Friday, July 3, 2009

females -- keyword

You may want to OR pregnancy/breastfeeding terms into the following search strategy:

(women OR woman OR gentlewoman OR gentlewomen OR female OR females OR lady OR ladies OR wife OR wives OR mistress* OR mother OR mothers OR daughter OR daughters OR granddaughter* OR niece OR nieces OR step-daughter* OR "step daughter" OR "step daughters" OR daughter-in-law* OR "daughters-in-law" OR "daughter in law" OR "daughters in law" OR step-mother* OR "step mother" OR "step mothers" OR stepmother* OR mother-in-law* OR "mother in law" OR "mothers in law" OR nun OR nuns OR dowager OR widow OR widows OR spinster* OR "old maid" OR "old maids" OR aunt OR aunts OR sister OR sisters OR step-sister* OR stepsister* OR "step sister" OR "step sisters" OR grandma OR grandmas OR grandmother* OR maternal OR maternity OR motherhood OR chicana* OR latina* OR pregnan* OR trimester* OR impregnated  OR  prenatal OR perinatal OR partum OR post-partum OR gravid* OR Multigravid* OR nulligravid* OR primigravid* OR multipar* OR primipar* OR parity OR parous OR obstetric* OR gynecol* OR gynaecol* OR ovary OR ovarian OR ovaries OR fallopian OR uterus OR uteri OR uterine OR breast OR breasts OR mammary OR menstrual OR menstruation OR hysterectom* OR hysteroscop* OR salpingo* OR oophorectom* OR mammoplast* OR mammogra* OR mastectom* OR endometrial OR endometrium OR myometrial OR myometrium OR ovum OR ova OR labial OR labia OR labium OR vagina* OR cervix* OR cervices OR cervical)

for female children, include
girl OR girls

other terms to consider ORing in for searches focusing on adult women:
princess* OR queen* OR duchess*