Thursday, June 17, 2010

religion and spirituality -- keywords and mesh

("Religion"[Mesh] OR "Clergy"[Mesh] OR "Pastoral Care"[Mesh] OR "Bible"[Mesh] OR "Spiritual Therapies"[Mesh] OR spirit[tiab] OR spirits[tiab] OR spiritual[tiab] OR sprituality[tiab] OR transcendence[tiab] OR meditat*[tiab] OR pray*[tiab] OR chant*[tiab] OR karma[tiab] OR karmic[tiab] OR divine[tiab] OR divinity[tiab] OR "new age"[tiab] OR seance[tiab] OR faith[tiab] OR faiths[tiab] OR faith-based[tiab] OR yoga*[tiab] OR yogi[tiab] OR "harmonic convergence" [tiab] OR god[tiab] OR gods[tiab] OR agnostic[tiab] OR atheist*[tiab] OR sublime[tiab] OR soul[tiab] OR souls OR religion[tiab] OR religious[tiab] OR sacred[tiab] OR scripture*[tiab] OR Koran*[tiab] OR bible*[tiab] OR gospel*[tiab] OR pentateuch[tiab] OR biblical[tiab] OR torah*[tiab] OR talmud*[tiab] OR psalm*[tiab] OR hymnal*[tiab] OR hymns[tiab] OR holy [tiab] OR holiness [tiab] OR holiest[tiab] OR holier[tiab] OR anglican[tiab] OR episcopal*[tiab] OR presbyterian[tiab] OR baptist*[tiab] OR lutheran*[tiab] OR methodist*[tiab] OR apostolic[tiab] OR catholic*[tiab] OR hutterite*[tiab] OR amish*[tiab] OR mennonite*[tiab] OR adventist*[tiab] OR "greek orthodox"[tiab] OR "eastern orthodox"[tiab] OR "russian orthodox"[tiab] OR mystic[tiab] OR mystics[tiab] OR mysticism[tiab] OR christian[tiab] OR christians[tiab] OR christianity[tiab] OR ecumenical[tiab] OR jewish[tiab] OR hassidic[tiab] OR islam[tiab] OR "jehovah's witness"[tiab] OR morman*[tiab] OR scientolog*[tiab] OR unitarian*[tiab] OR universalist*[tiab] OR buddhis*[tiab] OR shinto*[tiab] OR hindu*[tiab] OR baha'i[tiab] OR wicka*[tiab] OR pagan*[tiab] OR voodoo[tiab] OR animist*[tiab] OR worship*[tiab] OR hymn*[tiab] OR benediction*[tiab] OR heaven[tiab] OR hell[tiab] OR limbo[tiab] OR purgatory[tiab] OR satan[tiab] OR devil[tiab] OR christ[tiab] OR jesus[tiab] OR holy[tiab] OR saint*[tiab] OR buddha*[tiab] OR krishna[tiab] OR clergy[tiab] OR priest*[tiab] OR pastor[tiab] OR pastors[tiab] OR pastoral[tiab] OR prophet*[tiab] OR cleric*[tiab] OR curate[tiab] OR curates[tiab] OR chaplain*[tiab] OR nun[tiab] OR nuns[tiab] OR monk[tiab] OR monks[tiab] OR munk[tiab] OR munks[tiab] OR monastery[tiab] OR nunnery[tiab] OR church*[tiab] OR altar[tiab] OR altars[tiab] OR cathedral*[tiab] OR rabi[tiab] OR rabis[tiab] OR synagogue*[tiab] OR temple*[tiab] OR tabernacle*[tiab] OR "witch doctor"[tiab] OR "witch doctors"[tiab] OR guru*[tiab] OR scientolog*[tiab] OR ritual*[tiab] OR baptism*[tiab] OR communion*[tiab] OR sacrament*[tiab] OR "last rites"[tiab] OR annoint*[tiab] OR (confess*[tiab] AND (sin OR sins OR wrong-doing)) OR confession[tiab] OR penance[tiab] OR self-flagellation [tiab] OR crucifix[tiab] OR rosar*[tiab] OR idol*[tiab] OR "speaking in tongues"[tiab] OR "laying on of hands"[tiab] OR glossolalia[tiab] OR devotions[tiab] OR devotional[tiab] OR "quiet time"[tiab] OR "quiet times"[tiab] OR cult[tiab] OR cults[tiab] OR theolog*[tiab] OR sermon*[tiab] OR homily[tiab] OR homilies[tiab] OR shaman*[tiab] OR Radiesthes*[tiab])