosis OR byssinosis OR "Caplan's syndrome" OR "caplans syndrome" OR siderosis OR silicosis OR anthracosilicosis OR silicotuberculosis OR hypothyroid* OR hyperthyroid* OR dwarf* OR "laron syndrome" OR hypogonad* OR "kallmann syndrome" OR Klinefelter* OR "sexual infantilism" OR "polycystic ovary" OR "polycystic ovarian" OR "ovarian failure" OR "ovarian hyperstimulation" OR "meigs syndrome" OR thecoma OR dysgenesis OR "turner syndrome" OR hermaphrodit* OR cryptorchid* OR hyperparathyroid* OR hypoparathyroid* OR "diGeorge syndrome" OR "renal osteodystrophy" OR hyperpituit* OR hypopituita* OR "inappropriate ADH" OR polyendocrinopath* OR "euthyroid sick" OR goiter* OR "fanconi syndrome" OR hepatorenal OR hydronephro* OR nephrocalcinosis OR nephrolithiasis OR nephrosclerosis OR osteodystrophy OR Wegner*[tiab] OR hyperplas* OR hypoplas* OR pseudolymphoma* OR "WAGR Syndrome" OR osteoporo* OR "osteitis deformans" OR osteoarthr* OR osteochond* OR spondylosis OR spondylarthrit* OR "spinal stenosis" OR osteophytosis OR "Scheuermann's Disease" OR scoliosis OR scoliotic OR spondylolisthesis OR chondromalacia OR osteochondritis OR polychondritis OR "tietze's syndrome" OR "plantar fasciitis" OR valgus OR varus OR deformit* OR granuloma* OR arthrogryposis OR arthropath* OR bursitis OR chondromatosis OR contracture* OR limitus OR rigidus OR "nail-patella syndrome" OR osteoarthropath* OR patellofemoral OR "temporomandibular joint disorder" OR "temporomandibular joint syndrome" OR "temporomandibular joint dysfunction" OR synoviti* OR "eosinophilia-myalgia syndrome" OR "chronic fatigue syndrome" OR fibromyalgia OR "isaac's syndrome" OR "isaacs syndrome" OR myopath* OR rigidit* OR spastic* OR "myofascial pain syndromes" OR "myofascial pain syndrome" OR myopath* OR myotonic OR dystroph* OR paralysis OR paralyses OR polymyalgia OR "Klippel-Feil Syndrome" OR rheumatic OR hyperostosis )

2nd half:

(Demyelinat* OR "lambert-eaton" OR "lambert eaton" OR leukoencephal* OR polyradiculo* OR "reflex sympathetic" OR "complex regional pain" OR dysautonom* OR "shy-drager" OR horner*[tiab] OR huntington*[tiab] OR meige*[tiab] OR "multiple system atrophy" OR parkinson*[tiab] OR "supranuclear palsy" OR dystonia OR dystonic OR tourette*[tiab] OR "cerebral palsy" OR "persistent vegetative" OR inborn OR encephalopath* OR kernicterus OR encephalomyopath* OT myelinolysis OR "reye syndrome" OR "reye's syndrome" OR (diffuse AND axonal) OR epilepsy OR epileptic OR "dandy-walker" OR "dandy walker" OR "miller fisher" OR "miller-fisher" OR paraneoplastic OR spinocerebellar or atherosclero* OR arteriosclero* OR dementia OR leukomalacia OR "sneddon syndrome" OR "sneddon's syndrome" OR alzheimer* OR aphasia OR "creutzfeldt-jakob" OR "creutzfeldt Jakob" OR "mad cow" OR "kluver-bucy" OR "kluver bucy" OR "lewy body" OR "pick disease" OR sclerosis OR encephalomyeliti* OR encephaliti* OR meningoencephaliti* OR encephalomalacia* OR leukomalacia* OR "landau kleffner" OR "landau kleffner" OR "bardet-biedl" OR "bardet biedl" OR "laurence-moon" OR "laurence moon" OR hypersecretion OR acromegal* OR hyperpituit* OR hypopituit* OR "inappropriate ADH" OR prolactinoma* OR hydrocephal* OR encephalopath* OR pseudotumor OR hallervorden-spatz OR angelman*[tiab] OR chorea* OR torticollis OR dysphoni* hepatolenticular OR "olivopontocerebellar atrophy" OR "olivopontocerebellar atrophies" OR "Striatonigral Degeneration" OR "supranuclear palsy" OR "supranuclear palsies" OR "amyotrophic lateral sclerosis" OR "lou gehrig's disease" OR "transverse myelitis" OR poliomyelitis OR paraparesis OR dyssynergia OR stiff-person OR "stiff person" OR "subacute combined degeneration" OR syringomyelia OR "tabes dorsalis" OR "multiple sclerosis" OR myelinolysis OR "neural tube defect" OR "neural tube defects" OR "spina bifida" OR meningomyelocele* OR encephalocele* OR meningocele* OR dysraphism* OR anencephal* OR Holoprosencephal* OR "Arnold-chiari" OR "arnold chiari" OR dysplas* OR "hippel-lindau" OR "hippel lindau" OR neurofibromatos* OR "sturge-weber" OR "sturge weber" OR "tuberous sclerosis" OR "motor neuron disease" OR "motor neuron diseases" OR "multiple system atrophy" OR postpolio* OR palsy OR "Opsoclonus-Myoclonus Syndrome" OR kuru OR scrapie OR "Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker Disease" OR "chronic wasting disease" OR dyskinesia* OR dermatomyositis OR polymyositis OR "myositis ossificans" OR "Myotonia Congenita" OR polymyalgia OR "Glycogen Storage Disease" OR "Glycogen Storage Diseases" OR amyloidosis OR amyloid OR Causalgia* OR "Miller Fisher" OR "miller-fisher" OR neuropath* OR sciatica OR neuritis OR "Tangier Disease" OR dyssomnia* OR parasomnia* OR "sleep disorders" OR "sleep disorder" OR "restless legs" OR dysreflexia* OR "Adie Syndrome" OR "Diffuse Cerebral Sclerosis" OR "Hippel-Lindau Disease" OR "Tuberous Sclerosis" OR "Alexander Disease" OR "canavan disease" OR "cockayne syndrome" OR hereditary OR "lafora disease" OR "lesch-nyhan" OR "lesch nyhan" OR "menkes kinky hair" OR myotonia OR "ceroid-lipofuscinosis" OR "ceroid lipofuscinosis" OR "unverricht-lundborg" OR "unverricht lundborg" OR akathisia* OR dyskinesia* OR "Kartagener Syndrome" OR tinnitus OR "herpes zoster" OR insufficiency OR "persistent fetal circulation" OR "pulmonary fibrosis" OR "radiation pneumonitis" OR sarcoidosis OR "wegner granulomatosis" OR "chronic obstructive pulmonary" OR emphysema OR "pulmonary eosinophilia" OR "veno-occlusive disease" OR "scimitar syndrome" OR "silo filler's" OR fibromatosis )