Friday, June 25, 2010

NSAIDs -- keywords

Depending on the search, aspirin terms may need to be included in the search.  Also, including trade, scientific, and investigational names for each drug may be important in some cases.
(Nonsteroidal OR ((cyclo-oxygenase OR cyclooxygenase OR cox[tiab] OR cox-1 OR cox-2 OR cox1 OR cox2 ) AND inhibitor*) OR NSAID* OR Benoxaprofen* OR Carprofen OR Fenbufen OR Fenoprofen OR Flurbiprofen OR Ibuprofen OR Indoprofen OR Ketoprofen OR Ketorolac OR Loxoprofen OR Oxaprozin OR Pirprofen OR Suprofen* OR Tiaprofenic OR Aceclofenac OR Acemetacin OR Bromfenac OR Diclofenac OR Etodolac OR Indomethacin OR Nabumetone OR Sulindac OR Sulindac OR Tolmetin OR Zomepirac OR Floctafenine OR Flufenamic OR Meclofenamate OR Mefenamic OR Isoxicam OR Lornoxicam OR Meloxicam OR Piroxicam OR Sudoxicam OR Azapropazone OR Feprazone OR Oxyphenbutazone OR Phenylbutazone)