Friday, July 3, 2009

microenvironment or niche -- keywords, MeSH

This is the search strategy for the microenvironment/niche concept from a CLL microenvironment search. It will probably work best for bone-marrow-related microenvironments, but might work for other organs as well.

(("Stem Cell Niche"[Mesh] OR niche* OR microenvironment* OR stroma-mediated OR stromal-mediated OR "stroma derived" OR "stromal derived" OR "stroma-derived" OR "stromal derived" OR "stromal cells"[mesh] OR ((stroma* OR fibroblast* OR endothel* OR angiogen*) AND (cytokine* OR receptor OR receptors OR ligand OR ligands OR cross-talk* OR interact* OR modulat* OR protect*))))