Friday, June 25, 2010

prevention -- keywords

prevent[tiab] OR prevents OR prevented OR preventing OR prevention[tiab] OR prophylax* OR prophylac* OR chemoprevent* OR thwart* OR "ward off" OR "ward-off" OR pre-emptive* OR preemptive* OR chemoprophyla* OR deter*

Many thanks to Marina Englesakis for suggesting pre-emptive*, preemptive*, and chemoprophyla*

Consider ORing in topic specific prophylaxis terms, e.g. thromboproph*

Consider ORing in the terms -- incidence OR incident -- perhaps in a multipart term --
(reduc* OR diminish* OR decreas* OR minimiz* OR minimis* ) AND (occur* OR inciden* or rate* OR odds OR likelihood OR develop* OR frequenc*)

Consider ORing in MeSH
"Antibiotic Prophylaxis"[mesh] OR "chemoprevention"[mesh] OR "premedication"[mesh] or "prevention and control"[sh]