Friday, July 3, 2009

native north americans

This search includes some terms not yet included in PubMed and two, as yet unrecognized phrases. The tribe names not yet included in PubMed may be included in the future and the automatic ANDing together of words in the two unrecognized phrases works -- so I've left the serch statement as is. Please comment if you know alternate or correct spellings for tribe names and/or additional north american tribe names.

((American[tiab] OR "north american"[tiab] OR canada*[tiab] OR "united states"[tiab] OR mexic*[tiab]) AND (Indian[tiab] OR Indians[tiab] OR aborigin* OR "first nation" OR "first nations" OR indigenous OR tribe OR tribes[tiab] OR tribal)) OR (ABENAKI[tiab] OR pima*[tiab] OR navajo*[tiab] OR inuit*[tiab] OR cherokee*[tiab] OR shawnee*[tiab] OR lakota[tiab] OR ((ute[tiab] OR utes[tiab] OR biloxi[tiab] OR blackfoot*[tiab] OR apache*[tiab] OR cheyenne[tiab] OR spokane[tiab] OR TUSCARORA[tiab] OR "warm springs"[tiab] OR tunica[tiab] OR dakota[tiab] OR sac[tiab] OR fox[tiab] OR creek*[tiab] OR deleware*[tiab] OR iowa*[tiab] OR miami*[tiab] OR mission*[tiab] OR sioux[tiab] OR omaha[tiab]) AND (Indian[tiab] OR Indians[tiab] OR aborigin* OR "first nation" OR "first nations" OR indigenous OR tribe OR tribes[tiab] OR tribal)) OR Coushatta[tiab] OR tlingit*[tiab] OR arapaho*[tiab] OR Assiniboine[tiab] OR BEOTHUK[tiab] OR blackfeet[tiab] OR blackfoot[tiab] OR cabazon*[tiab] OR CADDO*[tiab] OR CHICKASAW[tiab] OR CHIPPEWA[tiab] OR CHITIMACHA*[tiab] OR CHOCTAW*[tiab] OR COCOPAH*[tiab] OR "COEUR D'ALENE"[tiab] OR COMANCHE*[tiab] OR Muscogee*[tiab] OR duwamish[tiab] OR elwha*[tiab] OR flathead*[tiab] OR GOSHUTE*[tiab] OR HO-CHUNK*[tiab] OR hopi[tiab] OR hopis[tiab] OR hoopa*[tiab] OR S'KLALLAM[tiab] OR JATIBONICU[tiab] OR JUMANO*[tiab] OR kalapuya*[tiab] OR kiowa*[tiab] OR KOOTENAI*[tiab] OR lemhi*[tiab] OR shoshone*[tiab] OR makah*[tiab] OR pequot*[tiab] OR MECHOOPDA*[tiab] OR metis[tiab] OR menominee*[tiab] OR MICCOSUKEE*[tiab] OR mi'kmaq[tiab] OR mohegan*[tiab] OR MUSCOGEE*[tiab] OR navajo*[tiab] OR "nez perce"[tiab] OR "nez pierce"[tiab] OR oneida*[tiab] OR osage*[tiab] OR passamaquoddy[tiab] OR pawnee*[tiab] OR "pend d'oreille"[tiab] OR pomo[tiab] OR pomos[tiab] OR POTAWATOMI*[tiab] OR pueblo*[tiab] OR QUINAULT*[tiab] OR salish[tiab] OR saponi[tiab] OR saponis[tiab] OR SEMINOLE*[tiab] OR shawnee*[tiab] OR shoshone*[tiab] OR siletz[tiab] OR nakota[tiab] OR S'KLALLAM[tiab] OR suquamish[tiab] OR taino*[tiab] OR tohono[tiab] OR o'odham[tiab] OR tunica-biloxi[tiab] OR tunicas[tiab] OR umatilla*[tiab] OR umpqua*[tiab] OR waccamaw*[tiab] OR wampanoag*[tiab] OR washoe*[tiab] OR wiyot*[tiab] OR yakama*[tiab] OR (alaskan AND native*))