Thursday, June 10, 2010

Studies performed in Spain

(spain OR espagne OR espana OR spagna) OR (spain[ad] OR espagne[ad] OR espana[ad] OR spanien[ad] OR spagna[ad]) OR (catalunya[ad] OR catalonia[ad] OR catalogne[ad] OR cataluna[ad] OR catala[ad] OR barcelon*[ad] OR tarragona[ad] OR lleida[ad] OR lerida[ad] OR girona[ad] OR gerona[ad] OR sabadell[ad] OR hospitalet[ad] OR l’hospitalet[ad]) OR (valencia*[ad] OR castello*[ad] OR alacant[ad] OR alicant*[ad]) OR (murcia*[ad] OR (cartagen*[ad] NOT indias[ad])) OR (andalu*[ad] OR sevill*[ad] OR granad*[ad] OR huelva[ad] OR almeria[ad] OR cadiz[ad] OR jaen[ad] OR malaga[ad] OR (cordoba[ad] NOT argentin*[ad])) OR (extremadura[ad] OR caceres[ad] OR badajoz[ad] OR madrid[ad]) OR (castilla[ad] OR salamanca[ad] OR zamora[ad] OR valladolid[ad] OR segovia[ad] OR soria[ad] OR palencia[ad] OR avila[ad] OR burgos[ad]) OR (leon[ad] NOT (france[ad] OR clermont[ad] OR rennes[ad] OR lyon[ad] OR USA[ad] OR mexic*[ad])) OR (galicia[ad] OR gallego[ad] OR compostela[ad] OR vigo[ad] OR corun*[ad] OR ferrol[ad] OR orense[ad] OR ourense[ad] OR pontevedra[ad] OR lugo[ad]) OR (oviedo[ad] OR gijon[ad] OR asturia*[ad]) OR (cantabr*[ad] OR santander[ad]) OR (vasco[ad] OR euskadi[ad] OR basque[ad] OR bilbao[ad] OR bilbo[ad] OR donosti*[ad] OR san sebastian[ad] OR vizcaya[ad] OR bizkaia[ad] OR guipuzcoa[ad] OR gipuzkoa[ad] OR alava[ad] OR araba[ad] OR vitoria[ad] OR gasteiz[AD]) OR (navarr*[ad] OR nafarroa[ad] OR pamplona[ad] OR iruna[ad] OR irunea[ad]) OR (logron*[ad] OR rioj*[ad]) OR (aragon*[ad] OR zaragoza[ad] OR teruel[ad] OR huesca[ad]) OR (mancha[ad] OR ciudad real[ad] OR albacete[ad] OR cuenca[ad]) OR (toledo[ad] NOT (ohio[ad] OR us[ad] OR usa[ad] OR OH[ad])) OR (guadalajara[ad] NOT mexic*[ad]) OR (balear*[ad] OR mallorca[ad] OR menorca[ad] OR ibiza[ad] OR eivissa[ad]) OR (palmas[ad] OR lanzarote[ad] OR canari*[ad] OR tenerif*[ad]) OR (ceuta[ad] OR melilla[ad])) OR (osasunbide*[ad] OR osakidetza[ad] OR insalud[ad] OR sergas[ad] OR catsalut[ad] OR sespa[ad] OR osasunbidea[ad] OR imsalud[ad] OR sescam[ad] OR ib-salut[ad] OR madrileño[ad] OR catalan[ad])

Modified from: Valderas JM, Mendivil J, Parada A, Losada-Yáñez M, Alonso J. [Development of a geographic filter for PubMed to identify studies performed in Spain]. Rev Esp Cardiol. 2006 Dec;59(12):1244-51. Spanish. PubMed PMID: 17194419.