Friday, June 25, 2010

healthcare utilization -- keywords and mesh

The terms below represent the utilization concept only. I'm sure there are other important terms. This is a place to start.

((prevent*[tiab] AND (healthcare OR care)) OR screening[tiab] OR screen[tiab] OR screened[tiab] OR screens[tiab] OR utilization[tiab] OR utilisation[tiab] OR refuse[tiab] OR refusing[tiab] OR refused[tiab] OR refusal[tiab] OR refuses[tiab] OR drop-out*[tiab] OR dropout*[tiab] OR uptake[tiab] OR participat*[tiab] OR abscond*[tiab])

("Patient Acceptance of Health Care"[Mesh] OR "Mass Screening"[Mesh] OR "Patient Dropouts"[Mesh])