Monday, June 14, 2010

Hydration or dehydration in the elderly

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(Hypodermocly* OR hydropenic OR hydropenia OR "drinking behavior" OR exsiccat* OR "subcutaneous infusion" OR turgor OR "intra-osseous infusion" OR "fluid intake" OR "fluid consumption" OR "water intake" OR "water consumption" OR beverage* OR hydrat* OR dehydrat* OR rehydrate* OR "negative fluid balance" OR "negative water balance" OR "fluid deficit" OR "water deficit" OR adips* OR hypodips* OR "water depletion" OR "fluid depletion" OR (thirst AND (absent OR absence OR abolition OR abolish* OR diminish* OR decreas* OR perceive* OR percept*))) AND (elderly OR elder OR elders OR aged OR older OR centenarian* OR octogenarian* OR nonagenarian* OR septuagenarian* OR sexagenarian* OR grandparent* OR grandmother* OR grandfather* OR grandpa* OR grandma* OR "social security" OR retire OR retired OR retiree* AND "senior citizen" OR "senior citizens" OR "senior center" OR "senior centers" OR retirement OR "nursing home" OR "nursing homes" OR "assisted living" OR pension* OR Alzheimer* OR dementia OR demented OR senile OR senility) NOT MEDLINE[sb]


(Hypodermocly*[ti] OR hydropenic[ti] OR hydropenia[ti] OR ("drinking behavior"[ti] NOT "Alcohol Drinking"[mesh]) OR exsiccat*[ti] OR turgor[ti] OR "water drinking"[ti] OR "fluid intake"[ti] OR "fluid consumption"[ti] OR "water intake"[ti] OR "water consumption"[ti] OR "beverage intake"[ti] OR "beverage consumption"[ti] OR hydrat*[ti] OR dehydrat*[ti] OR rehydrate*[ti] OR "negative fluid balance"[ti] OR "negative water balance"[ti] OR "fluid deficit"[ti] OR "water deficit"[ti] OR "fluid deficiency"[ti] OR "water deficiency"[ti] OR adips*[ti] OR hypodips*[ti] OR "water depletion"[ti] OR "fluid depletion"[ti] OR "Dehydration"[Mesh] OR "Rehydration Solutions"[Mesh] OR "Fluid Therapy"[Mesh] OR "Water Deprivation"[Mesh] OR "Thirst"[Mesh] OR ("Drinking Behavior"[Mesh:noexp] NOT (alcohol*[ti] OR "Alcohol Drinking"[mesh])) OR "Water/administration and dosage"[Mesh] OR "Body Water"[Mesh] OR "Water Intoxication"[mesh] OR "drinking"[mesh])

Limits: age 65+